The 7 Best Wooden Baby Walkers for 2021 Reviews

There is nothing more enjoyable for a parent than watching their kids growing. We get happy on every first attempt of a child, whether it is the first word or the first step.

The purpose of a baby walker is to ensure the safety and development of those first steps in the hope of future stability when they can run.

Kids are curious to explore, starting from crawling to standing on their own is an amazing journey where they try to imitate the elders.

Best Wooden Baby Walker

The journey excites us and makes us worry about losing balance is part of the journey where the injury takes place. Being a parent, we remain conscious of everything, and a wooden baby walker would be your assistant on the job.

By the six months after birth, a baby learns to sit and start crawling to explore the surrounding. By a year, muscle development takes place on the hands and legs, and the kids try to take their very first step.

Wooden baby walkers are first aid for the kids, which is time tested. But such simple stuff can be a nightmare for you if you get the faulty one.

It’s obvious we choose the best for our kids no matter what. Wooden stuff is sustainable, on the other hand, to choose. Now, let’s get into the main subject where I’ll show you the best wooden baby walker reviews & buying guide, so you don’t have a nightmare.

Top 7 Best Wooden Baby Walker Reviews (Updated in 2021)

Editor’s Choice
​cOSSY Wooden Baby Walker for 18 Months and up, Toddler Walking toy
​cOSSY Wooden Baby Walker for 18 Months and up, Toddler Walking toy
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Best Overall
COSSY Wooden Baby Learning Walker Toys for 18 Months
COSSY Wooden Baby Learning Walker Toys for 18 Months
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Top Pick
Radio Flyer Classic Sit to Stand Toddler Walker Wagon
Radio Flyer Classic Sit to Stand Toddler Walker Wagon
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Award Winning Hape Wonder Walker Push & Pull Toddler WalkerAward Winning Hape Wonder Walker Push & Pull Toddler Walker
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TOYSBBS Children 2-in-1 Little Play Kitchen Wooden Push WalkerTOYSBBS Children 2-in-1 Little Play Kitchen Wooden Push Walker
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​1. ​cOSSY Wooden Baby Walker for 18 Months and up, Toddler Walking Toy

COSSY brings a plush toy for learning how to walk for a kid of 18-months and above.

The reason to choose COSSY baby walker: COSSY focuses on the cute theme as it attracts the kids most, and they add entertainment functions too like, abacus, xylophone, etc.

Being focused on the solid build quality to pass through generations, the maker gave importance to the bright color that kids love.

Such features are important to attract a baby to play with it in the yards, houses, etc. The company fulfills the requirement.

 ​cossy Wooden Baby Walker for 18 Months and up, Toddler Walking toy

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Wooden stuff is always eco-friendly, and this one comes in full safety mood, being non-toxic & firm. As for the wood type, the manufacturer chooses juniper wood, and the item weighs 4.68lbs. The rubber-trimmed wheels will keep the balance for the kid and have less sound frequency.

Recommendation: Don’t go for the walker if your baby isn’t eighteen months yet. The toy has small pieces, and the design doesn’t suit younger than 18-months kids at all.

The company guarantee 100% satisfaction and is ready to deal with any of your issues regarding the stuff.

​2. ​COSSY Wooden Baby Learning Walker Toys for 18 Months

Apart from the above stuff by the same brand, this walker is different in the construction design. The height of the walker is 21.4″ when the base dimension is 13.4″ x 13.7.”

Design: The theme that this walker follows is a circus theme, along with some circus imitating materials.

The pattern contains sea lions, clowns, alligators, etc. The entertainment part contains a maze, three shape sorters, three animal blocks, etc.

With the kid’s attracting bright color and solid construction with Juniper wood, the walker can last for generations.

cossy Wooden Baby Learning Walker Toys for 18 Months

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The wheels are super-safety with the rubber-trimmed design making small noises. With a weight of 8lbs, the toy is extremely premium and safe & eco-friendly. For cleaning the toy, use a damp cloth to wipe down & let it dry.

Recommendation: Don’t go for the walker if your baby isn’t eighteen months yet. The toy has small pieces, and the design doesn’t suit younger than 18-months kids at all.

Level-of-Satisfaction: The company guarantee 100% satisfaction and is ready to deal with any of your issues regarding the stuff.

