The 5 Best Wood Burning Kits | Pyrography Pens of 2021

The art of designing wood surfaces by burning it with hot metallic materials is pyrography. Just like the software of graphic design, you will need several hardware and tools together called wood burning kits.

The materials are so diverse that it matters if you are a beginner or a specialist in the field. The newbie will not be able to control the versatile tool of an expert pyrography artist. However, you have to select a Pyrography or wood burning kit that going to fulfill your demand.

Pyrography mainly stands for writing using fire. So, it is not limited to wood crafting. You can do the job on canvas, leather, paper & even on gourds. But along all the possibilities, wood is the most common medium, and hence the alternative name stands as wood burning.

Best Wood Burning Kits

​If you are a newbie & never seen a woodburning tool or pyrography kit, then you might still be confused about the tool look & its task. When I first heard about it, the first thing that surpassed my mind was a kit box having heavy materials that the electrical workers usually carry.

Most of the pyrography material is kind of a metallic pen with a coating of plastic for your holding. The appearance is very similar to a soldering iron of circuit building. I even suffer to get the best product as I was a newbie.

But you don’t have to worry about it, because In this review post, I’m going to review the top 5 best wood burning kits for you. So, if you want one, you can read the product review, and select one that is perfect for you.

The ​56PCS Wood Burning Kit, Pyrography Pen by Drtulz​
The ​56PCS Wood Burning Kit, Pyrography Pen by Drtulz​
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110 PCS Professional Wood Burning Pen tool/kit Brought to You by Petuol
110 PCS Professional Wood Burning Pen tool/kit Brought to You by Petuol
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Professional Woodburning Tool ​Set Pyrography Pen by WinllyatProfessional Woodburning Tool ​Set Pyrography Pen by Winllyat
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​The Professional Pyrography Tool Kit by Beacon Pet store​The Professional Pyrography Tool Kit by Beacon Pet store
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Wood Burning Machine by ​VarnellWood Burning Machine by ​Varnell
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Top 5 Best Wood Burning Kits & Pyrography Pens Reviews

1. The ​56PCS Wood Burning Kit, Pyrography Pen by Drtulz​

Features: This Drtulz wood burning kit comes with 56 pieces of materials for different purposes: such as wood burning, carving, and embossing works.

The versatile temperature option is from 200-degree Celsius to 450-degree Celsius that you will eventually need throughout the process of pyrography.

I have been using this pyrography set for several repairing projects for my DIY experiments. The pyrography/wood burning pen comes with- 12-color pencils, 28 soldering & pyrography tips, one metal stand,12 plastic stencils, one user manual & a carrying case.

The heating materials can create heat within 15 seconds due to the technology of inner-heated ceramic.

The ​56PCS Wood Burning Kit, Pyrography Pen by Drtulz​

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Therefore, its safely heating technology is super reliable and energy efficient for use on several exteriors. Along with your primary purpose, you can make the best out of this kit box by paper crafting, stencil cutting, fabric embossing, and image transfer.

Design: This wood-burning tool is light enough to carry anywhere you want and durable enough to you last for a long time. The handle design is ergonomic that helps you to change your operating angle. Your hand can be free of muscle tension and boredom in this way.

I clearly remember a tool that wasn’t enough heat-resisting, and I can’t work for hours at a time. It needs a break to cool down. Such kind of faulty materials is also dangerous for houses having children.

Fortunately, this kit has high-temperature resistance protection that makes you work hours without any hindrance. But the metallic tips need to be cooled down for changing.

There are 28 pieces of tips that you can use for hot knife cutting, image transferring, wood-burning, stencil cutting, paper crafting, fabric embossing, soldering, & hot stamping.


  • ​Interchangeable tips
  • ​Temperature adjusting switch
  • ​Protection against high temperature
  • ​Light-weight construction
  • ​​This wood burner tool Easy-to-use


  • ​Some customers recommend a little low cost for the kit box, but the job it accomplishes is worth the money.

​2. ​​110 PCS Professional Wood Burning Pen tool/kit Brought to You by Petuol

Feature: This professional wood burning kit by Petuol is one of the most popular kits right now on the market.

