The Best Wood Filler Options for 2021 (Reviews & Updated)

Everything in your home deserves proper maintenance and wooden surfaces are not an exception. Wood is susceptible to damages and that, we cannot prevent at times.

The best low-budget solution is mitigation- thanks to the availability of a variety of wood fillers at selling stores.

Instead of replacing, you can opt for repairs which is time-saving and cost-effective. If you are a DIY lover, then definitely you will enjoy carrying out the wood repair projects.

best wood filler

Wood fillers come in a variety of brands. As a first-time user, it becomes challenging to identify the best to take home depending on your project needs. But that does not mean you are totally unable to source the right choice in the end.

In the ensued paragraphs below, we compile for you the best wood fillers on the market while explaining the nitty gritties you need to know. Information is power and the path to making a wise decision.

​Our Top Picks: 5 Interior & Exterior Wood Filler

Top 10 Best Wood Fillers Reviews

Editor’s Choice
PC Woody Epoxy Paste
PC Woody Epoxy Paste
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Best Overall
Abatron WoodEpox Solid Wood Restorer
Abatron WoodEpox Solid Wood Restorer
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Top Pick
Elmer’s White Wood Filler
Elmer’s White Wood Filler
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Bondo 1- Quart Wood fillerBondo 1- Quart Wood filler
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Famowood Latex Wood FillerFamowood Latex Wood Filler
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1. PC Woody Epoxy Paste

PC-woody is the most appropriate two-part wood filler for all types of wood.

The epoxy paste is made out of real wood and owns wood characteristics. Its structural strength is greater than for most wood types.

The wood repair product is formulated to repair cavitated or rotten wood in both interior and exterior applications as it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

PC- Woody formula boasts of excellent resistance to sunlight, saltwater, freshwater, UV rays and even mildew-rot. 

PC Woody Epoxy Paste

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It cannot swamp, crack or pop up. In addition, it is resistant to destructive termites, woodpeckers, squirrels and carpenter ants and bees.

When you purchase this strong epoxy paste, you are sure of durability being that it is impenetrable and undamageable.

This extraordinary wood paste bonds strongly and permanently to the wood under repair to the extent of looking like it is real wood. Once it dries, its tan color blends in perfectly well with the natural grains of the revamped wood.

It takes about 30 to 40 minutes at temperatures of 70o Fahrenheit for the drying process to be complete.

When the paste is fully cured, it is set and ready for further adjustments like painting, surface smoothening(sanding), hammering, drilling, staining or screwing.

PC epoxy filler comes in 1.5 ounces in two jars,6 ounces in two cans, 12 ounces in two cans, 48 ounces in two cans, 96 ounces in two cans and 10 gallons in two pails. It is evident that the wood filling product is economically ideal.


  • ​Value for your money
  • ​Very economical wood filler
  • ​Great quality
  • ​Beautiful tan color
  • ​Suitable for vast repair projects
  • ​Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • ​Highly resistant to adverse weather conditions and destructive insects


  • ​Requires a thorough mixing process
  • ​Difficulties in applying

​2. Abatron WoodEpox Solid Wood Restorer

Rather than replacing the old wood surfaces with new ones, repairs are less costly and very efficient. And WoodEpox definitely guarantees success in restoring the pristine condition of wood surfaces. It could be window frames, furniture, doors or decorative wooden art pieces.

The solid wood filler works to fill out cracks, voids irrespective of size as a permanent remedy. It bonds with the natural wood strengthening it for greater durability.

Abatron WoodEpox solid wood restorer

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WoodEpox possesses a high structural strength such that it neither shrinks or crumbles unlike many common wood fillers. That itself justifies this wood filling formula to be among the best fillers for wood you can opt for at the selling stores.

Once it dries well, you can modify its state by painting staining, sanding or carving just like any type of wood. You can as well mold into a shape of your choice or hand-sculpt before it hardens.

The Abatron wood restorer has neither obnoxious odors nor VOC’s, it is manufactured to be eco-friendly.

Woodepox comes as a 2-quart kit consisting of a resin paste (A) and a hardener (B) which require mixing. The two components are mixed in equal proportions till they blend and left to harden in 1-2 hours.

The result is a light-weight, shrink-free adhesive formula which is highly resistant to harsh weather conditions, water, heat and corrosive chemicals. For cleaning up, you only need acetone.


  • ​Ideal for both interior and exterior wood repairs
  • ​A non-shrinking wood filler
  • ​Permanent remedy for missing sections in wood
  • ​Cost-friendly
  • ​Superior quality
  • ​Can be sculpted, carved, painted, stained or sanded


  • ​A bit difficult to mix both the epoxy paste and the hardener
  • ​Unsuitable for softwood

​3. Elmer’s White Wood Filler

If you are a serious woodworker engaged in wood repair projects, then the Elmer’s Carpenter’s wood filler should not miss in your toolkit.

Elmer’s wood filler appropriate for indoors is crafted to fill holes, scratches, cracks and other forms of cavities in wood.

This solvent-free formula dries quickly without shrinking or cracking. It takes 12-24 hours to dry up completely.

