The Best PTO Wood Chipper Options for 2021

The best PTO wood chippers are your daily partner especially in windy season if you own acres of land. Regular you are facing lots of organic wastage and dealing with them using wood chipper is a smart choice.

Though wood isn’t the only option. You can possibly burn them in permitted place or recycle. Many would like to take this step as it sounds cost-free. But believe me, using a PTO wood chipper is way more economical.

Best PTO Wood Chipper

There are many landscapers out there spending big amounts of dollars on such shredded & chipped stuff. Spreading chipped woods over land make it look natural and provides protection as well. So, why wasting such an economical stuff?

If you are not into something where these chipped materials can bring you money, still this PTO wood chipper is a smarter choice to relieve you from daily stress.

Top 5 Best PTO Wood Chipper Reviews

Editor’s Choice
Titan Attachments BX42 PTO 4”x10” 3-Point Attachment Wood Chipper for Tractors
Titan Attachments BX42 PTO 4”x10” 3-Point Attachment Wood Chipper for Tractors
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Best Overall
Titan Distributors Inc. 3 Point Attachment Tractor PTO 6
Titan Distributors Inc. 3 Point Attachment Tractor PTO 6″x12″ Wood Chipper
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Top Pick
NorTrac Store PTO Wood Chipper with 5 1/2
NorTrac Store PTO Wood Chipper with 5 1/2″ Capacity
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Western Pacific Wood Chipper with PTO Cutter, Model BX42SWestern Pacific Wood Chipper with PTO Cutter, Model BX42S
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Merry Mac PTO Chipper ShredderMerry Mac PTO Chipper Shredder
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1. Titan Attachments BX42 PTO 4”x10” 3-Point Attachment Wood Chipper for Tractors

Oversized Rotor: It’s a self-feeding PTO wood chipper with oversized rotor. The paddles for twig breakage along with reversing blades helps the machine avoid clog.

Wood Chipper with 3-Point Attachment from The Brand Titan Attachments

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The angled-hopper works with the gravity and process the self-feeding tech, keeping you free from extra tiresome activities. The rotary takes almost 18% of the total machine’s weight.

The beastly nature of the machine puts itself first on the list.

Notable features: You can run 4-inch thickness wood through this beast while the elevated chute offers you easy filling. While talking about the portability, the weight puts us in dilemma. The manufacturer took care of this and made this 431pounds easy portable with the provided 3-point attachments.

Worry-free transportation: Stable bases play the most effective role here. You need trailer to do the job though.  You can hook up the machine with the points and even get a stable set-up on trailer with the base.

Required power: Though it says you need a minimum of 16 horse power, some user’s experiment says only a horse power of 10 can get the game done. As for the highest horse power, it’s 40. The operational RPM stands between 540 & 1000.


  • Self-feeding tech
  • Takes so small amount of HP
  • Works great with small chips
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy transportation


  • Slow feeding when it comes to green stuff

2. Titan Distributors Inc. 3 Point Attachment Tractor PTO 6″x12″ Wood Chipper

Integrated vent: Oversized rotor & sharp edged blades are some common feature we are going to talk all over the article. But this one got another additional point for your easy use. It’s the air vent. It’s in integrated form that takes the operation to the next level.

Titan Distributors Inc. Wood Chipper 3 Point Attachment Tractor PTO

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Hinged feed: Other than working beastly, what we care is how easy storing and easy transportable the machine can. This stuff offers you the both with its chute type which hinged feed. Clogging is a common scenario with every chipper out there. This PTO wood chipper comes with a twig breaking paddles.

Concerning features: It’s the one PTO wood chipper on this list that allows 6” thickness. The recommended horse power is a bit higher compare to the other machines in this list and it’s 60. The rotary weight takes 23% of the whole weight.


  • Twig breaking paddles available
  • Allows 6” thickness
  • Oversized rotary
  • Reversible blades
  • Auto-tree brush


  • No instruction manual

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3. NorTrac Store PTO Wood Chipper with 5 1/2 Capacity

The compact one: While thinking about a PTO wood chipping machine, we get the ideas about the bigger the opening or the machine is, the more thickness it ca deal with. And there lies the problems. Many don’t want to tackle large machines, worrying about where to store it.

NorTrac Store PTO Wood Chipper

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This PTO wood chipper will eventually prove you wrong. It’s such a compact chipper dealing with 5 ½ inches of thickness. Whereas, many large machines allow 3inch or 4 inch at maximum.

Self-feed tech.: Though PTO wood chipper is a compact one, but it doesn’t lack in impressing you. Such a small machine of 54x34x60inch dimension has the self-feeding tech that keeps the products in place.

What makes the work done: This 350 weighing PTO wood chipper machine needs only 20 horse power to start. The joint force of flywheel and the 6 ½inch sharp edges blades gives you the surprising output. Don’t forget to take privilege of its design. The steel legs are enough capable of moving but it’s not adjustable.


  • Best for regular cleanup of the garden
  • Self-feeding tech
  • Compact size
  • 2-point hitch available
  • This PTO wood chipper comes with 2-years warranty


  • If you are going to put small woods, don’t put them in large quantities.
  • The knives are nickable.

4. Western Pacific Wood Chipper with PTO Cutter, Model BX42S

The self-feeding machine: Though it’s not a brand new tech, still it’s enough effective to get impressed. If you are new to this tech, you are seriously missing something being involved in this field. No matter what season you are facing, you will get it all maintained with all those abilities of this stuff.

