The 7 Best Wooden Play Kitchen for Toddlers & Kids

I am excited to write about the best wooden play kitchens reviews & buying guide.

All these stuff make me remember about nebulous childhood of mine where I see myself standing with my mom and grandmother in the kitchen.

It was my mom whom I make mimicry of, and grand-mother was my companion. It brings back all the memories I used to have with her. It was then, I invent my love for cooking and get to know the feeling of doing households.

Now the technology has got better. It looks like the stuff I used to had, was kind of some miniature, and kids have a whole faux kitchen nowadays.

best wooden play kitchen

This kitchen playing set has all the finishing that a kid likes to have and learn from. Moreover, those kitchens imitate the modern reality of technology where your kid can feel like a real deal.

Moreover, the sound and lighting system makes playing more attractive and out of boredom.

To help you find the best play kitchen, I have listed out seven wooden play kitchen sets. There are small sets, big sets, and even elaborate ones. Some games come with accessories, and some don’t. Some have extra technical features, and others are simple enough for playing imaginatively.

There is a valuable buying guide at the end for your secure processing and a better future for your child. The FAQ section includes essential information that many parents ask for.

Top 7 Best Wooden Play Kitchens Reviews

Editor’s Choice
Ultimate Corner Wooden Play Kitchen with Espresso by KidKraft
Ultimate Corner Wooden Play Kitchen with Espresso by KidKraft
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Best Overall
The kid’s Kitchen Playset by Costzon Store
The kid’s Kitchen Playset by Costzon Store
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Top Pick
The Mini Chef Wooden Kitchen by B. Toys by Battat
The Mini Chef Wooden Kitchen by B. Toys by Battat
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​A Wooden Play Kitchen by Melissa & Doug store​A Wooden Play Kitchen by Melissa & Doug store
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Wooden Play Kitchen Set for Kids & Toddlers ROBUDWooden Play Kitchen Set for Kids & Toddlers ROBUD
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1. Ultimate Corner Wooden Play Kitchen with Espresso by KidKraft

Features: Kidkraft brings a dramatic kitchen-play for your children that requires a large-scale space. The design it mimics is stainless steel with a wooden combination.

Ultimate Corner play kitchen with Espresso by KidKraft

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The sections of the corner play contain are:

  • an oven
  • laundry
  • fridge
  • microwave
  • ice maker
  • stove-top burner

The presence of the stove-top cooker & ice maker gave a feel of reality. Two windows reside beside the microwave for opening the play space-up. You can open & close all the existing windows and the doors.

There is a sound system on the set that makes sound and lights up when keeping things to on-position.

Design: The set of kitchen-play follows modern & sleek design. The fun point includes a domestic view with cooking, laundry, and cleaning.

Interactive features are the sound and lighting system of the stove and ice-maker that keeps the children more engaged. The features are battery-powered.

There are shelves with practical storage for plates, pots, and pans & the room is below the sink. The large-scale space gives a place for teamwork without stepping anyone’s toe.

The wooden decoration of the motif will eventually fit the home decoration.

The counter-top is speckled granite-style. The material of the storage below the sink is composite wood.

Purpose: This kind of set gives children a real feeling about what they work and how things work.

They want to play this kind of household material that comes from watching parents at home. The children mimic their parents and play with their siblings or pets. Such a role makes them caring in real life, and many get cooking as a passion for their adult.

Many play the crucial role of doctor & teacher that includes mealtime. Here, you don’t have to tell them what to do, and they took the in-charge by themselves.

Instead of playing with single toys or the video games of nowadays, parents should buy them that relates the reality. This kind of open-ended play plays a role in a child’s future & natural creativity.

One of the critical moral that this playing arrangement gives is teamwork. There is a prominent place where multiple kids can play with a sharing mind. You will eventually realize that your kid is growing with a kind mindset.


  • ​The appliance set are more of realism
  • ​​There is a sound & light system for the burner
  • ​There is a sound system for the ice-makers that makes a sound if you place a cup underneath.


