The Best Commercial Wood Chipper Options for 2021

A wood chipper is a machine used for lessening wood into the least small pieces. Most often, they are portable, being mounted on wheels for towing behind a truck or van. Wood chippers are a great solution for a couple of issues, especially for residential uses.

Best Commercial Wood chipper

You can clear large piles of branches, logs, twigs and leaves to create cleaner, safer working areas and beautiful environments. Wood chips and leaves are a great source of garden mulch. So, if you are looking forward to trimming a log or wood, why not recycle what you can’t use?

In case you are going to do some gardening project or feel like clear out some space in the yard or clean the debris area, using one of the best commercial wood chippers would be the best, easy, less time consuming, the safest decision you would make.

Top 5 Best Commercial Wood Chipper Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Super Handy Ultra Heavy Duty Commercial Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher

Design: This Commercial Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher design has a reduction ratio of 15:1 when using the top Hopper for 1/2″ MAX volume Chipping, Side Chute for about 3″ maximum branch, or the attachable leaf vacuum for mulching. This Chippers powerful recoil starting 7HP 212cc Horizontal 4-stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Powered Engine handles up to 3″ diameter wood without any problem.

Super Handy Ultra Heavy Duty Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher

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Functionality: This wood chipper has an easy transportation system with a tow bar kit. It also has an easy leaf mulching Vacuum inlet, which absorbs all mulches. This wood chipper has the function of being compact and lighter than other steel chippers.

This wood chipper’s process has a highly desirable vertical extended discharge chute with an adjustable discharge guide to deliver accurate debris discharge, with an angled range of 90°-145° degrees.

Applicable: You can use this Super Handy Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher Ultra Heavy Duty 7HP 212cc 3 in 1 for Forestry, Gardens, Landscaping or Green Waste Recycling chip tree branches/limbs, shred brush, mulch leaves and corn stocks.


  • This wood splitter does easy choke and speed controls.
  • It can quickly assemble.
  • It Super Handy Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher Ultra Heavy Duty 7HP 212cc 3 in 1 has a full three-year warranty.


  • No ethanol fuel recommended.
  • You can’t use this wood chipper for fresh greens, pine cones, palm branches, petrified wood or vines.

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2. Patriot Products CSV-3100B 10 HP Briggs & Stratton Gas-Powered Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder

Item Delineation: This commercial wood chipper is run on a low oil sensor. It’s weight at approx. 187.7 lbs.

The dimensions of this item are approx.  35″ x 24″ x 37″. It also has 2x chipping knives in the chipper cone along with 6x y-hammers in the Hopper. Can also operate direct drive system. While chipping wood, it provides a Premium lo-tone muffler for reduced noise.

Patriot Products CSV-3100B 10 HP Briggs & Stratton Gas-Powered Wood Chipper-Leaf Shredder

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Features: The chipping power of the 10 HP Briggs engine, along with Patriot’s unique design, will amaze you. Branches or logs up to 3 inches in diameter will work swiftly.

The side discharge function feature will allow you to work in the same spot all day long without having difficulties moving the chipper. This wood chipper has 50 state Compliant.


  • The machine runs quite well on a single gas tank and under more or less continuous use with little time.
  • Maintenance of assembly is relatively straightforward and can quickly be done by one person.
  • Given its weight, it’s straightforward to manoeuvre on level ground.


  • As the power of Patriot Products CSV-3100B 10, HP Briggs & Stratton Gas-Powered Wood Chipper is 10Hp, its engine can be tough to start.
  • The wood chipper’s shredder hopper is slightly too small and needs to be slow fed.

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3. Land Works Super Heavy Duty Commercial Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher

Material specification: While using the top Hopper for about 1/2″ MAX volume Chipping/Shredding, this commercial wood chipper shredder mulcher will have a Reduction Ratio of 15:1. Having a reduction ratio of 15:1 will provide adequate mulch usable for garden decoration or campfires. It can cut through for 3-inch maximum branch or limbs, or the attachable leaf-vacuum for your mulching.

Land Works Super Heavy Duty Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher

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Features: This wood chippers powerful recoil starting 7HP 212cc Horizontal 4-stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Powered Engine handles up to 3″ diameter wood without any problem. Fuel will be w/ 87+ unleaded gasoline (NO ETHANOL recommended), 0.7 gallons Max capacity.

Convenience: This wood chipper vacuum attachment is universal with an excellent circle wood chipper. So, stop wasting time in raking, and you will eventually be able to get the job done faster. Follow the directions in the user manual and always wear the right hand & eye protection.


  • This machine is EPA/CARB Certified. (EPA= Environmental Protection Agency, CARB= California Air Resources Board )
  •  Anyone can use this wood chipper for Forestry, Gardens, Landscaping or Green Waste Recycling to chip tree branches/limbs. Also including shred brush, mulch leaves and corn stocks.
  • Auto-feeding allows you to do less work & keeps you safe.


  • You can’t use this wood chipper for fresh greens, pine cones, palm branches, petrified wood or vines trees.
  • You can’t use ethanol fuel.

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4. Great CircleUSA Gas Powered Heavy Duty Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher

Item description: This wood chipper has the design for building a reliable recoil starting 7 HP 212cc Horizontal 4-Stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Engine and handle up to 3″ diameter wood without any problem.

