Types of Varnish for Wood Floors

The types of varnish for wood floors is a product whose function is to protect the wood for a while, which can vary depending on the brand that is used and the wear it has.

Types of varnish for wood floors

Among the variety of options you can choose from varnishes, it will depend on whether they are composed and the type of finish you have, for example, are those that have a gloss, satin and matt finish.

Types of Varnish for Wood Floors

Urea-Formol varnish

It is the cheapest varnish , but it has some details against it, for example the smell that it generates after using it is very strong and at the same time toxic, which is not highly recommended to use, another detail against it is that with time and wear This will have a yellowish color, so it is not recommended to use this type of varnish.

Polyurethane Varnish

This type of varnish for wood floors generates a great shine when applied, but it can also be done in matt or satin finish. This varnish is recommended for its kind of quality and a reasonable price for what it provides.

The benefits of polyurethane varnish are that it lasts much longer and is resistant, the only drawback is that at the time of applying it, the area has to be ventilated since the smell it generates is a bit strong.

Water Varnish

The water-based varnish is one of the most expensive varnishes as it has good resistance to moisture, stains, wear, etc are other benefits that do not change color to the wood, little smell and is not toxic.

Important Note: How to Care for Varnish on The Wooden Floor?

If you want to keep your floor varnish longer, you will have to do the following:

  • Clean the floor frequently, at least once a week
  • Use cleaning products for these types of floors but do not abuse, as it could damage the varnish.
  • Do not use wax or silicone products as they will affect the varnish and could cause imperfections.
  • In case the floor is exposed to the sun either by the windows, avoid them having a direct contact for a long time because this will cause the discoloration of the varnish.
  • If there is furniture, put rubber feet or a sheet of it to avoid scratches on the floor.

2 thoughts on “Types of Varnish for Wood Floors”

  1. Hello,
    I thank you for all the above information. I have a patio swing set of eight large chairs an oval table. I tried stripping by hand as they were in a bad way blistered and patchy so I asked someone to sandblast them. Now I wish to finish them any tips. Thank you!

    • Hi Matflipse

      There are several options: varnishes, finish, stain remover and oils. Varnishes and stain remover are pretty similar except that stain remover penetrates the wood whereas varnishes create protection layer on the surface. Oils penetrate the wood and increase its natural color that is long-lasting. If you just need protection then you can go for varnishes.


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