The 3 Best Primer for Pressure Treated Wood in 2021

After pressure-treating the wooden furniture, it needs more care, and that’s why people choose a primer. Moreover, people are tired of the color of pressure-treated lumber, which is not always an appealing option.

Outdoor woods last longer for pressure treating along with making future painting & preserving much more comfortable.

People have horrible experiences of using primer and sealer. Many sealers don’t match colors, destroy the present wood appearance, leave a bad odor, and make the user tired of the time it takes to dry. In contrast, many products don’t even come in good quality!

Best Primer for Pressure Treated Wood

To make the users’ journey of getting their perfect match primer easier, we have gone through several trials and experiences to uncover the best sealer in the marketplace.

By the end of the review, you will get to know the what is the ​best primer for pressure treated wood and also the cause of why they are selected as best. We have tried to present the features in more of a logical way instead of advertising. And also, there is a section of care guidance waiting for you by the end.

So, let’s roll into the facts of review sections.

Top 3 Best Primer for Pressure Treated Wood & Ultimate Care Guide​

Editor’s Choice
Kilz Premium-High-Hide Stain-Blocking Interior & Exterior-Latex ​Primer
Kilz Premium-High-Hide Stain-Blocking Interior & Exterior-Latex ​Primer
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Best Overall
Ready-Seal 512 5 gallon Pai Natural Cedar Exterior Stain & Sealer​ for​ wood
Ready-Seal 512 5 gallon Pai Natural Cedar Exterior Stain & Sealer​ for​ wood
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Top Pick
Zinsser 03504 Cover Stain Exterior Oil Primer Sealer
Zinsser 03504 Cover Stain Exterior Oil Primer Sealer
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1. Kilz Premium-High-Hide Stain-Blocking Interior & Exterior-Latex ​Primer

The feature for which this material is popping-up is because it is water-based, the primer that eventually suits the softwood exterior. The product allows you to work both on household and exterior wooden stuff hindering the mold & mildews.

Ingredient & Design: ​​​​The sealer formulae had followed a thick creamy texture with a very negligible amount of VOC, which is less than 5g/L, excluding the colorant. Moreover, the primer has zero added solvent of VOC.

This sealer is the 5-gallon quantity primer that gives a coverage of 1500-2000 square feet approximately. Other than that, there is also a variant of 1-gallon & 1-quart quantity of introduction.

The two features that made me choose this stuff more are the absence of overpowering odor and the allowance to deal with spilling.

Kilz premium-High-Hide Stain-Blocking interior & Exterior-Latex ​primer

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​Spilled primer is the error that I worry the most as it is not possible to remain that steady while applying the primer. Fortunately, this stuff is not that stubborn. You can deal with that with soapy water as a weapon. Whether it is home or working place, you are solely safe with it.

Accomplishment: ​​​​The primer chemicals are strong enough to ensure you smooth finish by hiding the wood’s colors & stains.

The adhesiveness of the primer made it last longer. The thick layer covers the porous wood exterior & fills the uneven texture to make it a plane. Such cover not only supplies the internal errors but also give outer protection from the mold & mildew.

The primer is versatile to use on drywall, brick, paneling, masonry & plaster, and the wood exterior. Rooms having high humidity like the washrooms & laundry should have this kind of primer.

As the name of the article goes, you eventually can use the primer on oil paint or latex-based paint.

Like any other work-process, the application of primer also has an initial preparation. The steps include cleaning the dust, chalk, rust, grease, & peeling paint from the targeted wooden piece.

Kilz is a brand that has been spending 40 years in this journey of making and supplying this trustworthy premium primer. In 2015, Kilz became the Paint Brand in Harris Poll-EquiTrend Ranking.

Budget benefit: ​​​​The name itself contains the tag “premium,” so it’s evident that it would serve you with all its premium quality. And no premium stuff comes in a cheaper package. Once you see the quality, color-changing power, adhesiveness, and durability of the product, you will accept that the currency you are spending is worth it.


  • The primer is a demandable product because of the absence of VOCs.
  • The double protection evens the uneven texture by filling and create a barrier for the mold & mildew.
  • Outstanding as sealing stuff.
  • It claims to dry quickly.
  • The primer is suitable for household woods along with outer furniture.
  • Extreme moisture damages the wood by water absorption. This primer is exceptionally workable for those woods that remain exposed to moisture 24/7 hours.


