The 7 Best Wooden Dog House Reviews for 2021

A wooden house for a puppy has both its privilege and drawbacks. The wooden house offers you a warm shelter, full of air circulation, high-quality insulation, and an aesthetic look. The durability of wood lasts long with a stain or sealant coating.

Best Wooden Dog House with Porch

This housing could be fun-project during your vacation as well. Here I have written about the best wooden dog house reviews & buying guide for our canine buddy.

Many dog owners are indeed in love with the real beauty of the wood, but it’s not safe. The warmth you can get from a wooden house is both winter and summer season is incredible.

The non-tricky construction method will let you customize the structure in need. Wooden houses are cost-effective enough, especially when you are the maker.

The drawbacks are absorbing water by the wood from moisture and dampen the construction. Such damp wood allows pest and wood mite to inhabit. However, you can deal with it using a stain. The flea & tick infestations are the hard ones to deal with once they succeed in entering a puppy house.

Top 7 Best Wooden Dog House Reviews

Editor’s Choice
Best Outdoor Wooden Dog House by ​A4Pet
Best Outdoor Wooden Dog House by ​A4Pet
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Best Overall
Weatherproof ​Wood Dog House with Door by ROCKEVER
Weatherproof ​Wood Dog House with Door by ROCKEVER
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Top Pick
​Portable Wooden House by the Petsfit store
​Portable Wooden House by the Petsfit store
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​The durable puppy house by Midwest homes​The durable puppy house by Midwest homes
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​​Large Wooden Cabin Style Elevated Outdoor Dog House with Porch by Pawhut​​Large Wooden Cabin Style Elevated Outdoor Dog House with Porch by Pawhut
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​1. ​Best Outdoor Wooden Dog House by ​A4Pet

The outdoor rectangular puppy house is spacious inside for comfortable movement. It is medium-sized that can load 150lbs at maximum. So adult dogs can easily stay there. The stuff is grey.

By adult, the standard size it means is 25” tall and 32” long.

A4Pet is a well-known brand that has been manufacturing for the past 15 years and has been developing its products gradually.

The ingredient is solid wood-panel.

The stuff is weather protected with a reliable design. The house is water-proof with a slanted roof. The slanted roof is removable along which you can open to clean the house in more detail. The removable floor makes access to bedding perfectly.

Outdoor Wooden Dog House

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​Even if the dog jumps up on the roof, the roof will withstand it. Any damage within a year offers you a free replacement.


  • Easy assembling with all pre-drilled screw holes
  • Secure guarantee
  • Removable top


  • Not insulated

​2. ​​Weatherproof ​Wood Dog House with Door by ROCKEVER

A pet-owning person should always provide its canine buddy with a proper shelter. This puppy shelter comes in sizes: small, medium, & large scale.

You can also choose between two colors: light grey & autumn blonde.

The inner space is eye-pleasing to see as you can get how comfortable your puppy would be.

The door height is 13.4” & 9.4” in width. The asphalt roofing is a big plus point for the house, which is outstanding in case of insulating. The window allows for fresh air circulation.

Weatherproof ​Wood Dog House with Door by ROCKEVER

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The door flap is vinyl and removable for your easy cleaning access. The pre-drilled holes make the assembling easy.

Not only a puppy, pets like tortoise, duck, chicken, and even a cat can reside here. There is something bonus for you: a small throw blanket.


  • A bonus
  • A sphalt roofing
  • Window


  • Delivery can cause damage, so check after delivery

​3. ​Portable Wooden House by the Petsfit store

It is a portable house for your puppy, which is incredibly cute. This house doesn’t require any assembling, and folding is so easy to do.

The door is 13.4” in height and 9.5” in width. The roof is flat and openable.

The wood material is natural cedar with water-based paint. This kind of portable house is mostly for indoor reasons.

But the manufacturer claims that their stuff can withstand heavy rain or wind.

portable wooden house by the Petsfit store

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  • No chemical smell
  • For quality problem, the maker will take full responsibility within 30 days.
  • No assembling required


  • Not insulated

​4.  ​The durable puppy house by Midwest homes

What attracts the most about the dog house by Midwest is the appearance. It’s adding decor to your lawn.

The stuff comes in three-level sizes.

The wood’s stain is water-based. The construction is durable to withstand outdoors.

​It is foldable, and zero-assembling required.

The inner space measurement is 28.5″ in length & 18.5″ in the breath, forming a rectangular form.

The durable puppy house by Midwest homes

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The ultra-tough asphalt roof is a heavy insulator and reinforcement adder.


  • Well ventilated
  • Foldable
  • Insulated
  • Leveling feet
  • Stainless steel
  • Elevated platform


  • Smelly

​5.  ​​Large Wooden Cabin Style Elevated Outdoor Dog House with Porch by Pawhut

The cabin with a new porch will attract you so much that you are going to make it a deal.

