The 10 Best Wooden Dollhouse for Toddlers in 2021

Are you a kid lover? Are you looking for something to gift your kids? Check out the list and read the reviews of top best wooden dollhouses that are ideal gifts for them.

The dollhouses are not only helped your kid’s enjoyment but also helps imagination and creativity.

The dollhouses are one of the best gaming toys that help encourage kids to shape their dreaming future house.

KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture

The wooden dollhouse is one of the favorites of the young child. The best wooden dollhouse for kids will allow your little one to spend the time of fun playing. The kids can play on their own or with friends and siblings.

A dollhouse develops your child’s imagination, thinking more and more about creativity like pretend situations and lifelike copies of their home. A great dollhouse can unlock your child’s creativity.

Choosing the dollhouse on the list. If you want to pick one, you should have spent hours reading up on the different styles of wooden dollhouses.

We should read the customer reviews and spend more time watching YouTube videos and blogs. Then you have come up with a list about the top ten dollhouses list on the market.

Top Picks: 5 Wooden Dollhouse for Kids & Toddlers​

Top 10 Best Wooden Dollhouse for Toddlers Review and Buying Guide

1. Melissa and Doug Fold & go Mini Wooden Dollhouse

The Melissa & Doug and Go mini wooden dollhouse is a traditional dollhouse that is the inner room furniture.

It helps your child’s take care of younger siblings and other kids and it offers soothing pink colors that appeal to a young girl who likes your family.

This dollhouse comes with a two-story dollhouse with 2 possible figures and basic furniture for each room.

Melissa and Doug fold & go mini wooden dollhouse

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​It included a table for a kitchen room and two chairs and an armchair and TV stand with TV for the living room. With a bed for bedroom, plus 2 kitchen appliances and comes with 2 pieces of bathroom furniture.


  • A portable dollhouse that is flexible wooden play figures
  • Thick handles for small hands to carry easily
  • Very durable and simple wooden furniture
  • Pleasing colors for small kids
  • Creative gift for kid’s ages of 3-6 and 1005 happiness guarantee


  • Might be too babyish for the older child

2. KidKraft Disney Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse

KidKraft Disney Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse

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The KidKraft Disney Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse is another theme that is an open-faced three-floor dollhouse.

This Ice castle wooden dollhouse is perfect for children who want to re-live the Frozen movie with Ana, Elsa, Olaf and the rest of their favorite characters.

It is one of the princess dollhouses in the family. It’s large enough for multiple children to share the fun and imaginations run wild.

You can recreate their favorite scenes with 4 rooms of play. All crafted are very beautiful artwork from their favorite movie.

This dollhouse comes more than beautifully designed rooms that included 11 pieces of custom furniture that are fit perfectly. All the furniture is beautiful, regal detail is taken right from the magical kingdom.


  • Popular movie theme
  • Extra tall for fashion dolls
  • Built for children over three years
  • Smart and sturdy construction
  • Made of composite wooden materials


  • Doesn’t comes with figures

3. Melissa and Doug Multi-Level Wooden Dollhouse 

If you need a larger dollhouse for your younger children? If you looking like a house dollhouse? The Melissa & Doug Multi-Level dollhouse perfect for your younger.

It’s two feet tall and two feet wide and it’s open face design that makes easier for more toddler to play at a time.

They have three stores and have two staircases that are a soft pink and purple color. 

This color is pleasing to the eye for your younger children and décor perfectly. When a toddler is done for the exterior of the house and hides the clutter of moving pieces.

Melissa and Doug Multi-Level Wooden Dollhouse

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It comes with 19 pieces of durable, soft and very sturdy wooden furniture that is enough for little fingures to manipulate. There are no dolls included but 4-inches doll sets would fit well.


  • Larger scale
  • Included more furniture for play
  • Traditional wooden design
  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Two movable staircases and five working exterior doors


  • Doesn’t come with figures

4. All Seasons Kids Wooden Dollhouse by Hape

All Seasons Kids Wooden Dollhouse by Hape

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The Hape all season dollhouse is beautiful that sure to provide your child inspired and role play.

