The Best Electric Wood Chipper Options for 2021

Don’t you find it very satisfying to recycle and reduce the leaves and branches from your yard using a great electric wood chipper?

In this busy world where there is not much time for backyard maintenance, an efficient tool is a necessity. This is where the best electric wood chipper comes in. Have you ever wondered how invaluable this can be for you in fall season?

best electric wood chipper

If you are looking for a machine to complete your project, you need to make sure that you choose the right one as there are differences.

In this guide, we have reviewed five top-rated electric wood chippers. Whether you looking for the best deal, or a well-known brand, or a model, get the machine that suits your requirements at the right price.

Top 5 Best Electric Wood Chippers Reviews

Editor’s Choice
Patriot-Products CSV-2515 14 Amp Electric Wood Chipper or Leaf Shredder
Patriot-Products CSV-2515 14 Amp Electric Wood Chipper or Leaf Shredder
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Best Overall
Sun Joe CJ603E electric wood chipper
Sun Joe CJ603E electric wood chipper
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Top Pick
WEN-41121 15-Amp, Rolling Wood Chipper & Shredder
WEN-41121 15-Amp, Rolling Wood Chipper & Shredder
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Sun Joe CJ602E Electric Wood-Chipper-Shredder, GreenSun Joe CJ602E Electric Wood-Chipper-Shredder, Green
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TACKLIFE Electric Wood-Chipper, Garden-Shredder, Silent Wood-Shredder, 15Amp PowerTACKLIFE Electric Wood-Chipper, Garden-Shredder, Silent Wood-Shredder, 15Amp Power
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1. Patriot-Products CSV-2515 14 Amp Electric Wood Chipper or Leaf Shredder

Patriot-Products CSV-2515 14 Amp Electric Wood Chipper or Leaf Shredder

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Large Hopper: It will be hard for you to find a larger hopper than the one on this product. If you have a lot of leaves to mulch, then it can be fit for you. The 14 in. wide mouth can hold plenty of leaves at once. Handling big branches and small twigs are is an easy task for this chipper.

Power Source: This great chipper is powered by a 14 amp. electric engine with 110v outlet. Unlike your gas models, it doesn’t put out any foul fumes.

Operation: One of the attractive points of this electric chipper is the smooth and quiet operation. The effortless movement with large wheels and chipping up branches up to 2.5 inches in diameter makes this product more demanding. Simply switching it on, you can throw the leaves twigs, and debris into the collection bag.


  • Features a compact unit weighing merely 90 pounds
  • Easily cuts larger branches
  • Finishes the task in lesser time
  • Unique design
  • Long-term usability
  • Ideal chipper for commercial task


  • Heavier and larger than other electric chippers
  • Not for the one having a tight budget

2. Sun Joe CJ603E electric wood chipper

Sun Joe CJ603E electric wood chipper

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Power Source: Sun Joe CJ603E is known for its quick and efficient cleaning up. This electrically driven chipper is powered by a 15 amp motor that generates 60 rpm.

Operation: With just a flick of a switch, get your job done! The Sun Joe comes with a triple action mulch and cutting system. You can process the garden debris really quick with it. You will witness a consistent output.

Moreover, it comes with a safety system that turns the motor off if the machine is jammed. It ensures safe and smooth operation. You can shred branches and twigs of up to 1.73” in diameter with it. The rounded chute is there for discharge.

Construction: The Sun Joe CJ603E features V-type blades. A rounded chute comes with the top hopper design. Wheels are there for easy movement.


  • A great option for the ones looking for a budget-friendly and compact electric chipper.
  • It is easy to store
  • A sturdy frame prevents it from tripping over
  • Easy transportation with convenient & accurate size of wheels
  • The reduction ratio of 21:1


  • Might be noisy while chipping woods
  • Works better with branches less than 1 inches in diameter

3. WEN-41121 15-Amp, Rolling Wood Chipper & Shredder

WEN-41121 15-Amp, Rolling Wood Chipper & Shredder

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Efficient Blades: The attention seeking feature of the stuff is its blades. It features two large blades that cut up to 130 times/second. This cutting power gives a reduction ratio of 17:1. It’s a great feature considering its compact design.

Safe Operation: In case the hopper is in opening state, the auto-safety system is a safeguard for you preventing the running of the machine. Adding to the benefits, there is a push bar to make a safe distance between your hands and dangerous moving parts. The easy-to-install and remove collection bag also contributes to speeding up the time for the task.

Other Features: If you are looking for a chipper to turn branches having a diameter up to 1.5 inches into mulch, then you should consider buying the WEN 41121. It weighs only 23.1 pounds. A pair of wheels are included for easy movement. Well, even if you are not using the wheels, the compact size of the machine makes it easy to pick up and carry.


  • A high reduction ratio means less debris to handle
  • Large blades with fast rotation
  • Easy transport of material with the collection bag
  • Uses 15 amp motor to mulch, chip, and shred
  • Offers built-in safety features


  • Opening of the hopper is suitable for sticks, not leaves
  • Wheels might get cracked under heavy use as it is made of solid plastic

4. Sun Joe CJ602E Electric Wood-Chipper-Shredder, Green

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Power Source: This electric chipper has a motor of 15 amp that generates 4300 RMP.

Operation: The Sun Joe owns outstanding features of safety. In case the machine is open, the locking knob of the safety hopper doesn’t let the engine operate. You can trust it with dry branches, twigs, and debris of up to 1.5 inches. It might have problems with working with lots of green leaves. However, it performs well for dry leaves.