This outdoorsy stuff being spacious makes your puppy play with its house. The non-toxic sealant works with the durable wood to last longer.

Solid fir and cedar are the ingredients of the construction. Our canine buddy can lounge in the daylight on the porch.

The view is great, and the air circulation is enough to keep the shelter’s temperature low during summer.

Large Wooden Cabin Style Elevated Outdoor Dog House with Porch by Pawhut

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The color is natural burly-wood.


  • A porch
  • Non-toxic sealant
  • Ventilated


  • Users complained about the durability

​6. ​The wooden house by Tangkula store

The dog house has a triangular top instead of a flat roof that makes it more of a puppy house. The stuff comes in small, intermediate, and large size.

The door is 15.5″ in height and 12.5″ in width for easy access of the dog. The floor is elevated to a height of 4.5-inches.

Durable fir is used as an ingredient.

The feet are plastic wrapped for good stability. Red asphalt is also used here.

The wooden house by Tangkula store

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  • Use of asphalt
  • Durable
  • Natural wood color


  • Build quality could be better

7.  ​The all weather wooden house by the Best Choice Products store

Any pet like a rabbit, a cat can reside in this dog house along with the puppy itself. There is a new porch, which is also roofed.

There are legs with an elevated bottom, which is more of an outdoor characteristic. It keeps the platform dry and resists the mildew.

The roof is openable with locking hinges.

It is made of 100% Fir wood. Asphalt roof and rubber feet are the plus points.

The all-weather wooden house by the Best Choice Products store

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  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Porch


  • Some users aren’t happy with the color

The Wooden Dog House Buying Guide:

Facts you need to consider:

House materials:

From the very first, people make dog houses from wood that have a topping of shingles. People now also buy dog houses made out of plastic if they feel it better.

As a goal towards sustainability, you people are thinking of buying wood houses again.

Well, it’s not like only plastics have the only problem in the eco-system. Wood also creates a problem for an owner like absorbing moisture. So, every particle has merits & demerits. Let me state the major difference between them:

The weight:

Woodhouse is heavier than the plastic having the same size.


As wood is degradable, well-sealed wood will last for a long time. Plastics being non-degradable stays for centuries.


You can paint the wood house seasonally or according to your mood, but painting plastic will be something great time & energy killing job. You don’t even get the perfect finishing after painting on plastic.

Both have good and opposite consequences. Choose the one that you and your environment prefer.


The earliest thing to hit your mind when you are about to purchase a puppy house is the size. This step cuts your shortlist in to shorter as many sizes won’t match for your bog.

A dog house isn’t only for laying. So, you have to find something big enough for every comfortable movement of your dog, whether lying, standing, or turning around.

So, have a rough measurement of the house almost the same as the dog’s crate.

Here is a way or sample to help you out:

Starting from the nose to the rump of the dog, place tape and take the measurement. Now, instruct your puppy to sit down and take the measurement from head to toe. Take the measurements in inches and add a few more inches at the final. You can add two to four inches.

So, the measurement is the minimum acceptable range that you must consider.

Consider your dog’s nature as well while choosing the house size. For nervous dogs, relatively small houses are safer as it gives them a den-like feeling. Simultaneously, confident dogs can have spacious accommodation as they don’t struggle with any kind of fear or anxiety.

Large houses have good air circulation, and so it tends to remain cooler in the summer season. However, it will be cooler in winter too.

Wood types:

The wood house is a category besides the plastic, but not all the wood houses are the same in material type.

While purchasing must ask about the raw wood identity. Most owners aren’t that upfront with the details, and that’s when you got that the product isn’t up to date.

Buy wood houses that have features like pest-resistant. Cedar is a kind of that. Cedar is also stronger by structure.

Another two kinds of wood used for dog house construction routinely are pine & fir.


The optimum insulation you can get for our canine buddies is from wooden houses. Wooden constructions are the most insulating one. But the insulation of all wooden houses isn’t similar.

What differs from the insulation level instead of having wood as raw in both houses is the thickness of wood, roof, and corner coverings.

House with asphalt shingle roof & wooden surroundings is super-insulated. The woods of the high-insulated house has a width of a couple of inches at the minimum.

Some modified dog houses have door-flaps for resisting the chilly wind flow. A gap on the corner of the dog house, not only invites the pest & insects but also affects the overall insulation.

That’s why everyone should value reading the reviews and comments about such features.


The style you will eventually choose should suit your dog best and the lawn or room where you will place it.

Let’s divide the styles into three, namely: classic, canopy & igloo.

Traditional or classic: Aesthetic, Durable, Year-round

It is popular for being aesthetic and durable enough and mostly used by the snoopy. These houses maintain a low temperature in the summer season.