The kit box comes in a full package containing everything that a crafting artist needs for pyrography. It has pyrography pen, assorted wood tips, carving tips, knife assorted wood embossing tips, mold, and even a hot knife chuck.

Besides, you will have 12-color pencils with wood chips and a carbon paper of 10 pieces. The pyrography box is versatile in use that makes you do welding, textile embossing, image transfer, formwork, and more along with wood and leatherwork.

110 PCS Professional Wood Burning Pen

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This easy to use pen builds with 60-watt heating technology for super fast heating. Moreover, you can customize the temperature between 392 to 842-degree Fahrenheit. The baseline is 15-watt. The operating temperature is 0 to 40-degree Celsius. The heat will generate within 15 seconds.

Design: The ergonomic design help you feel the fun of crafting without any fatigue. The temperature control technology keeps you away from sweating. The purse has a zip that comes with the product for portability is of high-quality, and it makes the safest storage of your tools.

Package contains:

  • 1-pyrography pen
  • 57-assorted wood-burning carving & embossing tips
  • 2-hot knife chuck
  • 5-assorted soldering tips
  • 12-stencils
  • 2-blades
  • 10-copy paper
  • 12-color pencil
  • 6-wood chips
  • 1-pen holder for the pyrography pen
  • 1-pencil sharpener for the color pencils
  • 1-carrying case

How-to-use: After choosing the tips you need, install it with a pyrography pen. Typically, it starts heating within 15 seconds but wait up to 3 to 5 minutes for perfect heating. You are now ready to start your crafting by drawing the design on the wood exterior and burning with the wood-burning pen.


  • Choose a well-ventilated room for crafting purposes.
  • Note for children
  • For changing, tips use a work-glove
  • Don’t rush and make sure the temperature has dropped while changing the tips


  • ​Limitless customizing option
  • It is one of the best professional woodburning kit
  • ​Even burning technology
  • ​Control over temperature
  • ​Light-weight design
  • ​Comfortable handling technology
  • ​Use of this kit will eventually save you power bills


  • ​You will not have the tools needed for tips changing.

​3. ​​Professional Woodburning Tool ​Set Pyrography Pen by Winllyat

Features: This is yet another popular wood burner tool that comes with 128 professional pieces of accessories. And it comes from the brand Winllyat.

There are 54-welding embossing tips and kits that allow a newbie, an intermediate, and an expert to explore their crafting field. 

Starting from the main project of woodwork or leather art, you can explore your designs and art to image transfer, hot stamping, formwork cutting, welding, and textile embossing.

There is no limit in the field of creativity, and designs are the art of creative thinking. This tool kits make your art-work much more accessible with its updated features.

professional woodburning tool by winllyat

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The pyrography pen is super fast heating that comes with energy-saving and heat-protection technology. With high-quality power of 60-watt, you can range the temperature between 200 to 450-degree Celsius. You can make the clever use of the pen by controlling the heat temperature as various output comes out from different heat.

A simple change in the temperature makes different texture in the wood surface that adores the wood exterior.

Note that you have to avoid over-pressure while crafting as it can damage the pen tips and your project work.

The rubber over the pyrography pen allows you a comfortable grip for hours of working at a time. The zipper case is outstanding in its role in storing and carrying the tools. The starting power-output is 110V/350mA.

Whether you are a newbie, a pyrography artist, hobbyists, artisans, amateurs, or a fine artist, you will eventually fall in love with this professional kit box.

Product Dimension: (10.35 x 5.75 x 1.97) inches. The net-weight is 0.76 Kg, where the shipping weight is 1.7-pounds.


  • 54 pyrography tips
  • 25 board
  • 18 color pencils
  • 10 carbon papers
  • 5 stencils
  • One metal stand
  • One woodburning pen that has an adjustable temperature of 60-watt
  • One tool bag
  • One pyrography tips storage-box
  • One manual
  • 11 other pieces containing gloves and different necessary tools

How-to-use: Install the tip you need with the wood-burning metallic pen and establish a 110V power-output connection with the device. If you in a rush, you can start after 15 seconds but wait up to 3 to 5 minutes for the perfect temperature. Draw the design that you want as an output on the wood exterior. Then you can start pyrography craft with the metallic pen and give diverse design with all the included stencils & tips.


