The 7 Best Wooden Dining Table Reviews for 2021

A dining table isn’t a place for dining only. It’s a place for family and friends gathering, whether it is casual or grand season and the center of a room’s attraction.

Choosing the dining table’s best design isn’t enough; it’s mandatory to consider your room’s shape and size to suit the table’s style with it.

The dining-room table is a place to have multiple memories of the day to day stories, shared jokes, laughter, along with enjoying delicious meals.

Best Wooden Dining Table

It would help if you considered many practical factors before buying a dining table that suits your room. People often go for the biggest and pricy one where they don’t care about the room shape and regret later.

I want you to avoid such ridiculous mistakes and mind the factors regarding your room and your choice and make a wise purchase.

Best wooden dining tables reviews & buying guides will eventually help you make a purchase on a dining table that offers you adequate space to sit, fits in your room, and goes with your style.

By the end, you will have a FAQ section to solve the riddle of your mind, along with a handy buying guide.

Top 7 Best Wooden Dining Tables Reviews

Editor’s Choice
Dporticus 5 Piece Dining Set Industrial Style Wooden Kitchen Table & Chairs
Dporticus 5 Piece Dining Set Industrial Style Wooden Kitchen Table & Chairs
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Best Overall
Best Choice Products 6 Piece Wooden Modern Dining Set
Best Choice Products 6 Piece Wooden Modern Dining Set
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Top Pick
Signature Design by Ashley Whitesburg Wooden Dining Room Table
Signature Design by Ashley Whitesburg Wooden Dining Room Table
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GreenForest Dining Table Rectangular Top with Wood LegsGreenForest Dining Table Rectangular Top with Wood Legs
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VASAGLE ALINRU Heavy Duty Wooden Dining Table for 4 PeopleVASAGLE ALINRU Heavy Duty Wooden Dining Table for 4 People
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​1. Dporticus 5 Piece Dining Set Industrial Style Wooden Kitchen Table & Chairs

The wooden dining table set comes in 5- pieces, four chairs, and the main table in a wooden texture, which is pretty much ordinary in looks. The wood is sturdy enough with the support of the steel tube, and the combo is durable at the same time.

The table’s dimension is 43.1″ length, 27.5″ Width, and 30″ height from the floor. The chair has a dimension of 18.5″ length, 15″ Width, and 32.2″ height.

The easy assembly and easy cleaning and the versatile compatibility within any room décor, make the product demandable.

Dporticus 5 Piece Dining Set Industrial Style Wooden Kitchen Table & Chairs

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This compact style set is suitable for kitchen, restaurant, coffee shop, and dining room feature. With the MDF rectangular board and unique design of the chair, the set looks much attractive.

​2. Best Choice Products 6 Piece Wooden Modern Dining Set

This wooden dining table set by the BEST CHOICE overcomes the limitation of the above product and comes in a large size for a grand gathering.

With engineered wood and construction material of MDF, Steel, PVC, the product has the uttermost durability and stability to last for decades and capture your memories.

The item shape is rectangular with a dimension of 55 x 31.5 x 29.75 inches, which is quite a space providing for a huge gathering. On the other hand, the chairs’ alluring design brings change to your room décor and a comfortable sitting and back laying.

Best Choice Products 6 Piece Wooden Modern Dining Set

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With the four chairs, there is a tool having space for two persons in a comfortable way. The tool has a metal rack for storage that is pretty wide and can hold small stuff like books, blankets, tablemats, seat cushions, board games, coasters, etc.

The wood is waterproof as it has a wood finish that gives the wooden grains a shiny texture. The frame is the steel for a perfect combo of durability. The wood is thick enough for a perfect meal, family gathering, playing games, working on a laptop, etc.

The rust-resistant build quality takes the product to another level, where the finish makes the cleaning & maintenance easier. The table dimension is 55” length, 31.5” width, & 29.75” height with the holding capacity of 120 lbs. A chair can hold up to 286lbs., where the tool can hold 297 lbs.

​3. Signature Design by Ashley Whitesburg Wooden Dining Room Table

Ashley’s wooden dining table in brown-cottage white is a real deal for the classy people who like aesthetic views. The table’s dimension is 60″ length, 37.75″ Width, and 30″ height from the base. The woods of the dining table are veneers and engineered woods where the table frame also contains wood. So, people don’t want steel-wood combo; this item is a real deal for them.