It comes with a reversible solar-paneled roof and plays all year round from sunrise to sunset. This dollhouse comes with six complete rooms with all doll furniture sets.

The doll family has a cozy garret, rest well in a master bedroom, bathroom and entertained in the media room, cook up a kitchen room and living room.

The dollhouse can inspire your kid’s creativity and play the game that allowing your child to arrange and decorate dollhouse any way like.

It’s made of durable with a solid wood construction that is environmentally safe. It is the most important thing is finished brightly colored child-safe paint.

They give the child sparks imagination and creativity and fantasy storytelling. This house teaches social skills like communication, friendship, and language development.


  • Solid wood construction frame
  • open play allows for three-sided play
  • A classic 3 story wood dollhouse
  • Easy to move and arranged
  • Bright colors are stimulating


  • Thin floor design

5. Melissa & Doug Classic Heirloom Victorian Wooden Dollhouse

The Melissa and Doug classic dollhouse features Victorian styling and pretty pink coat of paint.

It’s a Victorian house that designs like as hand-painted shingled roof, window frames and delicate staircase with a banister.

This is an open-face design and three floors. You can get hardware and clear instructions and assist with assembling the sturdy wooden pieces that connect with a single type of screw so don’t worry about getting the wrong one.

After the easy assembly, the dollhouse stands up to play the game. This house painted inside and outside that are bright colors.

Melissa & Doug Classic Heirloom Victorian Wooden Dollhouse

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The classic wooden toy dollhouse provides a launch pad to ignite imagination and children discover themselves their passions and their purpose.

This company founding more than 25 years ago that has delivered innovative products who inspire thinking, encourage kids to new possibilities.


  • Suitable for an older Victorian house for kids that are a more realistic dollhouse
  • Traditional dollhouse
  • All the small screw used for easy assembly
  • Full-color interior graphics
  • Sturdy wooden construction


  • Not appropriate for young children

6. KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture

Are you love children? Are you gift your child like a dollhouse? The KidKraft’s cottage is an open-faced dollhouse that gives your child easy access to all the rooms.

It’s a larger house with three floors and 2 staircases. They have a small outdoor terrace on the top floor and have a balcony. The windows can be open and close.

The open-faced it is better for two kids playing at once. It comes with 17 pieces of furniture, they are very durable and strong wooden parts.

They are big enough for a small hand to grip but it’s allowed to continue for a hundred years.

KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture

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The doll set comes 4-inches that will be the right size but it doesn’t come with figures. If you know about all types of the dollhouse, you want to give your child.

But bad news, when you are expecting all the parts in one set because it’s not possible to give your child all in one set.


  • Small enough to fit in a small space
  • Open design house so allows more children to play
  • 17 pieces furniture
  • Good for the elementary child
  • Bright color


  • Figures not included

7. Melissa & Doug Folding Princess Castle Wooden Dollhouse

Melissa & Doug Folding Princess Castle Wooden Dollhouse

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Welcome, the first themed dollhouse is great for your kids on the list because it’s folded out to access inner rooms with removable turrets, balconies, walk space and working drawbridge.

The Melissa wood play toy decorated with regal accents that are fully assembled and ready for royal play.

The castle dollhouse gives your children imagination play and closes neatly for compact storage.

This dollhouse unfinished wooden style with a pink roof. The unfolded house creates a longer piece for 2 children plays with from above. 

The dollhouse is very durable and younger kids used hard on the unfinished wood but the wood look beautiful that makes natural shades are suitable for kids that are less likely to spill.

You can customize your dollhouse accessories when your child uses it. The four inches figure will fit nicely and it doesn’t come with any furniture. However, If you are looking for all in one dollhouse for kids, you can’t be going to be your best option.