​3. ​Radio Flyer Classic Sit to Stand Toddler Walker Wagon

The push walker by the Radio flyer has a very attractive and innovative design. The model no.612 is a classic walker that is safe and versatile, multi-featured stuff that will impress you within seconds.

The resist push feature allows the kid to build confidence as well as balance the steps.

Design: The construction is a solid build with a classy look. Wooden stakes surround the toy, make it more like a car with enough storage space, and the toddler can store toys there. The removable feature of the stake makes the toy versatile.

Radio Flyer Classic Sit to Stand Toddler Walker Wagon

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Some customer complains that their kid broke mirror or scratch the wall with the stuff, which is not a con of a walker though, it’s normal for the kid to unbalance and hit here and there. So, the maker of this walker came up with a solution.

The bumper is furniture-friendly that doesn’t cause any damage to the room as it is scratch-free. With a dimension of 22.44″ x 14.57″ x 17.13″ the stuff weighs 35lbs.

The molded wheels are durable enough and provide a grip tread for easy travel and comfort. There are resistance clickers who avoid the stuff from moving too quickly.

The storage of the wagon is double of that of a toy box. You have surely seen that toddlers don’t like to stay in one place. They run here and there with these toys, and he can accomplish the job with this walker with fun and enjoyment, which also causes the kid to play imaginatively.

Thus the mental development is taking place in other words which is a great merit.

Age Recommendation: Though it is great stuff, you can’t choose it for a beginner. A child must stand independently to play with it. The age recommendation is one to four years.

​4. ​Award Winning Hape Wonder Walker Push & Pull Toddler Walker

The bright red color of the toy by HAPE is alluring, which is both pushing and pulling toys.

Features: Your kid can accomplish five different activities with the provided loose knobs, colorful balls, and gears. The storage base allows other friends to play with or have a ride.

The pushing breeze is so inspiring for the kid that encourage for the first step. On the other hand, the setback wheels ensure a sturdy base.

The toy needs only 15-minutes to assemble. There is a finishing paint over the durable wood that is child-safe. Even the wood for the construction is coming from the forest.

Award Winning Hape Wonder Walker Push & Pull Toddler Walker

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​All the stuff of the company has passed a safety standard test. The stuff ensures the natural development of the child, both mentally & physically.

​5. ​TOYSBBS Children 2-in-1 Little Play Kitchen Wooden Push Walker

If your kid is in between one to three years, go with this amazing little kitchen play design of walker by ​TOYSBBS.

Benefits: The walker encourages your kid to walk and stimulate the development process for creativity & motor skills.

The walker comes in a box shape that works as a tool for the kid to help her stand by herself.

The wheels have blockers to prevent falls. The mini-kitchen has a mini door for the kitchen that is surely going to attract any little toddler.

The choicest thing is that you can customize the balance and weight by putting some books on the toy’s small storage.

TOYSBBS Children 2-in-1 Little Play Kitchen Wooden Push Walker

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Design: The color and kitchen theme of the stuff is attractive for a child to play imaginatively and learn how to stand, walk, and explore.

The materials have followed the uttermost safety level. The construction materials are medium density fiber (MDF) and solid wood for a durable construction to last for generations. The polished and rounded edges keep your kid away from injury.

Age recommendation: The age recommendation is 12-months & above.

​6. ​Plan Toys Store: Wood Baby Walker

The unique design of a walker by the Plan store is something you can consider to attract your kid. Kids like to change mind after playing with a toy for a while. It’s better to provide them something more than a walker.

This walker is more of a toy with its broad base and the wooden playing shapes. Usually, this playing shape comes in plastic, which is not safe at all. Woods are always eco-friendly and sustainable.

Design: The natural texture of the wood is very alluring, and the hands are adjustable, with which you can change the handle height according to your kid’s need.

Plan Toys Store Wood Baby Walker

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There are 24- blocks to play, which are both natural-textured and colored stuff. With pushing, controlling, stopping the walker, a kid will improve stimulating coordination system along with developing skills like a gross motor.

The blocks are different in shape, improving a child’s mental condition, and encouraging creative & imaginative play.

The best part, a child will learn about shape, size, weight, & geometry, which will be amazing to his/her basic knowledge. The construction material is recycled-rubber wood, which is natural & organic, and the painting material is natural stains.

Age Recommendation: The age recommendation is from ten months to three years.