The table shape is typically rectangular with two-finishing. With such good finishing, you don’t have to worry anymore. The traditional table creates an elegant look with those warm farmhouse kind of casual feet.

Signature Design by Ashley Whitesburg Wooden Dining Room Table

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The tabletop is of dark wooden texture where the legs are cottage with crafted design. Like the previous design, this product also comes with four chairs, a table, and a two-seated tool.

For assembling the table, you will need a manual provided along with the required tools & hardware. The construction of the corner black includes glue and screw. The total product weighs 79 lbs. For the care routine, only follow the dry cleaning process.

​4. GreenForest Dining Table Rectangular Top with Wood Legs

The brand Green-Forest had thought about a table that wouldn’t focus on heavy activities, although you can do that. Light activities like evening coffee or sitting in the balcony and having breakfast kind of stuff or having an evening gossip time are suitable on this dining table set.

The light construction with a premium design will add some extra charge to your room or balcony, or even you can carry this to your lounge in case you want to enjoy the morning light with a hot coffee cup. The style rectangular style has wood as a construction material with elegant supportive legs that are quite attractive.

GreenForest Dining Table Rectangular Top with Wood Legs

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As I mentioned, you can even carry it out for sitting or having snacks in the fresh air, and for that, the stuff has to be waterproof at its least in case it starts raining. And the manufacturer did think about it and made the tabletop as perfect as water-resistant and scratch-resistant at the same time.

Moreover, the beveled edge keeps it child-friendly and avoid injuries. The dimension is 44″ length and 28″ width with a height of 28″. Though it’s a portable table from the appearance, it is not cheap and low quality. Two to four-person can easily fit into it.

The feet are adjustable, where the feet don’t scratch the floor due to having protective padding. The assembly and cleaning process is super easy, and the instructions come in the provided manual.

​5. VASAGLE ALINRU Heavy Duty Wooden Dining Table for 4 People

VASAGLE STORE has chosen engineered wood as construction material and metal for the frame. The tabletop is quite spacious, inviting lasagna, desserts, salads, and many celebration dishes with a dimension of 47.2″ length and 29.5″ breadth.

There are some countable structures to the assembly that you can fix within minutes and, in the end, take two benches to make the set fulfilled.

The steel frame is 1.6 x 1.6- inches thick with a crossbar reinforcement, making the table capable of loading 220 lb. The user-friendly rounded corners with stable legs keep the table safe. The rustic wooden texture and the square legs in matte black bring novelty and charm to your room.

VASAGLE ALINRU Heavy Duty Dining Table for 4 People

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By now, you should understand that the color is rustic brown with the particleboard and powder-coated metal steel. The stuff weighs 37.8lb, which is 100 in Kg. The package will provide you a dining table, an accessory kit, and a manual.

Tips: Don’t let your kid climb above the product or stay near the table while assembling. To avoid any damage issues, keep sharp objects away. It is good to avoid overloading the table that is don’t exceed the load 220lb.

​6. Giantex Wood Dining Table/Rectangular Kitchen Table

With the Mid-density fiberboard GIANTEX had bought a rectangular wooden dining table in black and walnut color combo.

With the dimension of 43.5 x 28 x 29.5-inches of the tabletop, you will have space that is not for a huge gathering. You can count on three to four people for chit chat or evening gathering. Small families or nuclear families choose this kind of table most.

Not only for dining purposes, but you can also take the table as your regular study room table where you will put your laptop or several books and files. The versatile use makes the table more than a dining table, allowing you to create a workstation, conference table, learning desk, etc.

Giantex Wood Dining Table Rectangular Kitchen Table

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Normally, while making this kind of table, the maker focuses on the build quality but not the design. This table maker has focused on the design and came up with the stunning black and walnut in strip style color combo, which will uplift your evening snack time mood.

The rectangular table can bear a load of 220 pounds. And you can fit the table in your dining room, kitchen, office, or even living room. You can easily clean the surface top with a damp clean towel.

The compatible screws and pins with its code make the assembling process super easy for you, reducing the required time and energy.