  • If you aren’t an expert at this job, you might get bothered by the stuff’s thick consistency.
  • You might face a problem hiding the bold colors.
  • If your goal is to hide the wood exterior color, then a single coating wouldn’t be enough. You can recoat within 1 hour.

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2. ​Ready-Seal 512 5 gallon Pai Natural Cedar Exterior Stain & Sealer​ for​ wood

It’s time to get you introduced with a versatile all-weather sealer from Ready Seal. Ready Seal seals the exterior wooden projects in the best possible way and gives a shiny finish. It is a unique blend formula that both works as a sealer and stain for wood.

Ingredient & Design: It is an oil-based all-weather sealer. The resins in the sealer are of superior quality & the present pigments in the oil are of the fine ground form.

The deep penetration is the main reason why the stain works too effectively and protect the wood from any weather effect.

The stain is semi-transparent, which is going to suit eight different wood colors. They are Pecan, Mahogany, Natural Cedar, Burnt Hickory, Dark Walnut, Redwood, Golden Pine, & Light Oak. It also comes in two variant weights- one is 5-gallon, where the other is 1-gallon.

Ready-Seal 512 5-gallon Pail-Natural Cedar Exterior-Stain & Sealer-for-wood

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​Accomplishment: As for the view, the stain is a semi-transparent element. So, the stain wouldn’t mess up with the natural color of the wood rather than enhancing the appearance. You will be able to visualize the wood grains and their wood texture, which will be pretty shiny.

All the dominant types of woods, namely Spruce, Douglas Fir, Cypress, Redwoods, and Western Red Cedar, will suit the stain.

As a buyer, I have done a trial on my wood patio deck and found it to be a perfect finish. I had done the experiment on direct sunlight that makes the process fast, and within a few minutes, you are going to have a waterproof wood surface. You can try it at any temperature.

Initially, you are going to witness a very dark color. Don’t panic; the exact appearance of the stuff will pop up within 14 days of application.

Beware of not applying the seal on painted or surfaces that are newly stained, or else, it’s going to inhibit penetration.

The most relieving part of using the material is it never leaves laps, runs, or even streaks. There is no need for back brushing as well.

The product is capable of perfect blend, and you don’t have to give any wet-line. The ready seal keeps you away from any kind of thinning or diluting spraying; the consistency is already light enough.

Leave for 45 minutes to dry and 48-72 minutes for perfect finish drying. The hands are not going to stain due to the absence of linseed oil. There is a standard VOC level present in the product, and the sealer is biodegradable in contact with water & soil.

Budget Benefit: First of all, the product saves your money from buying two products differently, and that is sealer and stain. The stuff is a combo of both sealer & stain, so you don’t get them separately.

The ready seal does the job of enhancing the wood color by its stain and prevents the effect of atmospheric moisture by the sealer.

Not only that, but the stuff also provides a top-notch finish to the wooden surface.


  • The material creates a barrier against the UV rays of the sun
  • The ready seal is anti-mildew & anti-mold
  • No peeling or flaking would take place
  • Maintenance is far easy as it frees you from doing any stripping or sanding during any reapplication.
  • No sticky consistency
  • Not tacky to apply


  • Customers claim that the color fades within a few months
  • If stored for a long time, the substitution process will take place & the solid particles will condense at the bottom while leaving the solvent on the upper surface. You can remix it during the next application using a brush.
  • If you are about to spray the stuff, it is likely to be blown all over the area as it has a light consistency. You better apply the stain using the paintbrush.

3. ​Zinsser 03504 Cover Stain Exterior Oil Primer Sealer

Now we have finish all-weather stain and water-based sealer lets jump into a good oil-based primer. If you are looking for something oil-based, hassle-free, or a primer coat, then Zinsser is undoubtedly the best choice.

Ingredient & Design: Zinsser is a perfect combo formulation of sealer, effective bond coating & a stain blocker. The cedarwood and the redwood would have the best output of this primer. Other than that, you can smoothly apply it over painted drywall, wood, metal, cured plaster, concrete, and many more.

Wait 35 minutes to one hour to dry after application covering up to 100 square feet.

The dark colors & stains are likely to hide due to the high-hiding formulae of the primer. The stuff indeed blocks the tannin bleed. Due to the polyurethane’s presence, the wood surface would have a shiny texture at the final output.

