The Best Brush for Staining Wood for 2021 (Buying Guide)

When it comes to staining the wood, every painter wishes for a masterwork that lasts longer. Isn’t it? While maintaining an artistic look, all your care is a protective color.

Painting wood adds an improving texture to the color. Thus, your natural wood grains seem more visible. As you step ahead to color your wooden stuff, the task calls for a set of brushes to stain the wood.

Best Brush for Staining Wood

It’s just not the bristles that a brush offer. It asks for grip, width, and coverage check too. Going cheap is not wise in all cases. With no fair idea on the fine brushes, you’re sure to fight with your choice.

So, what next? Well, why cut your time balance to do the mere research! We’re here with the best brush for staining wood accompanied by unbiased reviews. Take your call, keeping the quality in mind.

Let’s advance to make your painting more vivid with high-quality brushes!

Top 7 Best Brush for Staining Wood Reviews

Editor’s Choice
Best Commercial Deck Stain Brush Applicator - Deck BOSS by Perdura 
Best Commercial Deck Stain Brush Applicator – Deck BOSS by Perdura 
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Best Overall
EVERSPROUT 1.5-3.5 Foot Goliath Deck Stain Brush & Extension Pole Combo
EVERSPROUT 1.5-3.5 Foot Goliath Deck Stain Brush & Extension Pole Combo
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Top Pick
Wooster Brush F5116-4 Stainer Wood Staining Brush
Wooster Brush F5116-4 Stainer Wood Staining Brush
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Linzer 3121 0400 Stain Waterproofing Brush- 4 inchLinzer 3121 0400 Stain Waterproofing Brush- 4 inch
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Professional Deck Stain Brush by KingOrigin- 7 Inch Block BrushProfessional Deck Stain Brush by KingOrigin- 7 Inch Block Brush
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1. Best Commercial Deck Stain Brush Applicator – Deck BOSS by Perdura 

Deck Stain Brush Applicator - Deck BOSS by Perdura

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Earning the best performer title from US deck staining mart professionals, this Deck BOSS by Perdura tops our list. It’s an all-in-one applicator with fast action. Cut your paint coating time to half. Guaranteed!

The brush has a filament length of 3” in its 7” x 2” design. As a result, you draw in an opportunity to load lots of paint in its bristles, stain, oil, or coat larger areas in an instant.

You won’t need to refill many a time. It’s because it can hold a good amount of color, giving better coverage. With a sturdy filament, paint, seal, and stain any rough to smooth surfaces effortlessly. 

Work multi-time for its simple clean and reuse design. If the cracks sore your eyes, fill the gaps with one brush application. It’s a handy DIY wood painting tool with water and oil-based coatings. 


  • Can load up ample paint at once
  • Ensures ultra-fast coating
  • Broad coverage with one stroke
  • Pain-free to clean and reuse
  • Brings a smooth finish with no foams


  • No poles attached

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2. EVERSPROUT 1.5-3.5 Foot Goliath Deck Stain Brush & Extension Pole Combo

EVERSPROUT 1.5-3.5 Foot Goliath Deck Stain Brush & Extension Pole Combo

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While buying a wood staining brush, you would want one that holds more and goes a long way. Right? Then this EVERSPROUTGoliath Deck Stain Brush fits your choice.

The brush is ultra-thick, having a size of 7 inches. If you’re dealing with larger areas, it can extend up to 3.5 feet! All you need is to twist it and switch to its 3-step pole extension. 

If you stand, you can easily reach up to 8-10 feet with its Aluminum extension. No need to attach a separate pole or use a ladder. Mark that it’s bound to serve long-term use with no bristle shedding.

It comes with a bonus case, a can opener, and a metal comb to clean the bristles. Hence, easy to store. Paint, stain or seal with this amazing brush and also support the green planting!


  • Adjustable pole extension attached
  • Ultra-wide bristles for broad coverage
  • Highly-absorbent for all paints and stains
  • Flexible bristles with no shedding
  • Quick to stain at once  


  • Some find the handle clamps a bit shaky

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3. Wooster Brush F5116-4 Stainer Wood Staining Brush

Wooster Brush F5116-4 Stainer Stain Brush

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Are you in search of a wood staining brush to suit all oil-based stains, sealers, plus wood toners? Wooster ends your search with its high-quality brush. It promises to offer a persistent result with each stroke!

