The 10 Best Wooden Cooking Utensils of 2021 (Buying Guide)

There are different types of utensils on the market but the best wooden cooking utensils are the highly recommended which are 100% natural, safe, strong, and eco-friendly.

The wooden kitchen utensils are simple but ideal for cooking healthy foods. They have varieties of design and functions. The wooden cooking utensils are made from 100% strong wood material, and they are perfect for long-term use.

Vremi 5-piece Bamboo Kitchen Utensil

Apart from this, they are also heat resistant, strong and will tolerate the high as well as low temperatures which recommended for use on hot surfaces. The utensils are easy to clean and don’t require any special rules.

In this review post we’re going to review the top 10 best wooden cooking or kitchen utensils: at first we check & test 25 wooden kitchen utensils set, and the we pick the best 10 products. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality and best wooden kitchen utensils set, then purchase on from our list.

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Top 10 Best Wooden Cooking Utensils or Spoons for Kitchen Room Reviews

The wooden spoons have longer and ergonomic handles that easy to use when cooking. Each of spoons has a hanging loop for easy to storage after use. And they have to look at many things like size, weight, elegance, cost, maintenance and much more. 

In fact, the wooden utensils have on random reviews and testimonials and like ordinary people loves cooking still favored the use of wood utensils because wooden kitchen utensils not only looking great but also work great as well.

Before buying the wooden cooking utensils, you should check out for a number of things such as durability, the number of utensils in the pack, cost, hanging loop, extra included and versatility among others.

You will enjoy reading this article and find out the ​perfect wooden cooking utensils sets for your kitchen.

1. OXO Good Grips Large Wooden Spoon

It is one of the high quality wooden utensils on the market, the OXO good grips wooden spoon is great for you. This spoon is made of solid wood and single piece and has a hole in the handle for hanging.

​If you’re looking for the  ​best wood spoons for cooking​, you can purchase few of this​​​, has a nice and deep recess which work for serving at the table when you’re testing your food during cooking. It is larger in both the handle and solid piece of equipment. The spoon is bowl protection than your typical grocery store wooden cooking utensils.

These are made from smooth wood, comfortable handle and not the thick. Somebody say they are very durable and it has lasted beautifully.

OXO Good Grips Large Wooden Spoon

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​The old fashion wooden utensils are the modern invention that feels of wood for cooking needs. The 14” utensils is an ideal for deep pots and pans. The wooden cooking spoon protects a natural oil without contaminating the food that’s safe for nonstick cookware.

The OXO utensils are easy to use for the widest range of users, a larger handle which comfortably fits the hand. The handle has a hole in the end that allows it to hang where you want.

The wooden kitchen utensils are best washed by hand. The OXO manufacturer all products have a satisfaction warranty and you will replace or refund the returned item.

Top Features:

  • Made of one-piece solid beech wood
  • Large and comfortable handle
  • Safe for a non-stick pan
  • Natural oil finish
  • Best washed by hand
  • Dimensions: 12.4” X 2.6” X 1.2”


  • Affordable and fit for hand
  • Solid beech wood
  • Wide handle
  • Large recess
  • Safe for any frying pan


  • Can get rough after washing
  • Quality control issues

2. Vremi 5-piece Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Set or Wooden spoons

The Vremi 5-piece Bamboo kitchen utensil set is a fun and colorful bamboo utensils. It is a traditional rounded utensil, it is scraping corner, slotted spoon, forked utensil, and spatula utensil.

Vremi 5-piece Bamboo Kitchen Utensil

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The spoon section is bamboo and the handle made of colored silicone. The majority of user love the made of bamboo utensils. People looking sturdy and silicone handles are very soft and nice to grip. These handles are also long that is very functional, especially for big food pots and bowl. These come nicely packaged like a nice gift.

There are a few concerns with this set that one is not made from a single piece of wood but included several strips with glue. The bamboo is a common material but may cause issues with chipping or cracking over time when using after only a few uses. And you’re also concerned about the safety of glue.

However, the manufacturer is very responsive and working great with customers when any case receives a defective item.

Top Features:

  • 5-piece natural bamboo spoon set
  • Eco-friendly, well-made and safe to use
  • Heavy-duty cooking and serving kitchen utensils
  • Colorful ergonomic handles
  • Easy to clean and stores easily


  • Good value with a variety of tools
  • Eco-friendly bamboo utensils
  • Long and wide colorful handles
  • Attractive packaging
  • Good customer service


  • Quality control issues
  • Can’t be left in hot food

3. Scanwood Olive Wood Cooking Spoon Set 

The Scanwood is a manufacturer that bring that Scandi-cool kitchen tools. The utensils is made from luscious olive wood that is very durable. It is looking great and sustainably sourced. The spoon set is a very classic design, long spoon with round handle and fairly shallow bowl that is very stirring but also works for tasting.

