The 7 Best Wooden Desk for 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Have you ever thought that it’s the crafted designs that keep you working for hours with a relaxed mind? I used to have a room where I never sat on the desk rather than on the bed with all my files and utensils. I don’t know why I never felt to work comfortably or for long on the desk.

Then I thought, what’s the benefit of keeping such a desk that I don’t even use? I changed that with a nicely crafted wooden spacious desk, and now whenever I enter the room, I like to sit on it and check the jobs.

best wooden desk

You can work best when you have peace on the mind and, of course, the features of the desk play role by giving you space, drawers with full extended bearing balls, standard drawers for keeping files, cable holes for cables, and all. Even a cable hole in an idiotic place makes you angry & you lost mood for work.

If you are a workaholic guy like me who wants everything perfect on the workstation, then you are on the right page. This best wooden desks reviews & buying guide will add peace and perfectness to your workstation.

Top 7 Best Wooden Desks Reviews

Editor’s Choice
Corner Computer Desk, Wood Compact Home Office Desk by Tangkula Store
Corner Computer Desk, Wood Compact Home Office Desk by Tangkula Store
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Best Overall
left or Right Facing Best Wooden Corner Desk by The Brand: Monarch Specialties
left or Right Facing Best Wooden Corner Desk by The Brand: Monarch Specialties
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Top Pick
L-shaped Best Wood Computer Desk by The Bush Furniture Store
L-shaped Best Wood Computer Desk by The Bush Furniture Store
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Wooden Computer Desk/L-Shaped Corner Desk with File Cabinet by the Monarch SpecialtiesWooden Computer Desk/L-Shaped Corner Desk with File Cabinet by the Monarch Specialties
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​Wooden Desk by the Pemberly Raw Store​Wooden Desk by the Pemberly Raw Store
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1. ​Corner Computer Desk, Wood Compact Home Office Desk by Tangkula Store

Suitable for: With the top engineered wood, Tangkula has brought the L-shaped corner wooden desk for you.

It comfortably suits your office, home, apartment, & even studio. Rooms especially having small spaces, should have this kind of desks that maximizes the working place. But you can’t put a lot of items at a time.

Corner Computer D esk, Wood Compact Home Office Deskby by Tangkula store

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Characteristics: You will have the absolute homage storage with the two ample along with two open shelves in this multi-functional wooden desk.

The non-corrosive and anti-rust are the two winning features of the desk that keep your working station durable for decades.

As it is multi-functional, so it comes with a keyboard tray for you to work smoothly with a laptop or desktop whatever you want.

Beneath the silent tray, there is a large enough space for you to stretch to get rid of boredom and muscle fatigue.

Extra Privileges: Thinking about children’s safety, the manufacturer has made the corners rounded. I clearly remember my childhood when I used to get hurt a lot by them. So, it’s a good step, I think.

All the necessary hardware with the manual is included with the package. 20-minutes will be enough to assemble the desk even for a newbie. You can contact them in case of any queries.

You can term the stuff as most compact and can go for it undoubtedly in case of having less space even at the corner of the room.

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​2. ​left or Right Facing Best Wooden Corner Desk by The Brand: Monarch Specialties

Suitability: The practical ever wooden desk made by the Monarch offers you to face right or left with a lot of space to work. The so-called “hollow-core” is a suitable addition to your office with its 60” length-measurement. The other side has a length-measurement of 48-inches.

​left or right facing wooden corner desk by the Brand Monarch Specialties

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Characteristics: This multi-functional wooden corner desk gives a wooden look with perfect finishing. The movable side drawers are spacious enough for storing paper, books, office supplies, file folders, & many more.

The table can hold a laptop, lamp, family or friend pictures, utensils, etc.

The drawers have three sections, whereas the other side has both racks like sections divided into two & three.

The engineered wood made is possible for the table to last for years.

Extra privileges: Like the compact pattern, the desk has three customizing colors: cappuccino, white & dark taupe.

​3. ​L-shaped Best Wood Computer Desk by The Bush Furniture Store

Suitability: The classy looking wooden desk is more than just a desk to work temporarily. You can sit for hours of office or homework and don’t even have to rush for picking files or charging phones or laptops anywhere else—this specially modified desk with stunt you by its features.

Characteristics: The deluxe 90-degree angled desk by the Bush in 60” in length on either direction. The depth in the right direction is 20,” whereas it is 24″ in the left direction.

​L-shaped wood computer desk by the Bush Furniture Store

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There is an integrated hub 4-port USB that keeps your android & other devices connected. It keeps your chargers in the right shape and prevents the wire from breaking down from years of use.

The fluted glasses on the cabinets is attracting features of the desk. The file drawers have ball bearing on the full extension on which they glide on smoothly.