This painting brush comes with a width of 4 inches. You’ll love its white china thick bristles that ensure smooth and even application. For the square construction of the filaments, your paint coverage also turns extensive.

Another unique feature it adds is its threaded wood handle. It carries bucket clips as well. Thus, you get the scope to pull it out at any time for using a pole.

To secure the bristles, you’ll notice the painting tool has a clasp of steel ferrule plated with Nickel. Be it any rugged surface or thick stuff. The brush is always ready to stain uniformly with durable bristles.


  • Movable threaded wood handle
  • Covers a large area for a squared structure
  • Ensures smooth and even use 
  • Soaks up more dye at once
  • Works for wood conditioning too


  • Not fit for extensions as the handle may unscrew

4. Linzer 3121 0400 Stain Waterproofing Brush- 4 inch

Linzer 3121 0400 Stain Waterproofing Brush- 4 inch

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When talking about the best brush to stain woods, Linzer Stain Waterproofing Brush always makes its place. No doubt! It’s easy to use and reasonably priced at the same time. 

It’s a polyester staining China-based brush. Apart from staining wooden decks and walls, you can waterproof them too. Being light in weight, you feel no extra force to grip it and paint.

As you give your vigil look at its bristles, you’ll find they are totally polyester in fabric. The bristles are fine and super-smooth. A plus point! As a result, they have the power to hold and absorb colors with ease. 

This brush holds a great consistency of the paints when dipped in and ensures they spread evenly all over the surface. 4-inched brush with its color retaining ability can cover any medium-size fence by moving 3-4 strokes.


  • Absorbs good quantity of dye
  • Wide enough to ensure full coverage
  • Fine bristles for even paint spreading
  • Contains a beavertail handle for grip
  • Easy to use with movable arm


  • May notice stain splash for its too agile bristles

5. Professional Deck Stain Brush by KingOrigin- 7 Inch Block Brush

Deck Stain Brush by KingOrigin 7 Inch Block Brush

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If you’re dealing with some large area wood staining work, KingOrigin Deck Stain Brush can definitely help. It’ a big and sturdy fence and stain brush with 1.2 inches of thickness. 

As you look deeper, you’re sure to discover the brush has bristles blended with polyester and SRT. For such 70% and 30% blend, the brush can hold more dye than any thin other painting brush.

Thus, you earn an improved speed for your task. Moreover, no paint will fall off the composite filaments. A 7-inched pole extension is provided, attached with screws to the fence brush. 

You’ll find it includes a hooking lip too. It mainly serves to attach your brush to the edge of your painting can. Its synthetic fibers give you the scope to use with all-surface paints. However, it’s ideal as a marine brush.


  • Holds more stains with one dip
  • Adjustable extension pole attached
  • No paint splashing or falling off the brush
  • Bristles are soft and easy to clean
  • Covers wide areas with speed


  • Some find the bristles a little shorter

6. Linzer 3550 Satin and Stain Block Brush

Linzer 3550 Satin and Stain Block Brush

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Were you looking for a block style brush for staining wood? In that case, the Linzer 2550 Block Brush is a must-have for you. Be it any surface; stay assured that the versatile tool works on all!

Why does it claim versatility? Well, the specialty of the brush is its polyester, blended white China bristle. They can blend with all types of paints. Hence, you can stain and waterproof all surfaces.

The bar is a stainless-steel ferrule with a size 5 inches in width, 3.125 inches in trim length, and 1.25 thickness. For the flexibility, the brush offers, you can stain wood with no wrist pain. 

It comes with a plastic handle having a threaded grip. Hence, it eases the use of pole extensions. Smooth finish stains on wooden decks, fences, and walls are the final results you achieve with it.


  • Easy to control with no fiber falling off
  • Threaded grips on the handle make it easy to hold
  • Extension poles to add reachability
  • Filaments are sturdy with no bending
  • Effective for waterproofing


  • Not ideal for small and detailed wood staining task

7. Presa Premium Paint Brushes Set- 5 Piece

Presa Premium Paint Brushes Set- 5 Piece

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Heavy-duty wood staining jobs don’t rely on a single type of brush. To pop out your paint with precision, you demand a set of premium brushes. The Presa Brush set is here to save your day.

