7 Best Wood Wax Options for 2021 (Reviews & Guide)

The craftsmen of wood wax have been in process for centuries for regaining the authentic beauty of the wood. But nowadays, people are facing difficulties in choosing the best wood wax for their woodwork, kitchen, tool, and furniture from an abundance of polishes in the market. I am a victim and end up damaging some furniture.

best wood wax

However, now I have gotten what I always expected after breaking down what I should look for to get the pleasuring output. So, I came up with the review so that you can avoid the mess while purchasing.

Let’s roll in the central fact!

Top 7 Best Wood Wax Reviews- Updated in 2021

Editor’s Choice
QUNGCO duo-pack wood seasoning beeswax​
QUNGCO duo-pack wood seasoning beeswax​
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Best Overall
Rust-Oleum natural wood satin wax- ​best satin finishing wax
Rust-Oleum natural wood satin wax- ​best satin finishing wax
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Top Pick
BRIWAX dark brown 16- oz furniture wax​ - best furniture wax​
BRIWAX dark brown 16- oz furniture wax​ – best furniture wax​
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MINWAX paste finishing wax- best wax for antique wood​ furnitureMINWAX paste finishing wax- best wax for antique wood​ furniture
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SC Johnson wood paste wax, 16 oz- 2pkSC Johnson wood paste wax, 16 oz- 2pk
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1. ​​QUNGCO duo-pack wood seasoning beeswax​

The QUNGCO provides a seasoning Beeswax that works as both cleaner and polisher for chairs, tables, cabinet, wood door, etc. With all-natural ingredients, the wax provides the ultimate result you desire. The Beeswax polish removes years of dirt and wax.

Beneficially, the stuff is free from any GMOs, paraffin, toxin, mystery ingredients & health. The deep penetrating formulae moisturize from deep inside the wood grain, avoiding the cracks and drying.

QUNGCO duo-pack wood seasoning beeswax

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​The applying process is pretty simple, where cleaning is followed by spreading the product with a sponge. Then let it dry for the next 30- min. A 15- an hour of standing time keeps the inner nourishment active.

​2. ​Rust-Oleum natural wood satin wax- ​best satin finishing wax

This easy using wax from the rust-oleum has a good view of the market users. The stuff works great as a scratch hider and water-resistant.

The suitable color for the product is a lighter stain and may even darker if transparency is in demand.

You will get years of luster and wood protection. So, overall if you are looking for a stain finishing wood wax, then you can go for this particular item.

Rust-Oleum natural wood satin wax- ​best satin finishing wax

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​3. BRIWAX dark brown 16- oz furniture wax​ – best furniture wax​

BRIWAX is a reliable company producing efficient wood wax since it’s industrial rise has been done long ago. By now, you should have known the significant difference between beeswax and carnauba wax; if not, then the buying guide section is there for you.

This product is uniquely a combination of both carnauba & beeswax, which is entirely convincing on any wooden texture. This easy applying wax will restore the lost glow of your antique furniture. A cotton cloth is preferable for the application.

BRIWAX dark brown 16- oz furniture wax​ - best furniture wax​

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You must stop using a damp cloth for cleaning the texture once you applied this product. Otherwise, you have to re-wax again as the wax- layer gets wipe-out.

The product is a scratch hider specialist and is appreciated for hiding years old scratches.

If you own a wood floor house, then the stuff is a great deal for you. You can add the things in polishing & cleaning the floors. You will get the utmost durability and free from constant re-polish with this product.

​4. ​MINWAX paste finishing wax- best wax for antique wood​ furniture

One of the great wax in paste form is the MINWAX antique wood wax that will eventually live up to your expectation in maintaining a lustrous look.

You will notice the creamy and smooth consistency and its difference to the wood right after the application. Despite such strong penetrating power, the wax doesn’t seem to destroy the wooden grain’s natural appearance.

A worth-mentioning privilege is that the use of this wax eliminates the need for extra polyurethane or any other wood protecting the product. The resin is capable of keeping the physical structure the same while wood protection.

MINWAX paste finishing wax- best wax for antique wood​ furniture

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​The point that there will be a need for double application is the wood is raw. The first layer would play the role of in-depth protection, where the second is for unique gleam. A single coat is enough for finished wood.

Taking a couple of hours to dry is a common problem for wood polishing. Though this one dries quickly, leaving an even texture. In case you are planning on re-waxing the wood every year, give the wax a try; indeed, it’s for you!