  • Keep it away from younger children.
  • People sometimes ask if it has heat protection, then what are the dangers? The tips are small enough to get lost, and if your child is too young, they might try to engulf it as well.
  • Use the provided gloves while changing the tips.
  • Make use of the needle-nose pliers for changing the tips or wait for cooling down.
  • To keep the tips out of the dust, wipe them using a towel.

Level of Satisfaction: The company is confident of their stuff and offers you a 60-days of money-back guarantee in case of your dissatisfaction & life-time of support for any technical issue. For any issues, they recommend contacting the seller first.


  • ​It’s a Professional kit that perfect for all users.
  • ​Adjusting temperature
  • ​Quick heating system
  • ​Limitless design from the provided tips
  • ​Satisfactory guarantee


  • ​As there as many tools, you need to check if any tips got missed. If missed, then you can contact the seller for the issue.

​4. ​The Professional Pyrography Tool Kit by Beacon Pet store

Features: It’s our 4th pick, but it’s yet another best one. It has a ceramic technology of 60-watt high-quality heating system that response within 15 seconds and allows to have control over the rapid-temperature rise as well.

The technology is highly efficient in energy and environmentally safe at the same time. The temperature ranges from 32 to 1292-degree Fahrenheit.

If the tips become red and shine, you need to give a break to avoid the tip from damage. It occurs due to use for a long time at constant.

The professional pyrography tool kit brought you by the Wattne store

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In the professional wood burning kit box, there are 20-pyrography wire-tips of different shapes and sizes for both advance and beginners. People use the stuff for wood or leather craft, but you can make a multi-purpose use of it, which contains- rendering, inking in the lines, painting, calligraphy & even for silking.

Design: The stuff is light in construction with an ergonomic handle. The material is tough enough with high strength. Excellent insulation with high security allows you to work with a passion for avoiding an accident. What makes the connection more secure is the screw-locking technology & bakelite-block for resisting heat.

Application on:

With 20 different-wire tips you can make your design-application on:

  • Wood
  • Gourd
  • Wheat
  • Straw
  • Leather
  • Leaves
  • Bamboo
  • Bark
  • Eggs & other materials

How-to-use: Plugging the machine, turn on the switch for electricity. Of course, finish the step of installing the tip before plugging on. Toggle your joystick to the site that’s going to work for you. Avoid toggling if you have bought a single pen.

After you turn the knob in the right direction, rotate 4/3 for displaying the reading. Then you need to turn left in a slow-motion to control the heat temperature just like we control tape for controlling water flow.

With a screwdriver, you can change the tips. The instant heating technology makes you farewell waiting before you start crafting.

Satisfaction level: You can have tool pen-replacement within a year and make sure of it while buying. There will be a money-back guarantee of 60 days with life-time support for technical issues. Contact the customer service with the service card provided in the packaging. For any problem, it is good to contact the seller in the first place.


  • ​Diverse wire-tips for designing
  • ​Adjustable temperature
  • ​Affordable price
  • ​Easy manual instruction
  • ​Satisfactory guarantee


  • ​Customers complain about the durability.

​5. ​Wood Burning Machine by ​Varnell

Features: This weed-buring tool has a adjusting temperature system that starts from 0 and ends at 750-degree Celsius: this feature makes it ideal for working on wood, leather, and bamboo-strip as well.

The product is robust, with excellent insulation. The construction is light and confirms a secure connection.

There are 33 pieces for various forms of design. There is a knob controller on the stuff, and the LED display allows you to determine the data even in the dark.

Wood Burning Machine by ​Varnell

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It has a Screw-locking technology, and the technology makes it more secure to use. The wire used for the tips is made of ZR, which is a flame-resistant component.

This product could be a surprising gift for an amateur or an expert working in this field of interest. I had bought it as a Christmas gift for my younger sister, and she loved it.