Moreover, you can easily assemble and maintain it. Add a bag for fall & collection of mulch. Choose the place of the bag according to your need.

Construction: The sturdy construction of the machine makes it suitable for smaller chipping tasks. You will eventually fall for the compact design. Wheels in it make it easier to maneuver around.


  • 15 amp power motor gives you the fullest result
  • This compact machine is great for small yard or lawn
  • An easy-to-setup and maintenance-free machine
  • The locking knob prevents any accidental operation
  • Easy movement with large but high-end wheels


  • Not suited for bigger tasks

5. TACKLIFE Electric Wood-Chipper, Garden-Shredder, Silent Wood-Shredder, 15Amp Power

TACKLIFE Electric Wood-Chipper, Garden-Shredder, Silent Wood-Shredder, 15Amp Power

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 High Performance: Tacklife wood chipper provides enough cutting facilities required to cut most of the branches in your yard. It can cut branches of diameter up to 1.77 inches and offers 460 Nm torque for a better cutting experience. The collection bag has a measurement of 60L that’s enough for reduction of bag-emptying frequency. This feature makes the job more efficient.

Powerful and Stable: This wood chipper offers so many great features! Like the 15 amp motor, and seven durable and robust high-end roller blades. You can say that the blades are more durable and stronger than any other ordinary blades. More to its benefits, the blades speed up to 60 RPM. With this speed, you can easily cut branches.

Anti-Clogging System: Due to the anti-clogging system, there is less probability of any jam problem. With the blade adjustment knob, you can adjust the cutting diameter. A point to note is, you need to tighten the adjustment knob, then give a half turn back. This way, you can avoid blade damage.


  • It creates low noise of 94 dB. while operation which will not disturb your family entertainment
  • You can store gloves and other belongings in the storage slot
  • Has a lightweight and compact body
  • Convenient wheels for easy transportation
  •  Offers stronger and durable blades


  • With this machine, shredding branches is easier than working with the green leaves.
  • Too many green leaves can cause clogging

Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Buying Electric Wood Chipper:


A set of wheels is a must in electric wood chippers to move it around while cleaning the yard. The larger diameter of the wheels means it easier to roll them over uneven surfaces. You should go for wheels made of durable plastic or pneumatic rubber tires.


The performance of an electric chipper mostly depends on the material, size, number, and rotation speed of the blade. Go for the steel-made blades. With the hardened blades, you can sharpen the edges when the blades get dull.

The shredder part of the machine should have blades spinning at a higher speed. Blades in these parts don’t necessarily have to have sharp edges, however, they need to be durable.

Size of the Hopper

Hopper size is vital on the list of consideration for choosing an electric wood chipper. The opening of different models can range from large to a broader and skinny shape. For a more effective result, you should buy a chipper with a large hopper.

Collection Method

Electric chippers may offer a bin attachment or a bag with the unit. Other models might have a chute that discharges material directly to the ground. A large collection bag might be more appropriate for the job for spreading much amount of chipped branches.

Some models come with a small collection bag which can hamper the frequency of work as you might have to stop the work to empty the bag. Spending more time in an inefficient collection system might just negate other benefits of having a chipper. So you must look for a unit fulfilling your demands.

The Right Extension Cord

As you know, electric wood chippers are plugged into a 110V outlet, but you must need appropriate extension cords and electric circuits to handle the power flow. Some models might provide a standard rated cord, while others might suggest you buy one of a particular rating and length.


Wood chippers are expected to be quite noisy. Fortunately, electric chippers create less noise as there is no need to start a noisy gas engine. You might notice the decibel level on some models. Such notations are helpful to choose the quietest unit. You need it most when you live in residential area and have neighbors nearer.


The fast-moving parts and sharp blades of the electric chipper can be extremely dangerous for you. So you must look for the models offering safety features like an automatic shut-off system when the hopper is open, the blade is jammed, or the motor starts to overheat.

In the case of most of the electric mini wood chippers, you might need to force the branches to the blades. You must wear gloves to hold rough sticks so you can push them to the blades spinning to chip them up.


Are chipper and mulcher same?

The name says it all-“chipper”. A wood chipper chips wood. Whereas a mulcher breaks down twigs, leaves, and clippings into mulch. However, you can use these machines interchangeably.

What loads can my electric chipper shredder handle?

Be careful with putting more loads. Overloading your electric chipper can burn out the motor. It can reduce its service life also.

What does the reduction ratio of 10:1 mean?

Usually, the reduction ratio indicates machine’s processing power. The more the ratio, the greater power it has. A reduction ratio of 10:1 means your chipper processes the garden waste down to one-tenth of the original size. Most of the residential chippers have a reduction ratio of 10:1. However, some offer a 20:1 ratio also.

Do I need an electric wood chipper?

If you unsure of buying an electric chipper, here are some of the top reasons why you should have one!

  • It saves time
  • You have continuous power to finish the job. You won’t run out of gas.
  • It is affordable and more compact
  • Good for the environment

Final Words

Choosing a good electric wood chipper can make a huge difference in landscape maintenance and gardening. You get a lot of options of an electric wood chipper to handle twigs, leaves, and branches that fall into your yard. Selecting the right one involves meeting up the owner’s requirements. You can choose a machine used for piles of leaves, or a machine having a more powerful motor to handle bigger branches.

The electric wood chipper on our list would be the Sun Joe CJ602E 15-Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder for its power, versatility, and fair warranty. It is compact, provides super convenient wheels. So, storing the stuff in garage is pretty convenient!

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