The 7 Best Wooden Alarm Clock in 2021 (Reviews Updated)

Welcome to our top 7 best wooden alarm clocks reviews content! An alarm is the most used operating system in today’s world. Whether it is work time or time to meditate for a minute, we need an alarm.

Due to health reasons, the phone alarms aren’t advisable by the experts, and so people are coming up with innovative inventions of an alarm clock.

A study says that the use of digital clocks keeps you away from the phone for certain and allows you to take a good deep breath in the morning.

Best Wooden Alarm Clock

If you don’t agree, let me ask about some daily moments and keep medical science aside. What you do after turning off the alarm on the phone? You unlock it & go through every social platform which kills the morning potential.

You could have wake up to some exercise or yoga! Kids know almost skip the morning meal once they start scrolling social media.

So, you are endangered, both physically & mentally.

Top 7 Best Wooden Alarm Clock Reviews & Buying Guide

Editor’s Choice
Digital Wooden Alarm Clock by ​USCCE
Digital Wooden Alarm Clock by ​USCCE
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Best Overall
​ECVISION Handmade Small Round Wood Alarm Clock
​ECVISION Handmade Small Round Wood Alarm Clock
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Top Pick
Cubic Small Mini Wooden Digital Electric Clocks by JALL Store
Cubic Small Mini Wooden Digital Electric Clocks by JALL Store
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BlaCOG Wooden Alarm Clock for Bedroom, Display Time Date TemperatureBlaCOG Wooden Alarm Clock for Bedroom, Display Time Date Temperature
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​Meross Wooden Digital Alarm Clock for Bedrooms, Real Wood Alarm Clock​Meross Wooden Digital Alarm Clock for Bedrooms, Real Wood Alarm Clock
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1. Digital Wooden Alarm Clock by ​USCCE

The eye-catchy appearance: USCCE has provided a clock which is digital in terms of service and traditional by appearance. The classy wooden outer structure of the clock makes it suits the home décor.

The tunes of the clock are far better and benevolent compared to the modern phone alarms. Some users of wooden clock alarm compliments that they feel refreshed and full of potential in the morning when they replace the phone alarms with UE-128 (a wooden clock model).

1. Digital wooden alarm clock by ​USCCE

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People had abandoned the annoying tunes of androids and responded to the wooden alarm clock at such a high-rate, that the company proudly announced their new 2019 release- UE-168.

The clock comes in two colors: in wood grain texture & royal black.

We have talked about the view and eco-friendly nature. Now, let’s talk about the real job. It doesn’t matter how much we love nature or sustainable component; in the end, all we care are the current services.

So, what are the services that you are going to have? ​​​​There is an adjustable dimmer ranging from zero to a hundred. It let you customize the brightness, and people with eye-problem find the feature usable.

The display is 3.4-inches with a digit height of 0.9-inches. The dimension stands 4.25-inches, 2.56-inches, & 3.27-inches in length, height & width, respectively.

The clock is a dual-alarm clock with a snoozing system. Tapping onto the large circular button on the top of the material lets you snooze for an extra few minutes.

You can also set a weekday alarm of 3-days. Along with that, you can add a sleep time of 10-150 minutes for a quick nap.

Listening to a constant sound creates boredom, and that’s what a minus point for me to buy an alarm clock. But this mini alarm clock breaks the monotony with the feature of six optional alarm tunes. Isn’t it great?

The provided six sounds aren’t annoying at all. Instead of that, the maker thought of something that relates us to nature, forgetting the urban noise that we face every day. There is a beep, bird sound, soft music, piano tune, buzzer, and even FM Radio with an adjustable sound system.

There will be a temperature status in Fahrenheit or Celsius popping up on the LED-display.

Many loves to enjoy radio program but not all. So, it’s quite disturbing when anyone plays it loud. Thanks to USCCE, who made the situation better by providing a headphone jack system of 3.5mm. The clock has a dual USB port. You can use the USB port for charging your android, MP3 & fitness tracker as well.

The battery is AC-powered, but in case of a power outage, you can back it up using 3 AAA batteries.


  • ​Different tunes
  • ​Adjusting volume
  • ​Classic look with modern services


  • ​Drain batteries fast, so use it as a backup, not regular operation.

2. ​ECVISION Handmade Small Round Wood Alarm Clock

The perfect handmade clock​: The clock by ECVISION is handmade stuff that has a perfect finishing touch.

The classic handmade stuff is going to suit along with the office & bedroom as well. Many guys got irritated by the ticking sound of the clock hand, especially in the winter.

ECVISION came up with the solution and made the silent clock for you to have a tight sleep. Oh, talking about the sleep, the clock also has nightlight function.

​ECVISION Handmade Small Round Wood Alarm Clock

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Services: The stuff has a snooze system of 5 minutes which is helpful for the one who takes a nap every 5-minutes before waking up finally. As it is handmade, so the materials have to be natural, ensuring low-carbon life. The power supply is 1PC, 1.5-Volt, AA- dry battery.


