Wooden Block Games: Everyone to Build

Wooden block games really like young children. One of its great advantages is that, as it grows, it can invent more complicated constructions, add more pieces and different geometric shapes. You can even mix some games with others. You can take advantage of them. The block games with wood are the ones that offer the most possibilities, given their simplicity and the great variety and quality of figures that we can find.

Melissa & Doug wooden building blocks set

There are many types of construction toys and you can build all kinds of things: towers, trains, objects, figures, small houses or even cities if you put effort. Let's see some of the ones you can find in our online store.

Game of wooden blocks that you will love

The best wooden block games are usually the ones with the most pieces. Not only does the quantity matter, but also the variety of parts: cylinders, arches, columns, triangles. The more colors, sizes, and shapes we find, the more fun it will be and the more types of constructions we can do.

A set of blocks with very complete wood is, for example, this one of 100 pieces of the Andreu Toys brand. It offers lots of possibilities, as you can see in the photos. It will be a great stimulus for your imagination since you can mount lots of constructions combining the different geometric shapes that are presented to you.

These are the models of building with more traditional blocks and it is always fun to play with them. But there are other types of block toys, also in wood, which they will also love. For example, this set of construction of 42 pieces in wood is very original. Unlike the previous one, the figures are not geometric shapes, but tools: screws, wheels, nuts, washers.

It is a game a little more complicated than the previous one because they will have to use the tools and put the pieces in the right place to build the toy. Look at all the combinations that can be made. In addition, there is another model of 62 pieces, also in wood, with which real wonders can be done. Both are the Hape brand and you can find them in our online store.

This type of game offers many possibilities when we talk about a child of about two or three years. While there are games with standard figures that serve to let the imagination fly free, there are others that have a thematic style that characterizes the figures. For example, this Hape game includes typical pieces of the sea, such as an octopus, sea turtles, waves.

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