Dome style or igloo houses: Ideal for the all-round winter season, stable

This one has a shorter profile and is good for the regions where the temperature is deadly low all-around the year. It warms up your dog. Some of the models of igloo houses have a ventilation system for fresh airflow. These houses are also stable against the strong wind blow.

Canopy or dog gazebo shelters: Shady, Easy assembling-&-disassembling, hot weather shelter

Regions having high temperatures & dry climate should have this kind of house for dogs as puppies of these regions need more shade compared to protection. These houses have a fence structure at the surrounding with a canvas top. In this shelter, your puppy can enjoy the breeze under a shady, cool place.

Other than these three, what simplification you can have on a wooden house is a gable roof, cabin style with a slanted roof, portable and others.

Dog owners without a lawn or small spacious house go for foldable houses. These kinds of houses aren’t that sturdy and for indoor purposes.


Dog owners prefer a wooden house with strong wood quality, but unfortunately, markets have more low-cost & cheap quality solutions that will break within a few weak.

Look for a house with the proper finish & no cracks out of the box.

To find reputable manufacture, review the brands mentioned in the article & ensure that they are using high-quality wood. Wood types will eventually give you a clue about product quality.


It is not a necessary need as your puppy won’t bother with the house look. But you definitely into the aesthetic look of the house that matches your taste.

Again, it somewhat indicates your choice and taste that your neighbor is going to talk about.

There isn’t any standard for the dog houses to be aesthetic. You know what speaks out your taste.

Just ensure the basic functionality of the house before you prefer a one.

The fact you should never forget about:


Likewise, you consider your household materials according to the seasonal effect, note down the precipitation patterns, and typical temperature before purchasing the dog house. It is the climate that the house has to withstand.

This climatic factor will define the longevity of your puppy shade & ensure the puppy’s comfort level.

Prioritize the small size & the insulation feature if you are a cold-region inhabitant.

Conversely, headroom & ventilation should be the priorities of the inhabitants having an extremely hot & dry climate.

If you are an arid-regional inhabitant, you can simply get a house of unfinished wood. The inhabitants of the regions facing rainy season and flood for most of the months would get a plastic dog house.


A dog house might seem simple. But trust me, a wrong, and unsuitable product can be a nightmare. Here I will solve your puzzling mind full of doubt & unanswered question.

Does a dog house need manual care?

Of course, it needs. The fact you must be most careful about a wooden house is avoiding water seeping. For that, buy a water-proof wood house. Don’t panic; the sealant you see on a wooden exterior is what acts as a water-proofing surface.

Without a sealant cover, the house is not going to last long as wood absorbs moisture.

If the case is that your dog house doesn’t have the sealant, you can apply manually. It’s good to cover the wood with a couple of coating as it will fight the outer environment.

When it comes to cleaning, don’t use bleach or similar items to ruin the wood properties. Water-washing is ok if the wood has sealant covering. Make the inner dry, instead of leaving it to the environment.

How to deal with insects and pests?

Again, it’s the water. A plank of damp and rotten wood invites insects and pests. The wood mite will inhabit on water imbibing wooden house, where sealant or high-quality paint is the only protection.

So, keep the house neat-dry after cleaning. More frequent house washes will keep the insects away as dirty houses attract the pests.

The most obvious point is the usage of pest control stuff. However, be sure that the product is animal-friendly and safe. In case of uncertainty, avoid the stuff.

Should I prefer a wooden house over a plastic one?

It is not mandatory to prefer wood over plastic as they both have drawbacks and privileges.

Like, wooden houses are afford-customization, sturdy & cheap in construction. Afford customization means you can make changes in the housing during & even after the building process.

They also offer outstanding insulation. The drawback is the absorption of moisture and the invitation of pests.

On the other side, plastic construction is a good deal of weather-resistant, strong, & insulating. However, the insulating feature depends on the thickness of the plastic.

The drawback is plastic houses are non-customizable & you can’t make a change in need.

Wooden houses are preferable as they are classic like the fact dog holding a bone. And getting them one wooden house will probably keep them happy, warm, & cozy.

What wood is most preferable for the dog house?

The most preferable and used ones are cedar, fir, & pine for the construction. Get a wooden house having stain or sealant to deal with water and toxic chemicals. If your purchased dog house isn’t stained, then apply a sealant manually.

Is 20-degree extreme cold for a dog?

Some dogs are more hot-tolerant, where some are vulnerable to cold.

At a temperature of 20-degree Fahrenheit or low, a dog regardless of its age, type, breed, or health condition, shouldn’t be out for more than a few minutes.

If the puppy does, then there is a high possibility of frostbite or hypothermia.


Wooden dog house reviews & buying guide is the total guidance & care for your canine buddy. Being careless towards the housing of your puppy will cause simple health issues to several deadly diseases. Especially the guarding dogs need a well-constructed house with basic features as they have to stay out over-night.

It serves the purpose of decorating your lawn or garden. An artistic dog house can keep your lawn in the top shade.

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