  • ​Bigger investment

​2. ​The kid’s Kitchen Playset by Costzon Store

Features: Costzone provides a kid’s kitchen, which gives the realistic feeling of the modern life-style of technology. It is white and has a combination of black with it.

The kitchen playing-set material is P2 MDF with a dimension of (32.5 x 12.5 x 31.5) inches in (L x W x H).

The net-weight of the whole playing-set is 34.5 lbs. The age range, the stuff is suitable for is above three years old. A manual comes with it for easy installation.

The kid’s kitchen playset by Costzon store

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Design: The used wood is durable with a smooth veneer. The wooden parts are sturdy and more comfortable to clean.

There is storage space as roomy, enclosed cabinets with open shelves.

There is a refrigerator along with a blackboard, full cooking set, sink, water dispenser, stove, etc.

Such vast surroundings can make children suffocate. Fortunately, there are breathable holes at the backside that ventilates the area.


  • 1-kitchen playset
  • 2-pot
  • 2-seasoning bottle
  • 3-knife & fork
  • 3-hook
  • 1-instruction

Environmental effect: The kitchen play set is eco-friendly as the materials passed ASTM-certification.


  • ​​Eco-friendly
  • ​​​Breathable holes make it ventilated
  • ​​Water dispenser gives more realism
  • ​​​Passed ASTM-certification


  • ​​The stuff is smaller-in-size than you would expect from the image

​3. ​The Mini Chef Wooden Kitchen by B. Toys by Battat

Features: This kind of kitchen playset is for small space and imaginative play. With this playset, one can pretend to be a chef for a day. As the playing set is small, quickly get suits with the home decoration.

​The mini chef wooden kitchen by B. toys by Battat

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The trendy designs are attractive enough to attract a kid to play for hours. The color is neutral for both genders.

The recommended age is 2-years and above.

Design: The design is simple and out of any battery system. The varnishes and inks on the playing-set are water-based & soy-based, respectively.

There is an oven, stove-top, sink, storage, microwave, dish rack on the storage area, cloth hanger, and a fridge. There are also plates & cutlery sets of 24-pieces with 9-kitchen utensils.

​Purpose: One of the critical points of mini kitchen play is the simplicity that improves imaginary play. Another point is easy-assembling with this mini chef kitchen, farewell the frustration of hours of assembling.

Moreover, it improves the kid’s communicative knowledge, confidence, independence, and organizing power.


  • ​​Encourage to be imaginative.
  • ​​​Low-scale space
  • ​​Neutral color


  • ​The product is light-weight, so make sure to keep it against a wall.

​4. ​A Wooden Play Kitchen by Melissa & Doug store

Features: This marble-colored kitchen playing-set is for kids of 36 months to 6 years.

The playing-set is approximately 1-meter long and 0.9-meter high. There are moveable hooks and doors with an open-&-close system.

A wooden play kitchen by Melissa & Doug store

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The dimension is (39 x 43.25 x 15.5) inches in height, length, and width.

Design: There is a stove along with an oven that has turn-&-click. There is an ice-dispenser which dispenses 2-iced cubes.

There is an attractive grocery check-list with which kids can pretend for shopping trips.

Purpose: Doctors say to buy kid tools that inspire a kid for hands-on imaginative-thinking. This product will fulfill the goal.

When kids imitate the grown-ups, they become responsible and independent. The whole playing stuff is wholly screen-free, which is a plus point for the set.


  • ​Comes with a Ice dispenser
  • ​​​Made from real experience
  • ​​Safe & sturdy
  • ​​​Money worth


  • ​​Sometimes products may damage while shipping. Check all the things right after delivery.

​5. ​​Wooden Play Kitchen Set for Kids & Toddlers ROBUD

Features: A classic wood kitchen set by ROBUD gives the feel of old times where peace lies. This kitchen hasn’t followed the modern design and let children imagine the fancy time they missed.

Wooden Play Kitchen Set for Kids & Toddlers ROBUD

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The dimension is (37.2 x 32 x 11.2) inches in height, length, and width, respectively. The item weight is 39.4 pounds, and the recommended age is 3+.