The set consists of 5 brushes in total with different widths. Sizes start from 1 inch to 3 inches with a rise of 0.5 inches. Thus, you earn the benefit to end your staining task with precise, detailed design.

Each of the brushes owns the finest and blended solid round tapered type of fibers. Hence, they earn a large diameter to stain in a flash in all positions. It has a holding capacity of 30% extra than any regular brush. A big crackerjack!

Be it any abrasive exterior. It indeed endures all heavy-duty applications. You’re sure to attain versatility with the brush while painting walls, doors, vases, wood furniture, or fences.


  • Enhances productivity for exterior tasks
  • Holds 30% more dye at once
  • Smooth finishing with precision
  • Versatile with heavy-duty ability
  • Five diverse sizes


  • Bristles may split up, leading to a streaky finish

Things to Consider When Buying Brush for Staining Wood

By now, you have encountered all the best brushes in the field of wood staining tasks. Still not ready with your pick? Then it’s time to attend a few features for consideration before you set out for brush purchase. 

If you think what they are, don’t. We’ve done this part too for you. Give all the factors a thoughtful vision!


Who would buy a set of painting brushes that offers inferior stability? Yes, true. So, your number one concern should be to check its reliability. With a robust design, your wood staining tasks turn stress-free. 

Type of The Brush

Various type of bush has made its place in the market. It depends on your work type. But we’ve enlisted the most common ones that all desire to use:

White China Bristles

Professionals prefer such types of brushes to gain an outstanding result. You can use it for all oil-based paints, polyurethanes, clear coats, and stains. When applied for staining furniture or antiques, a smooth finish comes out each time.

Synthetic Bristles

All artists know that these are a combination of nylon and polyester-type filaments. When worked on staining water-based decks, they offer an incredible look. No hard case to clean using soapy water and reuse.

Firm Bristles

It’s a blemish when you find your bristles are shedding. Firm bristles give the ease to control painting strokes and ample coverage. So, make sure to check the firmness of the fibers to avoid falling off. 

Length Adjustment

To increase your reachability, brushes often come with pole extensions. It allows you to adjust the length and paint in comfort. Mark if the pole extensions have the scope to screw and unscrew.

Wide Coverage

A brush that offers the max coverage works best to stain any wood stuff. As a result, you get to paint a large area in less time with a few strokes. No chance of a streaky finish!


Picking a brush that works one-time for one project isn’t worth the money. So, it’s better to go for a reliable paintbrush that is easy to clean and reuse. You’re sure to finish big projects with the same brush!

Dealing Surfaces

Indeed, your wood staining job is not restrained to a specific type of surface. So you need to figure out the brush you pick that can deal with all painting surfaces. Be it smooth, rough, or highly abrasive. You need an all-rounder brush!

Paint Holding Capacity

If your paintbrush comes with a larger diameter or width, it can hold more paint with a single dip into the paint can. As a result, your workflow increases, saving your paint quantity too.

FAQs on Wood Stain Brush

1. Should I use a foam brush or bristle brush to stain woods?

Answer: We recommend using bristle brushes over foam brushes. Well, foam brushes don’t bring out a smooth finish and work on a small area. But a quality bristle type of brush stains any large surface with a better finish.

2. Is it necessary to wipe off the excess wood stains?

Answer: Yes, indeed. It would be best if you wiped it off immediately. If you delay in wiping off the wood stains, the surface will turn too thick and sticky. Moreover, your paint will not dry properly and flake off pretty soon.

3. Which brush type works best for staining wood?

Answer: Your purpose and surface will make the decision. For water-based stains, a brush with synthetic bristles works the best. But when working with oil-based finishing, you better use brushes with natural bristles.

Final Words

When handling any wood staining job, all suffer the same issues. Which brush to use that serves a quality finish in a small time-frame with efficiency? But no more puzzles! By the time you reached the bottom of the article, you’re sure to flick through our detailed reviews.

So, here are part ends making a start to yours. Choose the perfect brush for staining wood that fits your needs. An all-rounder wood staining brush is waiting for you with superior quality, durability, smooth finish, and broad coverage.

Start staining wood right now!

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