  • ​Handmade & sustainable
  • ​Manual construction hasn’t reduced new services.
  • ​Comes in two color


  • ​Batteries above 1.5-Volt or less than 1.2-Volt will damage the clock.

3. ​Cubic Small Mini Wooden Digital Electric Clocks by JALL Store

The mini cubic stuff:The wooden mini-cubic clock of 2.5″ is a design of attraction.

The LED-display pop-up shows the time on the wooden surface out of nowhere, which is an innovative thought.

The mini clock comes in three colors.

The traditional wooden color gives the feel of nature, whereas the black gives a royal touch to the room—the neutral white color suits any room decoration with an indication of peace.

Cubic Small Mini Wooden Digital Electric Clocks

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Services: There is a double time-setting system of 24-hours military time & 12-hours of AM/PM system. With the cubic mini clock, take control over your schedule by using the 3-alarm setting feature. Enhance the benefits by making use of the weekend alarm setting.

The LED-display lets you set a 3-brightness level according to your eye-comfort.

Though the frequency of the tune is pleasing, it is constant.

Make use of the provided power cord for regular, though you can use batteries. Batteries drain fast due to the LED-display. Like who wants a clock that is going to drain frequently? Batteries are the last option in case of emergency or in time of traveling.

You will have manuals in the package & the clock can be a surprising gift for your loved ones.


  • ​A modern look to your room
  • ​Can be a surprising gift
  • ​The power cord comes with it.


  • ​Tune is constant
  • ​No FM-radio

4. ​BlaCOG Wooden Alarm Clock for Bedroom, Display Time Date Temperature

Customizing Appearance: BlaCOG brought an upgrade version of the wooden clock with a muting system, unlike other clocks out there.

The stuff comes in customizing colors that set a different standard. The colors are- new bamboo texture, new-black touch, pure white, brown-e, black-t that has a different shape, black-e, bamboo-t, & bamboo.

Some clocks not only differ in color but also have an eye-catchy shape.

It could be an outstanding present for Christmas, & also a suitable decoration for the room.

BlaCOG Wooden Alarm Clock for Bedroom, Display Time Date Temperature

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Services you will have: You can eventually set snooze of five minutes twice in a row. Touching the top of the clock will turn on the snooze system while having a whole minute of tuning. Pressing any of the keys at the back will tune off the clock.

It is a matter of annoyance to find the switch while sleeping in the morning, which you are not going to face with this invention.

The USB interfaces provide you with dual charging ports for your androids. So, enjoy the advantage of charging your device while the clock is sleeping. The output is 5V/1A.

The screen brightness has a total of 6-levels, which you can regulate according to your eye-comfort.

The screen reveals the temperature, which is a plus point.

Along with the time display and multi-functional alarm setting, you can enjoy the privilege of the thermometer, humidity, and a nap timer.

With the double switching functions, the product allows you to use the 12/24-hour format system. Press the entre for switching, which will take three seconds for the conversional function—the SET button converts between Fahrenheit & Celsius.

Guides to remember: Try to maintain a ventilated & dry environment. If anything goes wrong with the operating functions & you end up setting improper values, renew all the info with the RESET button.

Do use a common plug of DC5V/500MA. For the other detailed information, go through the provided manual.


  • ​Mute system
  • ​Humidity checker
  • ​Customized color & shape


  • ​Bell isn’t that much functional.

5. ​Meross Wooden Digital Alarm Clock for Bedrooms, Real Wood Alarm Clock

The aesthetic look:The attractive appearance is kind of different from other alarms out there.

The LED-display is visible in a rectangular shape widely surrounded by the wood.

The housing construction of the digital alarm is of pure wood, which is sustainable & aesthetic at the same time.

Meross Wooden Digital Alarm Clock for Bedrooms, Real Wood Alarm Clock

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The privileges: The multi-functional clock displays time, humidity, & temperature at the same time.The privilege of adding three alarms will keep reminding you about the important events or meetings.

The display has an auto-off function within 10 seconds at night. The switch offsetting can control sound to keep on & off, where SD means closed & on: SD stands for working.

Foe sleeping without getting bothered, the auto-off function will help you keep the dB level less than 60. That means the greater value than 60dB is the wake-up form.

Are you getting demented about what to do for watching the time at midnight? It’s simple, clapping. I’m not joking. The sound system controls the LED-display where your clapping sound will make the LED light up.

If you don’t want to make noise at night, then patting the clock will also do the job. The adjustable screen has three brightness system for you.

The desk clock is USB charged & the adaptor is not provided with the package. You can use any adaptor of 5V/1A or more with is regular desk alarm. The alarm works best for the light sleepers, as the clock has a speaker cavity added for the louder alarming system.

There is no battery with the stuff which is more energy-efficient & eco-friendly.


  • ​Eco-friendly
  • ​Pure wood that gives an aesthetic view
  • ​Auto-off of LED


  • ​Where many like the auto-dim option, many don’t. The one who always wants the clock to light on, don’t go for it.

