How to Paint Wood Floors? Learn More Here

Knowing how to paint wood floors but we don’t know about wood floor paint. A floor paint can make the difference between a stylish statement and a mess.

The wood floor painting can be scary but if your hardwood floor is damaged, again painting the floor can make it look great.

If you have a wooden floor or floor, you also have the option to decorate and paint it. I do not mean by this that you are going to spoil your beautiful platform. But you could in the future, or on another floor, such as the porch, for example, make a beautiful drawing, a carpet, a mosaic, or a mural.

Although it may seem a bit crazy, at first, when you see these ideas for painting and decorating wooden floors or floors, you will surely change your mind.

A wood floor painting is almost a sin, but sometimes there is no better options to reclaim an old floor. When painting a floor, the floor looking nice and attractive décor in your floor.

For example, your floor may be designed hardwood and you may have over-sanded it and it worn through the veneer. The old solid wood floor that already has been destroyed when if you try to sand it again. Only painting is an alternative option that can replacement extend the life for several years.

This summer season, we committed what any wood floor lover building a natural wooden floor because it is great for restoring paint and gives new look. The wood painting also save the backbreaking labor and expense of refinishing.

Frequently, when working in old houses, contractors are asked to renovate floors as part of a larger painting and remodeling project.

Many times, replacing or even giving old wood floors a new finish is impractical, both logistically and financially. But painting wood floors can be an excellent and economical way to add value to your customers without getting out of your budget.

To paint old wood floors, first clean and insulate the area you are going to paint. The last thing you want to happen is that the family pet is walking through the area.

Then, scrape the existing floor. This is very important and has two purposes. First, it dulls the brightness of the floor, which facilitates the adhesion or bonding of the paint that you are going to apply. And, second, the scraping sand removes any cosmetic imperfection and softens the floor surface.

It is not necessary to use a vertical floor sander or a polisher, although some of these machines are the most efficient way to prepare a large floor for painting.

A simple and effective way to scrape and sand a floor is to simply put 100 grit sandpaper in a post sander and make multiple passes applying light but consistent pressure.

This will raise some dust, which you will then vacuum with the floor attachment of your workshop vacuum. This is the time to clean the floor and remove any trace of dust and debris. Now you are ready to paint.

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How to paint wood floors?

Nowadays, it is not very common to see painted wood floors because it is fashionable to leave the natural wood floor, isn’t it? However, many people still choose to paint the wooden floors to give rooms another life or to decorate the vintage style.

So if you are one of those who want a change in their floors, and at the same time looking to protect them, stay to know how to paint wooden floors in 5 steps and very easily.

Choose The Color

This will depend on the effect you want to give your environment, the color of the decoration you have chosen and also the room that is.

You have plenty of options but one tip I can give you is that you use pastel colors that are the classic colors for wooden floors that will make everything have harmony and, in turn, agree with any decoration you may have in the future, don’t you? Do you think? You can also use more than one color and paint with stripes or with the design you like best.

Choose The Right Paint

Needless to say, the wooden floors have a special wood paint that will prevent them from coming out in the future, and since you do not want to have husked parts on the floor of your room, it is best to get an alkyd paint. Go to the nearest paint center and find out about quality options.

Prepare The Floor

The secret to painting any surface is to prepare it well. Start by washing the floor to remove all dirt, then you would have to sand it well to remove all the varnish and imperfections you may have and, finally, vacuum it to remove all the dust. Do you already have it ready? So, let’s move on to the next step that is.

Get The Necessary Tools

While using a roller can save you a lot of time, it is not the most suitable tool for painting wooden floors since it will leave parts unpainted and you will have to touch up later with a brush; So, it is best to use a 10 cm wide brush to give your floor the finish you are looking for.

Also, so as not to damage your back while painting, it would be good for you to get a long handle to place the brush and not have to paint on your knees. Have everything? Then, get started!

Paint The Floor

You may be wondering, how many layers of paint are needed? Experts recommend giving your wood floors 3 thin layers, as it will allow it to dry faster and there are no marks left.

Ideally, let each layer dry for 24 hours before applying the next one, and once you have the 3 layers ready, it is recommended that you wait 72 hours to walk on it and put the furniture in place. Ready!

How were your floors? Great, right? Is that if you followed these steps to paint wood floors, there is no way to fail.

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