  • Castle theme
  • Simple and unfolding design
  • Some accessories are arrangeable
  • Hand-painted details
  • An archway connects the two towers


  • No accessories included

8. KidKraft Annabelle Dollhouse With Furniture

You are looking open-faced or full-scale wooden dollhouse? The KidKraft’s Annabelle is one of them that comes with three floors, a staircase, and a gliding elevator.

It has a picture of furniture in each room to add depth and a chandelier on the top floor.

This house 4-feet tall and comes unassembled but you don’t worry about assemble because it’s easily complete. If you aren’t like to build a scratch, you aren’t right dollhouse for you.

It’s larger and suitable for younger children ready to move and like looking real dollhouse.

KidKraft Annabelle Dollhouse

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It doesn’t come with doll figures and comes with 16 pieces of furniture. The dolls are perfect four or five inches. But the KidKraft comes a variety of doll sets that are sold separately.


  • Larger four feet tall
  • Gliding elevator is a fun detail
  • Smart, sturdy wooden construction
  • Perfect for dolls up to 12” tall
  • 3 levels, 4 rooms, and a balcony


  • Must be assembled

9. KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

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The KidKraft Majestic Mansion is the biggest and top customer reviews on the list.

This dollhouse built for larger dolls like Barbie and it comes with 34 pieces of wooden furniture.

They have 8 rooms that are unique designs in each room, plus a working elevator and garage doors.

These are open-faced design with wide angles. The dollhouse over 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide. The dollhouse allows many children to play at a time.  At four and a half feet tall give the biggest imaginations.


  • Large scale dollhouse is perfect for a playroom
  • Four levels and eight rooms
  • Garage doors open and close
  • Packaged with details assemble instructions
  • Smart and sturdy construction


  • The lot of dedicated space to store

10. KidKraft Beachfront Mansion with Furniture

The KidKraft Beach Front Mansoin wooden dollhouse is sturdy that includes two balconies, four rooms, and other furniture. Each room features are brightly colored walls with images of wallpaper.

It comes with 12-ich dolls is decorated with 14 pieces of wooden furniture like bed, sofa, toilet etc.

The first-floor storage space has accommodated dolls, bathrooms, accessories, and other toys.

The dollhouse more than 49 inches tall and beachfront offers space to play that can last for years.

KidKraft Beachfront Mansion with Furniture

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The Kidkraft is inspired by real-life, featuring details such as printed stainless-steel refrigerator, a Flat screen TV that attaches the bedroom wall and they have an elevator that can be move first and second floors.

The first floor has a flushing toilet which color is pink and white and sounds it when flushing. Silver stairs connect the second and third floors. The lamp setup in the living room for lighting.


  • Real working sound and light
  • The storage compartment is brilliant
  • Large scale and modern design
  • Perfect for 36 months to 15 years
  • Includes 14 pieces of furniture and gorgeous cloth canopy


  • Difficult for one person to assemble

​Best Wooden Doll House for Kids & Toddlers Buying Guide

How to Choose The Perfect Dollhouse?

As you have already seen in the analysis and opinions of each of the doll houses that we have compared, there are many different types and each of them keeps its own charm.The choice of the ideal model you want from the best doll house has to be conditioned first to the age of the child, since it is not the same to give him one that has bright and fun colors, than those that he will not be able to paint well or that will pose a risk to your health and also to the product itself.

Ideally, you should try first with models with a much larger size, that they can play with peace of mind and that the pieces are not large enough so that they can end up in the child’s stomach.

If while growing and getting older continues to opt for this type of toys, it would be a good time to make a more important acquisition, such as large houses and realism, or those that you have to paint all the pieces.

Once you have chosen the doll house depending on the model, you will also have to take into account its size, since it is not the same those people who want to buy an article one meter long, which, for example, the product that you We have previously analyzed that it will be very high and will take up a lot of space, leaving at least a whole wall free to place it and that there are no risks.