Many wooden desk drawers don’t have the bearing that creates a rough sound, and you can’t even reach it at full. Fortunately, with this desk, your important papers, letters, and legal are within your hand.

The chubby shelves, along with the box-shaped drawers, create rooms for many files, papers, and even small utensils. The drawers have a holding capacity of 30lbs.

Extra privilege: The chrome-finished hardware and the sustainable exteriors offer you a scratch-resistant desktop. You will have a year of warranty. Be sure of it before making the purchase.

​4. ​​Wooden Computer Desk/L-Shaped Corner Desk with File Cabinet by the Monarch Specialties

wooden Computer Desk L-Shaped Corner Desk with File Cabinet by the Monarch Specialties

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Suitability: The imported corner desk by the Monarch is an industrial-inspired design which is contemporary. And so, it goes with both your home & offices.

Features: The working face is paneled thickly, and the metal legs are sleek.

You will eventually have one chubby-open drawer and a closed storing drawer. You can hold those standard legal files on the file holding drawers.

The desk is multi-functional as you can shift to both left & right.

The L-shaped offers you a drawer on one side, and the other is open for your stretch and comfortably working capability.

The long side of the L-shaped wooden desk is 79″ & 48″ on the other side.

Extra privileges: You can choose between three colors that the manufacturer provides: dark taupe, grey, cappuccino.

​5. ​Wooden Desk by the Pemberly Raw Store

Suitability: The salt oak finished elegant wooden desk by the Pemberly Raw is for office and homework where you can décor home material or working utensils along with the laptop or desktop.

wooden corner desk by the Pemberly Raw Store

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Features: The corner desk has oak color finishing and metal as construction materials. The drawers have a full extension on the bearing balls. The number of drawers is two.

You can put a vertical tower of CPU on the storage place. With the adjustable shelf, you can make possible set all your files. The approximate measurement of such CPU that you can keep is 14″ x 25.”

You can fasten the pencil drawer on any side you like. The sides have borders so you can avoid rolling of pens or any cylindrical materials.

The used wood is particleboard that has great quality. It is a beast in terms of heaviness.

​6. ​Espresso Colored Elegant Office Corner Desk Wood Top by the SHW store

Suitability: The home wooden desk from the SHW is a classy, sleek corner desk with no drawers.

espresso colored elegant office corner desk wood top by the SHW store

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Features: Many needs shelf kind of desk without any drawer and this one for them. It’s suitable for a home or apartment where you can keep books as a showcase. Again if you want something for holding a laptop or computer only at the corner, you can also take it as an office desk.

For important files and legal, this isn’t the right choice for you.

With engineered wood, the desk has the uttermost durability. The material is wood-grain laminated environmental particleboard. Instead of drawers, there are shelves with much space.

The length-measurement of the desk is 51-inches in both directions, causing a mirror-like design. There are holes for the cables.

​7. Best ​L Shaped Desk with Bookshelves ​by The Ameriwood Home Store

Suitability: You would take it for home-material or office that depends on your purpose of use.

L shaped desk with bookshelves ​by the Ameriwood Home Store

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Features: You can maximize the working space with this wooden desk that allows you to have many shelves but drawers.

The exact 90-degree desk stands against the wall perfectly without cutting off any degree.

The cable holes keep your cables tangle-free. The desktop can hold a weight of a total of 100 lbs. Each shelf can stand 35 lbs.

The espresso finished wood has laminated particleboard as a construction material.

Extra privileges: You will choose colors that include: Espresso, rustic oak, white, dove gray, black oak.

Wooden Desk Buying Guide:

Type of the desk

​Desks are made with wood, marble, metal, and many other varieties. They also serve several purposes. For example:

Writing:These desks are simple, flat top, with clean legs & minimal storing capacity.

Shell:These desks have flat-panel as construction material around a large, hollow-alcove used for chair storage or legroom.

Floating table:These desks have a wall-mounted design, and you can fold them up for having efficient space. Like these, there are many other varieties of desks.

Desk dimension:

​The average desk out there is 28” to 30” tall. To measure the desk height that is perfect for your posture and comfortable sitting, divide your height in inches by 2.5Again if you are not convinced, go and check the measurements to decide what you need.

Small: The wideness of a small desk is under 40″ that you can choose for your kid’s study room. Kids need small desks and spacious rooms to play in.

Large: To suit any room size & style, choose the standard-size desk that is between 40 to 60-inches.

​Extra Large: The tops extending 60-inches are the large-scale desks. They also have features like cabinets, hutches, & drawers with more storing capacity.

Desk shape:

​Desk shapes matter along with the size. It is what will suit the room and your working tendency.