6. ​JCHORNOR Wood Digital Alarm Clock, Wooden Digital Desk Clock

The appearance: The desktop alarms clock by JCHORNOR is deep brown, which gives the appearance of real dark wood. Another color is royal black.

The upgrade version has come up with written names on the button to keep you away from those manuals.

Privileges: The alarm tunes for a whole minute continuously to wake you up peacefully. The sensor to detect humidity & room temperature lets you know the current moisture of the room.

JCHORNOR Wood Digital Alarm Clock, Wooden Digital Desk Clock

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There are levels to adjust the screen brightness. A total of six screen brightness level will allow you to choose what goes with your eye-comfort. The brightness system also allows us to set two modes for night and day.

It is a USB powered clock and can’t be run using batteries. As you know, LED-displays drains the battery fast, leaving damage to the clock. But we don’t get the fact, until face it. So not providing the battery system is a good option on my verdict. The package includes a cable and a user manual with the alarm clock.

The ALARM button is for setting the alarm, where the wheel is for adjusting the hour & minute. The TIME button is for setting the exact time. By pressing for long the TIME button, you can switch between 12-hour format & 24-hour format.

The ENTERE key is the switching between two conversions of temperature- Fahrenheit & Celsius. The adjusting wheel is for adjusting the brightness.


  • ​Two-color
  • ​Eye-comforting brightness
  • ​Multi-functional


  • ​Many find the setting system hard. Go through the manual or the steps as mentioned earlier to make the process easy.

7.​T&F Wooden Digital Alarm Clock for Home Office Travel-Black

The lustrous look: The modern multi-functional comes in 3-colors. Black is a perfect royal touch where the white classy & the wooden texture is a kind of combination between nature and modern style.

The large LED-display on the sleek minimal cubic clock gives a view of the 22nd century to your room.

Privilege: T & F provides a multi-functional alarm clock that is digital and has many features along with displaying the time.

T&F Wooden Digital Alarm Clock for Home Office Travel-Black

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The double formatting time system allows you to use local and international time system. There is also a conversion system of temperature. In a 12-hour format, there would be a dark dot on the upper-left side of the screen that indicates PM. The dot becomes lighter when it’s AM.

The easy programming alarm has a 3-alarm setting system where sound system controls the LED-light. Kids like to have it as they find it fun to light up the LED by clapping.

It is a portable clock, and so you can use batteries or AC power while traveling. The compact size suits any place & any bags.

The dimming option of the screen brightness has four levels, and you can dim the light down during the night. The batteries you can use are 3xAAA, which you have to purchase yourself. A USB cord for charging is used.

Do you have to clap every time you want to know the time? Of course not, who does that? It is the power saving mode where you will have this privilege & the LED will light down after displaying for 15 seconds.


  • ​Battery system for traveling
  • ​Dimming option
  • ​Compact sized


  • ​Fixed volume

Wooden Alarm Clock Buying Guide:

The control over brightness:

​It is foremost to have control over the screen brightness. If you don’t have eye-issues, still it’s needed. The brightness in the day time is not going to work perfectly for dawn or night. Again, it is quite annoying at night to have a bright LED-display in the bedroom. So, choose clocks that have adjusted the brightness system with a dimming option.


​Some people are quite okay with loud or a constant sound, and that’s your preference. If you’re not ok at all, then go for an adjustable volume system.

Snooze and alarm system:

​Snoozing is a part of an alarming system that is must-have property. There shouldn’t be any digital clock out there without a snoozing system. You just make sure that you can adjust the snooze time. If not, then check that if you’re ok with the fixed snooze time or not.

Extra features:

​Look for the extra features a clock is providing you for making your penny worth it.

Last but not least, the appearance:

The appearance and sustainability is the last thing to choose along with the budget. You are buying a wooden alarm clock here, so of course, the clocks are sustainable.

A clock is decor to a room and also necessary stuff. So, don’t buy something that will ruin your room decor and the morning mood.

Best Wood Alarm Clock: FAQ

What is the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers?

​The clock by Meross is a good deal for heavy sleepers.

How does the light alarm be a healthy clock?

​Morning light creates stimulation to the body and so the artificial one. By creating a gentle wake-up signal, light alarm prepares our body for wakefulness.

What’s the benefit of having different tunes on the alarm clock?

​You will see many kids don’t wake up listening to heavy alarms, but as soon as we call them, they open their eyes. One of the possible causes is the kid is used to the tune. So, the tune can’t stimulate the alert system anymore. That’s when you can tune up the stimulation by changing the tune.

Final Words:

In this wooden alarm clock reviews & buying guide Post, ​we have reviewed the digital clocks with the uttermost features for making your life a step better.

On my verdict, the digital wooden alarm-clock by the Brand: USCCE is the best pick ever for its boundless privileges.

The clock by Meross is the real deal in terms of sustainability for real wood construction and the best clock for heavy sleepers.

And the third pick will be the clock by T & F, which is a blast in terms of appearance and features.

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