​5. ​​SC Johnson wood paste wax, 16 oz- 2pk

The brand itself is a reputed company with a history of 150-years journey. The brand must have been a promising keeper & that’s how the brand has endured for such a long time. Like the other ones on the list, this one is no exception to bring the shine to the wood.

Along with that, the product bestows an enduring shield on wood against grease, stickiness, & dirt. Without causing any accumulation, the stuff is capable of perfect blending with the old finishing. The wax can surpass water and create UV- protection layer.

​​SC Johnson wood paste wax, 16 oz- 2pk

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​You should give some minutes to become foggy before you start for the second layer application. As for trying on a wooden floor, use an electric polisher. You will witness something great by then!

​6. ​Howard sunshield outdoor wax ​for wood- a great solution for outdoor furniture

Are you looking for something for outdoor furniture? Why not have a look at this sun-shielding wax? As the name goes, the stuff is UV- resistant, protecting outer furniture from the deterioration and sun exposure.

Moreover, it leaves the wooden texture to shine and avoid discoloration & fading. Howard’s Sunshield wax is durable enough to last long without keeping any residual behind. It penetrates ¼ inch of the wooden grain.

This anti-sun damage wax protects the wood from moisture and water droplets so that the wooden grain won’t get damaged by weather.

 ​Howard sunshield outdoor wax ​for wood

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​The wax contains double waxes with orange oil for beauty enhancement. For making the application more manageable, the 16- ounce bottle will have steel wool with it.

​7. ​Daddy Van’s unscented beeswax non-toxic wood wax​- ultimate care for your door

In the abundance of chemicals in the market, Daddy Van comes up with all-natural substances to protect, nourish, replenish your wooden texture, and keep the authenticity.

The U.S Dept. of Agriculture has certified the stuff as a bio-based product along with government approval. The certification assures you healthy-safety of the product.

The beeswax is out of any scent and toxic component like VOCs. So, rest assure to use the stuff for family, vegetation, and even pets.

Daddy Van’s unscented beeswax non-toxic wood wax

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​Moreover, Daddy Vans has gotten Green America Gold Seal Approval that proves the business to be environmentally sustainable. As for the source, the wax came from Carnauba wax, unrefined beeswax, & natural emollients, free from petroleum byproducts or artificial solvents.

The quantity is said to be not enough for large projects. However, that depends on your need. The exact amount is 6 OZ. The stuff comes in three customizing options: unscented (this one), sweet-orange oil, beeswax & lavender.

Wood wax buying guide

The reason why wood wax is such well known and go-to fav part is that due to wood wax, the wood grain will have a partially absorbed natural barrier, sealing the surface and keeping the moisture, scratches, and dust bay.

To avoid the aftermath troublesomely, get the fact straight about the wood wax’s buying guide. That’s the way for an outstanding output on wood finishing.

The highlighted factors will help you in several ways.

​What is it that signifies a wax as best?

Best waxes always result in top-notch polishing, whether it is soft satin or high gloss finishing. Only the best products will leave an authentic rich patina that you’re never going to visualize from a topcoat by polyurethane.

​Wax ingredient:

To get the fact about what is the primary ingredient is critical. That is, whether the wax is applicable depends on if the primary ingredient is suitable for your object.

What an ingredient alter are the finishing outlook and durability.

The following example can make a fact even more apparent. Silicon-based wax leaves a glossy appearance on the wood exterior whereas, paste-wax gives a perfect finishing.

Wax products containing petroleum makes the furniture anti-scratch and leaves a refreshing smell on it. In the same way, the primary ingredient can even be citrus oils, linseed, or mineral.

​Budget limit:

Typically, furniture isn’t something that you’ll exchange with a new one every time the appearance gets rough. Instead of that, it is wiser to choose a wood wax to regain the raw appearance. This step will cost a way lesser than purchasing new wood.

Even the wood waxes have different prices in the market out there. You have to target the exact formulae & characteristics for your wooden furniture without skyrocketing your budget.

​Variation/ Type:

Either beeswax or the carnauba wax is worth highlighting among various types. The beeswax source is the beehives and is so great enough to apply directly for treating wood. However, using other chemicals leave some pigmentation.

Carnauba wax always goes under a chemical process and being treated with chemicals like paraffin. So, the product becomes a bit more expensive from the beeswax.