Design: The doors, storage, and knobs give the real feeling where the color is more of wooden nature. The material is MDF.

There is a microwave, kitchenware, dishwasher, etc. The sink is removable.

In the full package you will have:

  • 5-pots
  • 2-kitchen shovel
  • 1-kitchen knife
  • 4-seasoning

​Purpose: This set involves the development of imagination & creativity, along with social & language skills.


  • ​​Classic design
  • ​​​Sturdy
  • ​​Wood color
  • ​​​Could be a great gift


  • ​​The wood color is smelly.

​6. ​​Giantex Toddler Wood Kitchen Playset Toy

Features: The kitchen set in pink and gives a view of girly stuff. Girls in love with pink will eventually get attracted to it.

Giantex Toddler Wood Kitchen Playset Toy

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One can play the role of host for a big feast for hours. The materials are long-lasting and come with a manual.

The recommended age is three and above.

Design: There is a microwave oven, different spatulas, storing cabinet, sink, shovel, spoon, etc. There are working doors, working knobs with many other gadgets.

The paints are non-toxic and easy-to-clean.


  • Social skill
  • Interest stimulation- The curiosity to know & learn
  • Roleplay
  • Practical ability


  • ​One with pink as a favorite will love it
  • ​​​Safe painting
  • ​Easy-to-clean


  • ​Customer complaints about some scratches.

​7. ​A ​Wooden Pretend Kitchen Playset by Labebe

Features: This kitchen playset is small in height and size as well, where the younger toddler can play with older siblings.

The work includes washing hands, cooking & dishwashing for finishing the kitchenware.

The dimension is (28.74 x 11.81 x 35.43) inches with a weight of 29.5 pounds.

Wooden Pretend Kitchen Playset

Check Price on Amazon

The recommended age is 12-months and above.

Design: There is a smooth hook, woods are of high-quality, and the dye is eco-friendly. All accessories are well-polished, stable, and compatible.


  • Development of hand-eye coordination capability
  • Enhancing friendship
  • Confident


  • ​​For small kids
  • ​​​Cute
  • ​​Doesn’t give a girly view so suitable for both genders


  • ​​Hard-to-assemble

Wooden Play Kitchen Buying Guide:

Educational Value:

Many parents take toys lightly that the young star plays. When they imitate what they learn in their childhood, parents don’t get it why their child is lacking the good human nature like sharing, caring, planning, organizing, problem-solving mentality, the curiosity to know & to learn, and the act of patience and managing power.

Now, you may get confused and think about how it connects to a kid’s toy. But the fact is it has a relation. You will see many children don’t like to share the toy, and many others don’t know how to communicate.

That’s because in their childhood either they haven’t played with others in a team or never play a shared game. If they would, they might know the joy and peace of sharing. From a kitchen play tool, they know that cooking needs time, and eventually, they will endure patience at critical moments in their life.

So, buy your kids the toy that relates to practical knowledge and morals.


It is obvious to take time to assemble this kind of big kitchens and other playing-sets. Sometimes it takes multiple hours to set the whole playing-set. Make sure that you understand the complete manual of setting it up.

It is the armed dads with drills & screwdrivers save the kids day. When you are about to set this kind of bigger & deluxe playing-set without having any tool, go for a professional to avoid mistakes, stress & save time.

Structure & Design:

Wooden play kitchens don’t have any standard size and can come in all designs, sizes, shapes & color-schemes.

You can consider them depending on the place and room to keep it. It can be the child’s bedroom, drawing or dining room, or the playroom indeed.

Again, you can consider your kid’s color choice and let it lead you to choose a suitable room.

Go for a compact option, if you want to pack it up after playing. Again, it common to pass down the toys from one child to the younger one or generations. If you’re thinking the same, make your purchase on robust equipment.

The removable sinks and wipe-clean exterior surfaces make the cleaning process more manageable.

You need to consider the kid’s number you have or how many you want to play there for choosing the size. For host-play dates or for being a parent of multiple kids, it’s good to invest in large-scale kitchens with multiple workshop access.

