The Wooden Block Set Game Buying Guide & Opinions 2020

Among the most recommended toys for the children of the house we have the wooden block set games. The games of all kinds that they will gain in skill, they will develop their motor skills and their imagination in a simple way.

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The good thing is that the current market they have both traditional games like as wooden blocks or mecanos. The Current games based on magnets and other elements of modern technology.

This models we are find the most outstanding of the moment such as building block games that is consists of 30 to 100 pieces with images with that to make all kinds of three-dimensional constructions, safety and complications.

If you prefer the building block set of a lifetime but you need properly updated the model that is a good proposal that consisting up to 100+ pieces.

What is the best building block game on the market?

Despite the rise of technology games, construction games, building blocks games still have their place in many game rooms. In part, because there is nothing as fun as letting our imagination fly and doing everything we want in a simple way, but also because of how much the usual games have evolved, as we can see in the current market offer.

So you do not miss anything, follow the advice of our guide to buy the best building blocks game and know what options you have available when buying one of these products.

Shopping guide

Game type

When we see a comparison of building blocks set games, we find both the usual options and the traditional mechanics or the other games, along with more modern options such as the wooden blocks set or the so-called 3D puzzles.

A complete offer that makes the first step when buying one of these games is precisely to decide which is the best building blocks game.Within this offer, we find the traditional mecca of a lifetime, with which to build all kinds of vehicles and equipment easily.

Another option is always the wooden block cubes, with improved safety and that help the little ones to make all kinds of games, with the only limit of their imagination.

Also, within this traditional line, we have wooden blocks, ranging from large blocks for smaller ones to smaller blocks typical of Lego-type games or similar.

As for the most modern systems, technology has offered interesting developments, such as parts that are hooked by magnets. Some blocks with which it is easy to make all kinds of 3D constructions easily and safely.

We also have, on horseback between blocks games and puzzles, some games with which to reproduce buildings and monuments, to give a reference.

A different proposal that, with the passage of time, will evolve to have even more news and that does not vary much about how much the game costs.

Recommended age

If there is any type of toy in which the recommended age should be present is in the building games. These games tend to have small pieces that, in the hands of two young children, can become a considerable risk to their health, since their pieces can be inhaled or swallowed.

Therefore, these games are not recommended for children up to three years, except those specifically dedicated to early childhood such as large wooden or plastic blocks.

Another important aspect of age is to adapt the age of the future game to the specific abilities of your little one. Due to the different stages that the child has in the development of his motor skills and ability, sometimes some games can be too complex if we do not follow these instructions.

This is what would happen, for example, if a six or seven-year-old boy bought a block set with complex pieces recommended for ages from 12 years.

This last issue is also applicable to those products that, even within the age range of the game recipient, do not adapt to the aforementioned skills.

Since each child has a development, it is interesting that the product, in the end, adapts to what it is capable of doing, to prevent the fun of the toy from becoming frustrated if it is not able to achieve the intended goal.

Toy safety

As a last important aspect, it is necessary to assess the safety of the toy, so that it does not cause damage to our little one during the game. In this section, it is key again to respect the recommended ages, especially in case the toy includes small pieces, to avoid accidents.

Another important aspect of this safety has to do with the product quality itself. Even the most economical construction set should include quality elements such as EC seals in their packaging or suitable finishes, free of sharp edges, splinters and sharp corners that can be harmful. For example, a badly finished edge in a piece can end up causing a scratch and wounds during the use of the product.

These precautions should also be included when assessing those products that include tools for the assembly and use of the game, which must also comply with everything mentioned.

And in the case of games destined to manufacture vehicles and other complex elements, do not forget to check that the final object, once built, also presents no risks.

Among the most common are scratches, entrapments, and other similar problems, so it never hurts to check the final safety of the construction.

How to use a wooden blocks set

Technology has devastated many things; especially with the fun of children who used to have fun running in the streets or playing with a game. The new electronic devices have captured the attention of many children.

However, there are toys that have survived and still keep many children in the world entertained. In this group are the balls, the bicycles and, of course, the building games that still make the little ones dare to use all their creativity.

Consider your child's age

There are many different models of building block games and not all of them are suitable for the same age ranges. There are even games to build that are not even for children and because of their difficulty they are specifically for adults.

Look for toys that have been created for your child's age and thus avoid being frustrated by not knowing how to use it or damaging something by trying to build without understanding the rules. Remember that there are many games that have larger or smaller blocks due to their audience.

Read the instruction manual

Although most of the block set games are free creation, there are many games that are specialized and help you build something specific like a car or a helicopter.

If you want to assemble everything as it should be and help your child in the task, then it is necessary to read the manual to know how to place the pieces and achieve the previously designed structure in the game.

Organize all the pieces

A missing piece can completely ruin the structure of the final construction of one of these games and that is precisely why you should be very careful with each piece, so when you save it you can be sure that if you want to reassemble it you can get everything you need to do it.

Many games come with storage cubes; However, if your game does not come with one, then find a safe place to store the pieces and separate them if necessary to have a larger organization.

Verify that everything you need is in the packaging

There are many building games that need much more than blocks and it would be a great nuisance that in the middle of the game you realize that a very important piece is missing to complete the structure to be built.

From nuts, screwdrivers to very small parts; Most manuals specify how many pieces should be in the package and how many of each type there are Tell them to verify that everything is correct.

Take care of children while they play

Although these games are harmless and the risks of something bad happening are minimal, there are blocks of games that contain very small pieces that could cause a small child to put them in their mouths.

As step 1, always remember to buy a game according to the child's age and still, make sure to keep your eyes on the children when playing to avoid these types of accidents.


After all the previous steps, there will be no problems when building and you can let your child build or take the reins yourself and let your imagination speak for you.

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