 ​Zinsser 03504 Cover-Stain Exterior-Oil-Primer Sealer

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​Accomplishment: You can see that the name contains both primer and sealer so that it will work as both on indoor and outdoor furniture, creating the best cover in the final output.

Zinsser protects from the stain of nicotine, fire, water damage & tough smokes. After the flat-white finish, you can recoat within 2 hours.

You can work on new construction & remodeling kind of work with this primer without any doubt in mind.

Budget Benefits: As for the coverage, it can cover an area of 100 square feet. So, you will choose the stuff for a critical goal then, it’s going to be much expensive. At the same time, you have to consider the inflammability & the toxic nature of the stuff.


  • You are not going to face any sanding process for the adhesion.
  • The product will leave a shiny & robust output.
  • The drying process is too fast.
  • The sealing feature gives moisture protection.
  • The primer finish is flexible enough.


  • If you want something light-weighted, then sorry to say it has a very thick consistency and that how it has the high-hiding capability.
  • For the thick consistency, you might find it messy to apply.
  • Ventilation and proper drying is a must to keep away the odor the stuff has.
  • The smell can stay one day or more.

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Primer for Pressure Treated Wood Buying Guide:

When you are about to buy the excellent primer for your pressure-treated wood, you must look at the valuable insights. Such a way you can make a win buy which is perfectly compatible with your job.

The facts you must consider:

Intended usability:

Primers have their feature varieties, and all are not the same. For example, if you are looking for something to eliminate tannins & watermarks, look for a stain-removing introduction.

​​Oil-based primers:

​There are insights like oil-based primers that are easy to clean & maintain for long. Don’t get blinded by such words. Oil-based take too long to dry and kind of messy to use. They are not even always compatible with all-round painting.

People love oil-based primers for their strength & high-versatility.

​Water based primers:

Water-based primers take a short-time frame to dry and safe due to the absence of toxic fumes.

The great thing is their consistency is thick enough to control and use.

What it lacks is the feature of flexibility, and thus there stands a limit on overall suitability on several kinds of projects.


​The primer that you can use on both indoor and outdoor stuff, both metal and plastic, different paints has the most flexibility. Look something that has almost all the features.


​You certainly want a product within a reasonable range. All the stuff here is within a good price range and won’t bankrupt you.

Sound safe:

Primers have their feature varieties, and all are not the same. For example, if you are looking for something to eliminate tannins & watermarks, look for a stain-removing introduction.

​Many primers out there smell for a few days and have a dangerous level of toxic chemicals. Do your research done to get the safe thing. If you are buying primer for your home or office, then make sure to buy one that lacks in VOC as in need you can deal with it only using soapy water.


Is any model of primer okay for any pint?

The answer is simply- “NO.” There are many primers out there that work smoothly with most of the paints. But not all wood-primers are okay with any paint type.

To get the exact one, look into the info section and make sure you read all of it. If you have an oil-based primer, then check if that works well with the oil-based paint.

Do the same trial if you have a water-based primer. In this way, you can get the compatible one.

How many primer coats should I give at the beginning?

Well, that varies according to your project type & the primer you own. Then, many products already mentioned the first coating number in their instruction section.

It’s obvious to apply less coating if the primer consistency is thick, whereas free wooden stuff needs more application than the interior one.

What are the robust brushes for my applying primer?

All the standard brushes seem to work great with most of the primers out there. Many primer manufacturers attest a synthetic brush for the use, which is convenient & works exceptionally with most textbooks.

Two brushes are cheap, as well as serves good. They are the brushes made of nylon & polyester.

How many hours does a primer take to dry up completely?

There isn’t any standard time limit that every primer followed. Most textbooks need 1-4 hours before reapplication. Generally, the water-based primers comparatively take less time than the oil-based primers.

If you don’t have patience, look for the primer that dries dry up within a short time. Many sealers out there take only 30 minutes to dry up. Don’t rush; before you buy them, make sure they suit your project.

How to apply a primer?

​Initially, clean the targeted area you want to apply a primer. Ensure cleaning it correctly as the remaining dust particle can create a barrier to your smooth surface.

Then using a brush, apply the prime according to the instruction written on the product. Many experts tell you to follow the wood grain for your stroke. Then leave the surface to dry.

It’s obvious there would be some imperfection on the wood your job as well, make sure you correct them.


​The ​best primer for treated wood reviews bring out from the best three sealers with different features for your home & offices. They are the most demandable ones in today’s market, and the buyers don’t regret buying them.

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