Great CircleUSA Gas Powered Heavy Duty Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher

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It can quickly turn a pile of rugged branches into usable wood chips smoothly, having a reduction ratio of 15:1.  Also, have features of 4 Y-Hammers that demolish branches & & 2 steel chipping blades that shred without dropping a sweat.

Functionality: Can easily top-filling tank system with a maximum capacity of 0.7 gals. A top-loading Hopper capacity is 1/2″ maximum volume shredding, a side chute for 3″ maximum branch chipping & a universal vacuum kit for leaf mulching. This kit attaches easily on the backside leaf inlet, sucking up leaves, debris & mulch with ease.


  • If there is a chance that your machine will have some shipping damage, Great Circle will make it right for you.
  • For easy dispense or collection of wood chips, a side-loading catch bag will do that.
  • This machine sucks into a little amount of fuel.


  • Above 10% of Ethanol can’t be useable for this wood chipper fuel.
  • Using this wood chipper, above 4″ diameter wood, can be tough to the chipper.

5. Detail K2 OPC566E 6 inch – 14HP Kinetic Commercial Wood Chipper

Product Details: This Kohler wood chipper has 14 HP CH440 Commercial management, with a 3-year warranty. It has auto adjust cutters for brush up to 6.25 diameter trees, including auto blade branch feeding.

Detail K2 OPC566E 6 inch - 14HP Kinetic Commercial Wood Chipper

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Capacity: This item has electric compatibility also with the battery included. It has a rotational chip chute pickup truck bed height.

The dual-edge is for the reversible cutting blade with 12- inch double belt direct drive. That’s why this chipper can chip very easily.

Reinforcement: This Gas-Powered Commercial Chipper is designed with large and wide tires with deep lugs that will provide excellent traction. So whether you’re navigating through a flat surface or rugged terrain, these tires won’t have a problem. You can easily do that.

As I mentioned before, it also has a towing bar to take with you to different places. This one comes in handy if you own acres of land in your home or offer wood chipping services for a living.


  • The blades are pretty much sharp, and the wood chipper eats wood fast.
  • The machine is friendly manufactured. It is easy to assemble and maintain.
  • Its compact knockdown creates packaging with a built-in pallet for easy transport.


  • There is no clutch between the motor and the chipper.

Buying Guide of Commercial Wood Chipper

If you live in a place abound with braid, you will have probably already used to dealing with limbs that come down after heavy winds hit. You will most likely have to clean up the yard and piles of debris which is always a huge chore. But don’t worry at all.

Just using a commercial wood chipper would be perfect for reducing all your sufferings. If you’re thinking about getting a chipper for commercial use, think about these three things as you shop for it.


Before buying any wood chipper, find out the maximum size of wood the chipper can chip? Smaller machines will allow wood pieces with a diameter of 2-3 inches to pass through them. Commercial-sized machines can handle parts as large as 160 inches. Choose according to your need.

Blade Quality:

A commonly held belief is that more blades (known as flails) in the chip chamber meaning more chipping power. But even a single-blade can do a better job than multiple-blades if its quality is significantly superior.

So, whether multiple or single blades consisting of the wood chipper machine, buy as you prefer most. If you want to know my opinion, I’ll suggest you go with the double edge blade system.


Smaller machines, for non-commercial use, usually have an electric motor. But if you’re looking at pro machines for commercial use, they will be gas-powered.

The gas-powered wood chipper will be of lower maintenance, fume-free operation, available at a much lower price, and an easy handling system.

Extra Features to Consider:

  • Drawbars for towing
  • Forward discharge chutes
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Integrated collecting bins
  • Tilt-down hoppers


The side chute is where you feed the machine large and thick branches or even trees. If you want to chip, you have to provide the chipper through the side chute.

1. Can I use an extension cord?

If you are using an electric wood chipper, you need to buy an extension cord with a large gauge individually.

2. What is The Difference Between Wood Chips and Mulch?

Wood chippers are more extensive and chunkier than mulch. They also last longer than compacting instead of mulch, which is small and generally suited for areas with high amounts of foot traffic.

3. Can I Chip Wood Using This Machine in The Rain?

No, you must not, by all means, use a wood chipper when it is raining. Water droplets can affect the machine’s inner components, which, in the end, damages the chipper.

4. How Can I Sharpen Wood Chipper Blades?

All you need to sharpen the blades of a wood chipper is a disc sander. Rub it over the edges of the blades. While rubbing, ensure that the sander is steady and straight for proper sharpening.

Commercial Wood Chipper Safety Tips:

  • Follow the manual; this is the very first step to ensure safety.
  • While operating with the chipper, make sure to wear safety hand gloves made from thick fabric. Avoid wearing loose clothing.
  • This machine tends to get very loud. So I would recommend you to wear noise-cancelling earphones to reduce the sound of the chipper.
  • Don’t force wood inside. Use both hands at a slow pace to push the wood and pace yourself throughout the process.

Commercial Wood Chipper Maintenance:

  • Drain the oil of your wood chipper.
  • Check and inspect the air filter thoroughly.
  • Inspect the spark plug from time to time.
  • Change the oil or fuel of your wood splitter according to your preferable use.

Final Words:

A wood chipper will be ideal for helping you obtain the smallest pieces of wood very quickly without spending hours to split them manually.

In case you are searching for one and still haven’t gotten any luck to find it either, follow our commercial wood chipper buying guide and help yourself out.

However, take your time, think and then decide which one of the wood chipper will serve you best.

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