Rectangular: Most standard desks maintain a rectangular top & suits every room and working profession perfectly.

L-shaped: In case you lack space at the room center or along the wall-sides, choose an L-shaped corner desk that is compact and make the best space out of it. This kind of desks looks classy to me as they adore your corner spaces.

Oval: Choose an oval-shape desk for an organic look for your workstation.

U-shaped: This kind of cove-shaped desks is mainly for professionals as they took the most space of the room and provided you the most storing option.

Storage and other features:

​The space that a desk owner finds is the drawer, cabinets, & the shelves. For staying organized, you will eventually need a lot of space and standard drawers for your files & papers.

Cable hole: If you have a spacious room and a storage space desk in need, then a hutch desk will provide you a vertical storing option to fill up an emptier room.

Keyboard tray: Making purchases on a no-tray desk to keep the desktop is useless. Ultimately you will suffer. So, make sure you have a keyboard tray. Another feature to look for is the well-organized cable holes for keeping electronic wires clutter-free.


​If you want a professional workstation with desktops like large, ornate executive, multi-piece, it will cost you thousand to ten thousand dollars. If you are fine with a standard home desk, you can get it within 150 to 700 dollars, which will offer you many varieties.Many low-cost options won’t bankrupt you. In that case, consider the shortcomings. But remember, a low-cost desk can also be crafty, beautiful, and money worth.

Assembling and maintenance:

​A desk for a computer is meant to be light and portable from one room to another. In that case, look whether it is easy assembling and light or not.Again, not necessarily everyone will be heavy with the light component. Many people think light materials are not sturdy and durable.

They want to buy something heavy and deep wood. And that’s the very reason; people look wooden stuff. Such stuff would be hard to assemble as it is heavy, making sense, right? Many compliments and complaints at the same time, saying it is a strong element but hard to assemble. It doesn’t make sense.

If you are going to assemble a large desk by yourself, that will cost you hard work. Take the help of others for those desks.But some desks are non-sense because they break while assembling or have predrilled holes on a wrong measurement. You should boycott such desks. They waste of time.In my verdict, both are great, depending on usage. In this article, you can find both types.


What is the care for the wooden deck?

​1. Avoid scratches

2. Avoid sunlight as it can damage

3. There should be a balance in humidity

4. Avoid the water rings

5. Utilize tablecloths

6. Buy a glass tabletop

7. You can choose a customizing table pad that gives protection as well as a good look.A table can withstand all the above problems and not going to damage quickly. All the above measures are good for a desk to last long.

What to do if my table isn’t water-proof?

​There are three ways to do the job:Make use of Tung oil or Linseed oil, which will create a beautiful & protective finish.

You can seal your wooden table, giving a coating of varnish, lacquer, or polyurethane. You can give a perfect finish using a combo of stain & sealant.

Many people ask how to water-proof naturally. Then the process of applying Tung oil is one of the natural ways where you have to recoat after drying with the same oil, and that’s it. Make sure your table is dust-free. Usually, the desktops online come with a perfect finish and don’t have to panic about it.

What are woods good for a desk?

​1. Cherry wood of light or dark brown is good.

2. Maple woods are so strong which comes in a light-brown or reddish color.

3. Black walnut4. Ashwood5. Quartersawn oak wood

People use these woods to make desk by themselves.

​Is pine a good wood?

​Pine isn’t the same as oak but also a good wood. Pine has a rustic and country style and good for shock-resistant & strong. But it doesn’t last as oak.

How thick should a computer desk be?

​I prefer 24-inches deep for my desks as it provides ample space.The C surface that is the underneath of the desk will have some defects and shallow knotholes.

​Is there any difference between the computer desk and writing desk?

​Writing desks are more traditional with cable holes and drawers. A desktop for the computer is large & more accommodating.

For a computer desk, there isn’t any need for drawers or storage for pens or any shelves. Moreover, there should be a rolling tray for keeping the keyboard.

​How many types of desks are there?

​A total of 9 desks (you can say) are there: Writing desk, computer desk, executive desk, credenza desk, corner desk, secretary desk, roll-top desk, wall mounted desk (also called floating desk), standing desk (adjustable height desk)—the others named on materials: wood, glass, metal laminate, etc.

​Can the desk be recycled?

It is kind of challenging because most of the desks are not suitable for recycling due to a lack of inner materials. Plastics can be recycled, but it’s also a hard task.


​So, let’s upgrade our workstation with wooden desks reviews & buying guide and get rid of those frustrating useless desks.

In my verdict, there are seven desks and are of different categories. Some dedicated desks are for important files and jobs where others are for lights jobs and holding desktops. Prefer the one that goes best with you.

Check the shortcomings that you won’t mind with your budget and make your penny worth it.

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