Elmer’s white wood filler

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The wood restorer is made out of natural wood fibers. For that reason, once cured well, it gives an actual wood texture which can be painted, sanded, stained or carved. After a complete repair process, it needs water only for an easy clean up.

It comes in six colors: red oak, walnut, white, mahogany, natural and golden oak. Elmer’s products are ever of unique quality.

The manufacturing company owns a great reputation with 65 years of adhesives production.


  • ​Easy clean up
  • ​Available in six colors
  • ​Affordable prices
  • ​Resistant to shrinking and cracking
  • ​The best adhesive solution for interior wood repairs
  • ​Sandable and paintable


  • ​Not for outdoor use
  • ​Limited to small repairs, cannot fill large cavities

​4. Bondo 1- Quart Wood filler

Bondo Home solutions wood filler is suitable for any wood surface; whether cabinets, baseboards, floors, decks, fences, door frames, window sills or fascia. It is absolutely a great choice for your home wood works.

The all-purpose filler is highly versatile. It is used both indoors and outdoors as well as small or large jobs.

The water-based formula fills in damaged sections of wood and restores the original appearance. It is durable and does not shrink nor crack once it dries up. It possesses a high structural strength.

Bondo 1- Quart Wood filler

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After a finished restoration project, it can be sanded, painted or stained for adjustments. It boasts of a 2-part technology which accounts for its fast and permanent repairing. It cures quickly within 15 minutes.

When mixed, it turns to a medium brown color which helps blends in beautifully with the natural wood color for a uniform color appearance.

Bondo filler product has low viscosity. That makes it easy to apply and bonds strongly to the wood.


  • ​Great price
  • ​For both interior and exterior home use
  • ​Suitable for a wide range of wood surfaces
  • ​Easy applications
  • ​Easy to use
  • ​Dries fast in 15 minutes allowing for same day repairs
  • ​More compatible with paints and stains than most wood fillers


  • ​Noxious odor
  • ​Drips a lot and its hard for the drips to get up

​5. Famowood Latex Wood Filler

Famowood wood filler is a great choice for any wood enthusiast with plans of refurbishing holed furniture or cabinet. Definitely, it is one that delivers professional results without failure.

This incredible wood filler eliminates presence of holes and cracks by filling them up. It makes the whole surface look like real wood and revamped.

Made of latex, it needs no premixing. This filler takes less than 15 minutes to set and dry fast wirhout dhrinking or cracking

Famowood Latex Wood Filler

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It is suitable for both interior and exterior use in large and small cracks that require filling. Once it cures, you can sand, stain,paint, nail,drill,saw or plane it like natural wood.

It is nearly odor-free with little on the environment being that famowood filler is non-toxic. Furthermore, it releases no solvent fumes.

For an easy clean up session, use only soap and water. The water-based filler comes in 10 colors which gives you a variety of choice.


  • ​Low odor
  • ​Easy to use
  • ​Good quality
  • ​Dries very quickly in 15minutes
  • ​Suitable for interior and exterior wood projects
  • ​Sandable, stainable and paintable
  • ​Easy clean up with just soap and water
  • ​Available in a variety of colors


  • ​Curing time depends on temperature

​6. Minwax Paintable wood filler

Cracks, holes or any other wood defects in your furniture should not be a both anymore. With Minwax wood filler, you are sure of restoring the original appearance of your furniture in no time.

This fantastic wood filler is made from natural wood fibres and takes up the look of real wood.

Once applied, it takes less than 15 minutes to dry which allows for same-day further repairs like staining, painting, sanding and more. 

For staining, specifically use Minwax oil-based or water-based stains for the best results.

Minwax Paintable wood filler

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This filler brand is formulated for interior and exterior repair projects since it highly resitant to harsh weather conditions and destructive insects such as termites and woodpeckers

Besides being a filler, it can work greatly as an adhesive. It is a non-shrinking and non-cracking formula hence very durable. It bonds permamently to the wood surface.

Highly versatile, it can be used on metal, fibreglass, ceramics and concrete. Minwax filler comes in either a 2,3,4 or 5 pack.


  • ​Great quality
  • ​A 2-part wood filler
  • ​Dries fast in 10-15 minutes
  • ​Resistant to harsh weather conditions
  • ​For both interior and exterior home use
  • ​Highly versatile
  • ​Can work as an ideal adhesive too
  • ​Easy to sand and accepts stains perfectly well


  • ​Unpleasant odor
  • ​A bit pricey

​7. J-B Weld Kwikwood wood epoxy putty stick

Looking for a compound that sets quickly when repairing damaged chunks of wood? Then look no further. J-B Weld putty stick suits your need as it sets in 15-25 minutes.

The wood filling product comes as a two-part formula which is mixable by hand. After setting, it cures in one hour and dries to a light tan color that matches beautifully with the surrounding wood in repair.

It eliminates cracks, rotten parts, knotholes and other forms of damage. Besides, it is designed to have no solvents.