Western Pacific Wood Chipper with PTO Cutter, Model BX42S

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What it allows? The PTO wood chipper machine says yes to shredding, mulching, and even chipping with only 18 horse power. From any small wood to 4inch thickness can go through the opening in a self-feeding technique. The technique keeps your materials right on place and engulfs the wood angularly. It also says yes to future sharpening of the blades.

Alternatives to the drawbacks: With zero adjustable base, you are going to have a hassle. A trailer can get you out of this. Thus you can have portability and usual access at the same time. You can’t surpass 50 horse power and putting something more than 4-inch thickness will be a hassle. It is a worth mentioning machine for breaking down your woods into smallest size with its reversible blades.


  • Self-feeding tech
  • Durable stuff
  • Oversized rotor
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy access to different parts


  • Lack of adjustable base

5. Merry Mac PTO Chipper Shredder

Talking about the power: The PTO wood chipper from the Merry Mac will consume 540RPM speed to run with horse power of 10 & 30 at minimum and maximum level respectively. For shredding there are free-swinging hammers that are reversible and 24 in number. The hardened steel is a special kind of blade. Even the heavy flywheel of the chipper got that special blade.

Merry Mac PTO Chipper/Shredder

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Options and opportunities: Other than the standard bar on the screen which is 1-inch, you got other options like one-forth, half and three-forth inches. The PTO’s 6-spline got a clockwise rotation which makes it user convenient. The one question left is whether you need to pull the machine or walk while working. Walking makes the process lot more tiresome as it involves gravity. So, the manufacturer chooses the pulling.

Cutting thickness: It’s the most considerable point to tense about as there are different diameters of tree and we look for a chipper that can allow the highest diameter to go through. While many other PTO wood chipper allows 3-inch, this stuff adds more half inches to the 3.


  • Application involves both shredding & chipping
  • You got 18” on the hopper opening
  • Best for dry stuff
  • Allows 3 1/2” thickness


  • Lack of vacuum ability
  • Wet stuff could create jamming

Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Buying PTO Wood Chipper


Though there aren’t much difference in the available models, the little difference can affect your work type and also your budget.

Heavy or Light?

Some PTO wood chipper allow 4 or 5 inches of diameter and they are meant for the small loads. Such machines are great for cleaning up the seasonal organic waste of your lawn. They also run on smaller horse power.

Chippers designed for heavy duty consumes more horse power and cleans up wider range of stuff. Materials like branches, stems, larger woods that involves heavy maintenance need this kind of chipper. Commercials use this machine for their daily work.


Self-feeding in term of a PTO wood chipper means the machine will create an effect of pulling the woods without any manual push. Once you place the target on the chute, the rotating blades along with the flywheel create such kind of dragging.

Hydraulic Feeding

Hydraulic feeding tech is the most powerful one. Not all the self-feeding PTO wood chippers are this much powerful. This technique works on the hydraulic system of the machine. In such way the tech controls the speed along with the powerful engulf of the woods.


Trailers are for portability. Some of the PTO wood chipper machine comes with this, whereas others don’t. If you own one, you can place your machine on it, or set flat on your lawn. On the other hand, some have adjustable legs.

Are Shredder and Chipper Same?

No, they aren’t. But the difference isn’t much concerning either. The reason I am mentioning it, that you don’t get confused while making a purchase.

Some chipper that comes with shredding feature as well. A chipper has one chute and one hopper used for ejecting and feeding wood respectively. It turns wood into mulch like form used for mulching but not fine as compost stuff.

Now, come to the combo of chipper & shredder. This combo machine has two hoppers with and ejecting chute. These ones have a compact and light design and not so powerful. But this can give finer output.


1. Are Wood Chippers Worth Investing?

Wood chippers are great at dealing with small branches & loose debris. Owning acres of land and maintaining them isn’t easy. To clean the daily garbage of the woods and debris, wood chippers are a great thing.

2. What Does PTO Wood Chipper Stands for?

If you know what wood chippers do, then you know the half answer already. But what additional feature does the word PTO add is the fact here.

PTO wood chipper generates its power taking from an outer source and is able to munch larger wooden materials than the casual chipper out there. A tractor or an excavator is usually the outer source of power here.

3. Between Chainsaw and Wood Chippers, Which One is Louder?

The answer is the chipper if you are talking about the gas-powered machine. Chipper makes 110dB rate noise where chainsaw makes noise at 105dB. Now, the answer will reverse if it’s the electric one. The electric one makes 85dB which is much lower than the both of them.

All of the above required warrant protection.

4. Are PTO Chippers Only for Wooden Stuff?

By wooden stuff did you mean anything made of wood? Then the answer is no. Chippers are designed for leaves, twigs, and wood only. Not wooden stuff. If you take the risk to experiment, then you are on your own.

Wrapping Up:

There isn’t a wide variation in the PTO wood chipper in the market. And the available ones don’t differ much in design. Still the smallest difference could matter a lot if it doesn’t suit your work type. So, the PTO wood chipper for you is the one that you are comfortable with. Things like transportation or storage is a great fact here.

My best pick is very likely to be the third product from the list, the one from NorTrac PTO wood chipper. It has a great compact design and doesn’t even lack in any must have feature. The self-feeding tech, extreme power, elevated chute, and easy transportation are all there in one compact machine. If you know your requirements, that’s great. If you are confused, why don’t you go for the NorTrac?

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