Even if you have a single kid, it is good to buy a kitchen set where 2 to 4 kids can play easily. Such activity improves the team-working nature of the kid and helps to communicate with the other kids.

I clearly remember a story of my teenage where I set my table in the middle of the room, and it was kind of big for having a joint shelf with it. My younger sibling came and started hanging with the rack from the backside of the table. A sudden, it dropped over him. Fortunately, the shelf had a thin sheet of the wooden board, and there weren’t many books on it. He overcomes the accident without having a severe injury.

So, make the set secure by placing it against a wall. In this way, you can avoid the accident of toppling onto a kid.


Kitchen play can come with accessories or without accessories like utensils, plates, pans, plastic food, plastic eggs, etc.

Again, there can be attached accessories for display or detached one to play with. So look for all the matters before buying.

Though it is possible to use the original kitchen accessories in the kitchen playset, many times the size limitation takes place.

Children find it more attractive when the playing-set comes with mix-match accessories in exact size. They learn about new textures & materials too. This kind of set is economical at the same time.

Functions & Interactivity:

Kitchens do come with sound and lighting technology, illuminating hob-rings, clicking knobs that are twistable, cooking noise system, water noise system, and even features of working water.

All the features aren’t mandatory and don’t come with all king of playing-set. But the systems do make the playing-set more realistic, interactive, engaging, and attractive. Simple designs encourage you to play imaginatively, but it’s refreshing to listen to the mimicry sounds of cooking, chopping foods & pouring water.

Age Range:

You have to analyze the kid’s age as age creates a difference in choice and decisions. Moreover, there is another fact with this kitchen playing-set is “height.” So, choose something that approximately matches the height of your kind.

If you want the set to pass generations, then choose something adjustable & timeless.

Environmental Value:

In this industrial stage, we are trying to be more sustainable and safe in the ecosystem. There is no demerit in checking the materials; instead, it’s worth your time for your future generation.

It is good to choose a sustainable product like FSA-approved wood.

If you purchase the plastic playing-sets, sell or donate the item at the end.

Worth Your Money:

Check all the properties like having accessories, the used materials, and sustainability, entertainment & interactive value, educational value, range of functions before buying. These steps will make your money worth it. All the mentioned stuff in the article is indeed worth your money.

In terms of design and robustness, we prefer a wooden kitchen playing-set.


What is The Age for Kitchen Play?

The typical age is three and up, but the younger one or two years old loves to wooden play kitchen and play with the big sibling. Different accessories attract the kids, and there is always a place to add more like- fruits & veggies, pots & pans, sandwich making toys, cupcake set, cup set, and beyond.

Are The Wooden Play Kitchen Sets Worth it?

Of course, they do. The wooden play kitchen sets are not that expensive and well worth your investment. It can improve a kid’s communication, language, nature, teamwork, and the endless adding option of accessories to keep the child out of boredom.

When Should One Get Rid of a Specific Toy?

If your kid is grown up and doesn’t have an interest in it, pass it to the next generation or younger child. If you have a worn-out toy, get it recycled.

In case you don’t want to keep the unused toy anymore or want to save space of your house, then donate it.

Can Boys Use a Wooden Play Kitchen?

The wooden play kitchen is a creative and fun game for all gender. Boys can also cook and become a chef. So, it is also healthy for a boy to play with kitchen playing stuff. In this way, a boy will also learn the moral of equality that our current generation is struggling with.

Studies show that boys also learn & benefit from this kind of pretend playing.

How Many Toys Should a Kid Have?

Provide your kid with several toys that cover the essential bases. Only three to five suitable toys can give your kid all necessary stimulations for learning & developing.

Study shows that a kid owning too many toys develop distracting nature in them. So, be careful about what to buy for a kid and the quantity you should provide.


The best wood play kitchen reviews & buying guide brings the money-worth items with a valuable buying guide that no one should skip.

Wooden play kitchens are sustainable for the current world situation. On the other hand, these products are durable enough to pass down to generations.

Wooden play Kitchen set can improve the nature of a growing kid in different positive ways like teamwork and patience. So, you should also choose the best quality of it.

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