J-B Weld Kwikwood wood epoxy putty stick

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It is suitable for both exterior and interior woodworks. With a high performance, it does not shrink, crack or pop out being that it owns a high tensile strength. It is way stronger than natural wood.

Once cured, it is ready and fit for nailing, drilling, sanding, painting and can be machined as well. It accepts stain too but make sure you test and see if its color matches the wood in repair.


  • ​Great performance
  • ​Very easy to use
  • ​Dries to a beautiful light tan color
  • ​Perfect for all wood repairs
  • ​Value for your money
  • ​An ideal permanent solution for your damaged wood
  • ​Stronger than natural wood


  • ​Pungent smell
  • ​Once it hardens, it is quite difficult to sand

​8. Timbermate Water Based Hardwood Filler

Proudly Australian-made, timbermate wood filler is one of the perfect wood fillers suitable for effective and timely repairs at your home.

This totally exceptional filler is formulated specifically for hardwood surfaces made out of marble, beech or pine.

It dries fast within 20-30 minutes after applying which means it can take sawing, drilling, screws, nails and planing on the same day. Remember, it does not crack, shrink or pull out.

Timbermate water based hardwood filler

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Being a water-based formula, it is solvent free- contains no latex or acrylics. it is non-toxic and has little to no harmful impacts on the environment.

Therefore, it is deemed a safe substance use at home though interior only. In addition, it cannot harm the wood it bonds to.

If you dislike the final look, best to do is soften the filler with water and remove it. Timbermate manufacturers advise that you use stainless steel or plastic materials to apply since it is reactive with low-grade steels to the level of turning black.


  • ​High quality
  • ​Easy preparation and application
  • ​Contains no toxic solvents
  • ​Protects the natural state of the surrounding wood
  • ​Lasts for long; highly durable
  • ​Dries very fast
  • ​Takes up stains and paint easily
  • ​Easily removable by use of water only


  • ​Limited to interior use only
  • ​Requires only Stainless steel and plastics for application

​9. DAP All-Purpose Plastic Wood Filler

DAP plastic wood filler is designed to deliver a high performance in wood repair jobs where large or small. It needs no skills as it is a DIY process.

You do not have to be worried anymore about costs. It is a cheaper formula easy to use.

The all-purpose amazing wood product is safe for all types of wood defects ranging from cracks, rotten parts, gouges to holes; in furniture, cabinet, windows or doors.

DAP All-Purpose Plastic Wood Filler

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It has low odor and therefore user-friendly while applying. This heavy-duty filer acts like real wood in that it can be sanded, painted, stained, cut, drilled, nailed or screwed.

Once applied, it dries fast and hardens well without shrinking, cracking or falling out. It is 3 times stronger than natural wood fibers.

It spreads evenly in the cavities which makes it easy to handle. Before drying up, it can be casted into molds or hand sculpted to fit corners and edges.

The latex-based formula is cleaned up using water. It is available in five popular wood shades. Remember, it works great both indoors and outdoors.


  • ​Very affordable
  • ​High performance
  • ​Premium quality
  • ​User-friendly
  • ​Three times stronger than real wood
  • ​Works great on a wide range of wood surfaces
  • ​Easy clean up with water only


  • ​Unsuitable for huge wood damages

​10. J-B Weld Wood Restore Premium Epoxy Kit

Renew the look of your rotted furniture with the inexpensive J-B weld wood restorer. Worry not about the duration of time; it is a project that take hours only to complete.

J-B Weld epoxy kit comes as a two-part wood compound that consists of a filler resin (part A) and a hardener cream (part B) hand mixed in the ratio of 1:1.

Once mixed properly, it is used to fill the wood cavities and the top is smoothened out for a consistent wood texture.

J-B Weld Wood Restore Premium Epoxy Kit

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Then, the epoxy paste is left to dry within one hour. When it dries well, it is sandable, paintable, stainable, sawable and screwable.

This outstanding wood filler bonds strongly to the wood surfaces and adds structural strength hence very durable.

It has no solvents and designed to be non-shrinking and non-cracking. It can never fall out. Furthermore, its easy to use and requires no technical skills in application.

It works great regardless of the size of the project; whether large or small jobs. And it does not matter if its an interior or exterior repair.

J-B Weld filler is formulated to be resistant to adverse weather conditions. It is a product you can trust since it delivers professional results. Its quality is exceptional.


  • ​Premium quality
  • ​Highly versatile
  • ​Easy to use
  • ​Applicable in both interior and exterior woodworks
  • ​Works greatly on both large and small repair projects
  • ​Solvent-free; therefore eco-friendly
  • ​Does not shrink, crack or pull out.


  • ​Slightly expensive


While out hunting for the right wood filler for your wood problems, consider the money factor and quality.

Always make sure the last choice is within your set budget at the same time of impressive quality. 

Everything revolves about money and it is advisable to save as much as you can when purchasing a wood filler.

Wood defects are sometimes inevitable but it is recommended to repair than replace. Good thing is most wood fillers give a permanent solution and own the appearance and characteristics of real wood.

They restore the original new look of your wood surfaces. So, why not give wood filers a shot in your woodworks?

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