7. Tangkula 5 Piece Vintage Wood Top Dining Table Set

Let’s start with the versatility of the set for home purposes and restaurants that can buy them. You can use the table for outdoor purposes along with indoor use if the weather is good enough.

The style is versatile and suits different surroundings and purposes like eating, playing cards, board games, etc. The four chairs with the table are padded for a soft and comfortable seating experience. In the winter, you will experience a warm feeling as well for the padded design.

For the tabletop construction material, it as MDF boards with steel as frame with the PVC. The anti-skid pads under the table, as well as the chairs, avoid the floor from scratching. The corners are rounded as user-friendly design.

Tangkula 5 Piece Vintage Wood Top Dining Table Set

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The table dimension is 43.5″ length, 27.5″ Width, and 30″ height. The chair dimension is 16″ length, 19.5″ Width, and 37″ height. The elegant look with the practical use of construction made the product demandable.

Best wood dining table buying guide


Let’s talk about some general guidelines. Shapes of the table will narrow your list of buying facts.

Rectangle/ Square: Rectangular is the most common and popular shape, as it has the maximum space with varieties of designs to choose from.

This kind of dining sets fits best in a rectangular or well spacious room. However, the logic doesn’t work anymore when you have compact sizes like those mentioned above.

Round/ Oval: Round tables can accommodate many people within a small place with foods that are equal to everyone. Square rooms aren’t good for round tables. Round tables can create an environment of cozy and intimate seating for important conversations.


Your room size and your family size or family member number detect the dining table’s size. Or sometime, it may be the purpose that detects the size.

Let me give you a standard size idea regarding the dining table.

1. A long table of 72-inches can make seats for 8-people2. A long table of 60-inches can make seats for 6-people​3. A long table of 48-inches can make seats for 4-people

With these standard sizes, you can accommodate with ease. If you don’t mind a bit intimate or cozy seating, then one or two more extra people can squeeze there to sit.


Typically, you can find three height variations. The standard one is between 28 to 30-inches.

The counter height dining tables are approximately 36” tall. You can find the pub-style dining tables at a height range of 40-42″, which are the tallest.

Counter or the pub-style will be worth it for you if you don’t like the idea of traditional tables. These tables are more convenient and fit well in the small spacious room.


Of course, you are looking for wood and not the glass or veneer, and that’s why you’re here. But there are also different on the dining table having wood as a construction material.

People go for a very rigid construction for mahogany, oak, teak, maple, walnut, etc., that will cost you more penny. Even people usually order them according to their preferred design.

Considering a mid-cost with good durability ready-made table, you can choose composite woods like MDF, called (medium density fiberboard), plywood or solid hardwood, etc.

Like MDF, engineered wood, a mixture of soft and hard wooden bits compressed to a board as a form, is sturdy but doesn’t expect it as the mahogany or walnut.


​What are the durable woods for the dining table?

Maple: For the uttermost durability, one should choose maple wood. Cabinetry kind of high-use furniture has maple as a construction material.

Walnut: Walnut is a well-known tree in the industrial world due to its ultimate strength.

Oak: For constant use, one of the hard-wearing wood is oak.

Pine: Pine is softwood with low density.

​How to maintain a dining table made of wood?

Protect the wood grain from scratches

Avoid direct heat burn of sun

Avoid the water rings

Balance humidity is mandatory for wooden stuff

Make use of tablecloths

A glass tabletop brings many benefits

Bring custom table pads; they are alluring and provide protection.

​What are the solutions for making an unfinished wooden dining table waterproof?

Make use of linseed oil: For a protective layer and a hand-rubbed finish, use linseed or Tung-oil.

For a perfect and worth sealing, consider providing a coating of lacquer, polyurethane, or varnish.

You can give a finish to your wood and make your wood water-resistant using a combo of stain & sealant simultaneously.

​Final Verdict

With the “wooden dining tables reviews & buying guide” article, I have tried to make the best furniture stand out of the crowd so that you can reach them easily.

Remember, all the outstanding designs of the table might not suit your room. So, let’s not forget to pay attention to the buying guide. Contact the manufacturer for any issue or further inquiry; they would do their best to help you.

Whether you want something for grand gathering or something for evening snack or even anything for decoring your restaurant, this article will help you from all way round.

Now, make your decision on a wise purchase and create a memory gathering dining place at your dream home.

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