Regarding the size there are many houses that will be small that can be kept quietly in a chest but others are preferable to have outside at all times.To decorate, the cheapest dollhouses have decorations that are made by means of stickers. In the case of the most expensive, the walls will be painted, but usually, it is usual to find the sticker, simulating the decorated walls of a house.

So that these decorations are better preserved, what you must do first is that the house does not get wet, since the liquid will act and run the risk of peeling or spoiling, leaving the house quite ugly without one of its most important parts.

If you are looking perfect dollhouse for kids? Then you should consider a few things before buying that dollhouse is surprise for a birthday or gifts for kids. But don’t choose the wrong dollhouse. Now you are consider a few things and learn about perfect dollhouse.


It comes in various sizes and broken down into ratios. There are generally 1:6, 1:12, 1:24, and 1:48 in size that is larger, playscale house can accommodate size and a perfect size for multiple children to play.

This dollhouse appropriate on the store display but consider the room space while you have to store. Small dollhouse is child open-ended play toy without taking up all apace in the room.

The size of the dollhouse is crucial to consider it as a possible option. Most of us have limited space in our houses and before buying the dollhouse we must know how much space we can have to place it.

The size of the house is also important to know the size of dolls that can use it and also choose accessories on a certain scale. There is the possibility of buying a custom made dollhouse, in this case, check if you can get the furniture on the scale you have decided to order.

There are dollhouses of many styles: beach house, Victorian style, modern style, etc. Since they cannot be very large, they are usually made on several floors so that each floor can house one or two rooms.


Doll houses are usually made of wood, plastic or metal. The wooden ones have a very realistic appearance, but if it’s thin sheets, it can break if the girls don’t use it properly.

They are also usually more expensive than plastic ones, although they do not look as good as wooden ones, in general, they are more durable.

The metal ones are almost no longer seen in the market, because over time, it can be worse, peeling the paint and even deforming.

Collectors prefer wood. There are doll houses on the market with different styles, luxury finishes and even with details such as light.

Type of Construction

This is a matter of personal choice rather than convenience. There are basically two types of houses, those that have one of their sides fully open and that in the front look like the house is complete, but the back is open for the girl to play.

The other type of construction is “folding”, the front and the back are joined by a closure that can be opened when we want to play with the house. They are more limited in terms of the game they can find with the dolls because less space is used.


When we talk about accessories, we refer to dolls, furniture, and others as appliances, decorations, etc. Some doll houses come with these accessories, others include only the basics and then you must buy the rest separately.

If you cannot buy all the accessories or furniture at the same time as the house, establish an order of priorities and finish furnishing it whenever possible.


It is clear that your budget for this purpose will limit your options. There are very cheap doll houses while others, more for collectors than for kids, can cost hundreds of Dollars.

It all depends on what you can and are willing to spend on a dollhouse. Don’t forget that you also have to add the cost of dolls, furniture and other accessories to have the house that your daughter dreams of.

Age Suitability

Wooden or plastic dollhouse would be most suitable for small toddlers that who have a tendency to be a little on the topsy-turvy side. We have all seen it. The two years old toddler can go from bear along confidently on moment.

Bottom Line

A best wooden dollhouse for kids gives your child a chance to participate in imaginative and it’s open-ended play. Children learn about the world and gives creativity that helps them learn and discover their personalities.

A dollhouse is a big investment but it reflects a child’s values and imagination that is fun and allows them to learn. Never be taken cheap plastic dollhouses because it isn’t sturdy. The wooden dollhouse play sets give the child tactile stimulation and last through the years.

Do you purchase a playhouse as a kids? And what was your favorite part of the house? Let us know more read the review below and if you will be getting your children the same or a different style of the play the best dollhouse.

If you want to find a dollhouse, you have to know that depending on the product you want, with the benefits and also with a good budget, you can get models that will have light switches, being able to turn off and on the lights of each of the rooms, or even elevators with which to press a button and get the doll up from the ground floor to the last floor as in reality.

In these cases, you have to reflect on the use that will be given to you and if this investment will be worth it.

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