​Beeswax vs. Carnauba-wax:

Significantly, it’s the durability of the finish that differs based on the different wax formulae.

Beeswax: It’s an edible substance coming from the beehives and easy to found. Beeswaxes are water and dirt- resistant, and so it’s naturally a wood protecting stuff. Beeswax is a wax form, spreads quickly, creating a softer finish that is more susceptible to future damage.

Carnauba wax: It is more challenging than concrete in its pure form. What makes the stuff a prized one in the abundance of wood waxes formulae is the 100% protecting quality even in the sun exposure.

Buyers of this stuff expect an anti-scratch, durable finishing on the wooden surface.

​Oil polish vs. Wood wax:

The oil leaves a thin protection layer by getting soaked in the wood grain. The finishing outlook for both wax & oil may appear the same when it comes to visualization. However, polishes are meant to be topcoat over wood oil for repelling water & dust.

Waxes incorporating oil like citrus enhance the wood shine in the final finishing.

Significantly, the wax is for applying on any wooden surface regardless of its type. However, oil polishing isn’t suitable for some specific kinds of wood, like tulipwood, rosewood, etc.

Moreover, oil polishing needs extra caution and failing to apply or make mistakes brings on additional charges properly.

​Wood wax having various colors:

​More or less, it’s your furniture’s color that will decide the wax type to purchased on. You are bound to buy a white-paint finishing or a light-wood tone for a transparent wood wax to avoid the finishing turning into a yellowish tone.

Different shades are starting from transparent to shades of brown to nearly black as for the color variation. Choose the one closest to your furniture to avoid altering your furniture color.

​Methodology to apply:

Wood waxing is time-consuming and hands-&-knees application.

Have a look at the following for avoiding any possible mess:

Waxes are chemical compounds, and so you are bound to protect your skin from any chemical reaction. So, put on the gloves.

To avoid any extra particles and to accomplish an even finishing, clean the wooden exterior. There are several ways for the cleansing, and one among them is using sandpaper.

We are making sure that there is no grease & dirt. Let the wax adhere properly. Otherwise, the wax will get removed during the buffing process.

Now, it’s time for applying wax. Use a cotton cloth piece or a brush considering the wax type.

Note: Moisten and wring the soft cloth to dry. Now, pour a quarter-size-dollop of wax at the fabric center & follow a circular motion to spread the wax into small areas at a time.

Pour more wax over the entire surface as you continue the motion of spreading. You will know when the polish dries as it takes a dull appearance. When this happens, remove the extra wax with a clean rag and buff the exterior till it shines.

Allow the wax to dry for several hours; that’s what most of the woods take.

Note: Before that, go for a mop application and ensure that you haven’t left any bubbles while mopping.

​Maintenance the finishing of wood wax:

​Maintenance is mandatory regardless of stuff quality and durability.

Do you know that you wipe out a wax-layer from the texture every time you wipe out a finished surface? So, I’d prefer a feather duster from dust removal.

Reapply the wood wax again when you notice the dull or scratchy appearance of the wooden texture.

Wood wax on an exterior surface other than wood- is that possible?

​Perhaps, it is. Some waxes have multiple uses where some are just wood waxes.

The waxes having versatile uses can be applied on concrete, stone, marble, leather, tile, fabric, and linoleum, and those waxes are meant to be resistant to UV rays, scratches, water, and dirt just like on wood.

Go through the product’s detail section to ensure the user-friendly material type for the purchased product.

​Final words:

​Nothing is better than restoring the authentic wooden texture when it comes to home décor & furniture maintenance. Woodworking finish with the wood wax gives your home elegance & eye-catchy beauty. I happen to suffer a lot due to the lack of authentic knowledge regarding the best product. Even after getting the best stuff, I’d suffer a little due to not having guidance, which probably you will not face.

Let me pick the three best-highlighting products among the best seven waxes to make your purchasing decision a bit easier.In my verdict, I’d prefer the wax paste by the MINWAX Store. It works extensively; especially, the output on antique wood will blow your mind.

Secondly, I would pick Beeswax Polish by Daddy Van’s store, which is authentically certified and environmentally sustainable and maintains health-safety. Such a significant, still chemical-free, and unscented is highly appreciable!

Finally, I would choose the wax by the reliable industrial company BRIWAX, a scratch specialist. The duo wax combination in the product leaves an anti-scratch, shiny, & even texture on the wood.

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