  • 60-Watt pyrography pen at 110-120V US 3-PIN plug
  • 2-strong burning pen
  • 2-stand with sponge4. 33-tips kit
  • Plier
  • Manual instruction
  • Portable bag


  • The maximum operating-temperature: 750-degree Celsius/ 1382-degree Fahrenheit.
  • The power-source: 110V
  • Wattage: 60-Watt
  • Display-type: LED


  • ​LED display
  • ​Knob controller for easy control over temperature
  • ​Necessary tool
  • ​Flame-resistant ZR wire
  • ​The diverse field for work


  • ​Check the components after delivering as users complaint about broken stuff

Wood Burning Pen or Tools Buying Guide:

Look for the following parameters before buying a worth wood burning kit box:


It is needless to say you should check if the construction is durable enough with high-strength. You are going to work with electricity on wood kind of durable material. So, the product has to be a real deal.

Check for the security technology that includes high-heat resistant, non-corrosive, flame-resistant, and light-weight to carry.

It would be difficult to carry the pen for a long time if it is heavy.

Complete kit box:

Always look for versatile and full set stuff that has almost everything an artist needs. Generally, the professional kit box has everything an amateur to an artist need. So, don’t misunderstand those boxes to be for an expert kit and look for the components it provides.

Make sure the tool comes with interchangeable tips and storing bags.


The main point that makes you buy a wood-burner kit box that is performance. Always go through the reviews on the comment section to make sure of a good performing material.

The excellent performing material should have all the possibilities that a pyrography/wood burning pen should have like- suitable temperature controlling capability, a versatile tip that works out, etc.

Using compatibility:

The most convenient design is ergonomic. Check the grip and handle it if it is pressure-relieving or not.


This is the last thing you should check out: where can be applied & who can be user. You need to choose stuff which for all level artists, whether an amateur or a specialist.

A pyrography pen is not for woodwork only. It should be versatile enough for working for multi-purpose like leatherwork, paperwork, image transfer, etc. Remember, these extra art-works aren’t the extraordinary capabilities of a pyrography pen tool. It’s what pyrography means.


Are wood burning and pyrography the same?

Wood burning and pyrography are kinds of same that are working on word using fire. The only difference is that wood-burning refers to art on wood, but pyrography is crafting on any receptive exterior, including wood.

The stuff we show you in the above is made for both wood-burning and pyrography. That’s why we select products like our best stuff.

Is mask a necessary tool for wood burning?

The answer is “no.” It is not a necessary step but, of course, a recommended step. And it becomes a mandatory step while you have sensitive lungs.

How can I name the tips of wood burning kits?

The tips are many in numbers and diverse at the same time. There is a standard tip for the versatile all-purpose tip (A). It is for burning the design outlines & making straight-lines.

The one for curved lines & original writing is calligraphy tip (B).

For detailed working & creating tighter-curves, making straight-lines an extra-fine tip is used, tip (C).

These are the standard tip to know.

What qualities should a burning kit have?

Instant heating: It is tiring & annoying to wait for the metallic pen to heat up. So, use the pyrography pen that heats up fast, and you can also have control over it.

Interchangeable tips: The primary purpose of buying a kit box is having a diverse option of designing. So, check that your tool lets you change the tip-wires.

Adjustable temperature: There are many tools out there that have a constant temperature with an insight of useful working tool. Don’t go for such an advertisement. You must choose a tool that has a different range of heat. Remember that a little change in heat can give you different textures and varieties on your art-work.


In this 5 wood burning kits reviews post, we’ve added the most popular, top-rated, and best products. So, we hope now you can easily select a perfect wood burning tool set for your next “pyrography project.”

Many nowadays, take it as a hobby, many make it a medium of earning. I have tried to make it a little easier to grab the best stuff out in the market.

The mentioned five products are best at their level. But still, if you want some more suggestions of experts, I would say the toolbox by Petuol is the most selling stuff where the toolbox of Winllyat is editor’s choice for being versatile for all levels of users. Now, you choose according to your need and explore your art-work.

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