7. Labebe 2-in-1 Wooden Activity Walker for Infant 1-3 Years

The two-in-one means a toddler can play sitting in it and walk while standing. The big chest of the toy makes it possible.

If your baby is learning to stand, then playing with the toy will encourage him to walk. Once the kid can stand independently, he can push the walker by himself.

Features: The rubber ring keeps your floor in no-scratch form and works as a brake for your kid that slows the speed. The light stuff gets over the baby while pulling that scares a kid.

This toy’s broad base creates a balance for the baby to push and not to get over him while pulling, resulting in the child’s confidence.

Labebe 2-in-1 Wooden Activity Walker for Infant 1-3 Years

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Though it is great for any baby, keep your kid and the toy away from stairs and pools. The wheels can easily be a maneuver by a kid even on the carpet & it will also block the sudden falls of a kid.

All you need to assemble the toy is a screwdriver and an instruction manual that is provided. Your kids will get excited by watching the transformation of wooden pieces into an amazing walker.

The certified materials are child-safe, and the company assures you a 30-days money-back guarantee without any question in case of your dissatisfaction.

Wooden Baby Walker Buying Guide:

​By now, a question must have been disturbing you, why wood? If I’m right, then let me tell you why we need to choose the wooden walker.


You can always modify wood, like having a sharp end is horrible, and you can cut it down

Woods are good insulator, and so it will provide the ultimate comfort at any temperature

Wooden textures itself is a classy design unlike other materials that need toxic paint to look attractive

Along with many features and being sustainable, wooden stuff are always affordable


Wooden walkers are devoid of any electronic components and come in a simple form that won’t harm a toddler anyway.

Instead of extra added electronic designs, the wooden walkers come in several themes with different playing tools that are wooden.

​Imaginative play:

Your kid’s brain will develop within 0 to 5 years. Within this time, your kid will probably learn the art of solving problems and building creative thinking by playing imaginatively with these wooden walkers. And this is scientifically proved.

They develop social skills, eye-contact with others, emotional intelligence, language, vocabulary, sharing & compromising while playing with their peers.

​Things to consider

Size: There are differences in the sizes of walkers, and you should choose that according to age recommendation. Typically, a 20 x 20 x 10 inches dimension is safe for a baby of 10 months old.

Height & width: It would be best if you never bought an oversized walker thinking of the future. Your kid will not have the proper support with it.

Another good news is some walkers have an adjustable handle to fix it according to need. Parents thinking of the future should go for it. A wider base of walker provides stability for the kid. So, chose something that has a wider space.

Tips for further safety:

You are lucky enough in case your walker has braking features. At the start, your kid will lose balance again and again, and that’s where the braking features will help and keep you emotionally tension-free.

After your kid’s muscle development, you can remove the breaks so that they can push and pull at their will.

Follow the safety manual.

It is good to compare and create a pros and cons list when we make a purchase. Let’s have a comparison between wood and plastic wooden walker.

The wheel: Plastic walkers have slippery plastic wheels that are hard to control for a kid where the rubber-trimmed wheels are plus points of wooden walkers.

The versatility: You can make any change according to need in case of a wooden walker but not the plastic one.

Last but least, sustainability: Wooden walkers are the most sustainable and good insulating elements. Whereas, instead of an easy-to-clean feature, plastics are not sustainable.


​Are push toys helpful for a baby to walk?

​Kids need support to stand and walk until they can stand independently. Push bars of the wooden push walkers provide the necessary support for the kid, which is helpful indeed.

​Are walkers suitable for babies of four months?

Wooden push walkers are basically for pushing and don’t have enough support system for the four months old baby. However, you can see the age recommendation while making a purchase.

Typically, you will not see a sling seat for supporting babies under 6-months. Anyway, you can see many other walkers designed for 4-months old baby.

​Are early walking toddlers show their signs of intellectual?

​Walking is an important skill that toddlers learn with time. There are many skills a kid can learn first. Again, the same kid can learn something else lately. Learning something fast is, of course, a good thing. But you can’t consider a kid less intellectual on this basis.

​Final Words:

​The article, “best wooden baby walker reviews & buying guide” has tried to pick the best walkers for your kid’s better first step and future improvement. The hope the buying guide section can help you choose the best one. It is important to have proper guidance for buying any stuff for our kid. Or else, it can bring horrible injuries.

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