You can get a number of other types of scan wood spoons from the same link or also here. If you’re looking more types of a spatula, scraper or serving types of utensils. This wooden spoon set is not much more attractive than the others they have used. The olive wooden cooking spoon has a beautiful, feels nice and handle fits for in the hand.

Scanwood Olive wood cooking spoon set

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​Although, the handle looks thin in the product pictures but it is sturdier and thicker than it appears. The utensils come from centers of the logs from Italian olive wood which is selecting for their unique warm coloring, hardness, and durability.

These wooden products from sustainable European sources with zero carbon oxide footprint. The wood utensil looking like, much more recommended with food-grade mineral oil from time to time.

To​p Features:

  • Handcrafted Italian olive wood
  • Beautiful natural grain pattern and warm coloring
  • One-piece durable hardwood
  • Eco-friendly and made from sustainable sources
  • Ideal for scraping, stirring and elegant design


  • One-piece solid olive wood construction
  • Attractive color
  • Made of Italian olive wood
  • Satisfaction warranty
  • Safe for any frying pan


  • Wood spoon feel dry
  • Some user say handle too thick

4. Bamber 4 Pieces Cooking Wooden Spoons Set

If you’re looking 4-piece cooking wooden utensils pack is a factor you have to consider when buying it. In this pack provided high-quality wood cooing utensils, you’re going to like. The spoons set made from raw material that makes them last longer than you expected.

Bamber 4 pieces cooking wooden spoons

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The Bamber ​high quality wooden spoons are compact and very sturdy that you never want to miss.  This wooden spoon sets comes with turner spatula, slotted spoon, and a non-slotted spoon. They are made of one-piece solid wood and soft.

These spoons has a hanging loop on the handles that you’re also storing. Therefore, these ​best wooden spoons for cooking got long handles for easy hold. So they have an elegant design and perfectly suit for your kitchen.

Top Features:

  • Premium beechwood spoon
  • 4-quality utensils
  • 1-piece solid wood and durable
  • Extra thick and ergonomic handle
  • No chemical pollution
  • ​It is one of the best wood spoons sets


  • Beautiful for home décor
  • Natural wood oil coated and totally safe
  • Strong and durable
  • Simple to store
  • Suits for every kitchen


  • Highly expensive

5. Tramanto Olive Wood Utensil Set 

If you find the flat spatula, corner utensil, curved utensil, slotted utensil, and curved spatula, the Tramanta olive ​wooden kitchen utensil set is great for you.

This is a complete cooking utensil set. Indeed, the wooden spoon constructed by 100% olive wood material, which makes the long-time used.

Moreover, they also have long handles that are very comfy and smooth holding when cooking. The spoon has a unique design and classy finishes that are perfect for a kitchen or any space.

Tramanto Olive Wood utensil set

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The spoons are heat resistant and safe for non-stick pan and it has been designed for use on hot surfaces. They are ideal for mixing, serving, frying and other much more. If you using non-stick surfaces that allows for cleaning and perfect on all pots and pans.

Top Features:

  • 5-pieces pack spoons
  • 12” long spoon
  • Non-stick finishes
  • Olive wood can be fragile


  • Made of natural wood
  • Great gift idea for the cook
  • Easy to clean
  • Long and durable


  • Some are fragile
  • Utensil holder and other accessories not included

6. Artmeer Bamboo Utensil Set  

Are you looking for a chef or do you enjoy making food? You can use the 6-piece Artmeer Bamboo cooking utensil set.

The utensil made from MOSO bamboo and resistant to moisture. It is great for cookware from scratches and makes an excellent gift for your kitchen.

Artmeer Bamboo Utensil set

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It is very long-lasting and durable or best option for you and good choice for the present time. The 6-pieces bamboo cooking utensils are suitable for the family kitchen.

They have a hole in the spoons on the handle and can be suspended. You can easily hand wash when you finish cleaning, dry it. These bamboo kitchen utensils are also safe to use on non-stick cookware set and it is easy to clean by water.

This sets included spatula, single hole mixing spoon, slotted spatula, slotted spoon, bamboo spoon and round fork in a package which set satisfied all your needs for your family cooking, very durable and sweet bamboo kitchen tools.

The spoons handles have a loop for storage and they give a beautiful look for your kitchen. These spoons are the greatest utensils in the market. Just purchase one for making the cooking happier.

Top Features:

  • Natural and healthy design spoons
  • Moisture resistant and protect your pans and pots
  • They have holes at the top for hanging
  • Hand wash and fast dry


  • Made from Mosco bamboo
  • Easy cleaning and natural drying
  • Durable and lovely Bamboo kitchen tools
  • 6-pieces spoon set that satisfied if you needs
  • Set includes single mixing spoon, rounded fork, slotted spoon and spatula


  • These are fragile

7. ECOSALL Healthy Cooking Utensils Set  

The ECOSALL healthy cooking utensils set ideal for cooking. This set comes with 6-pieces package and all made of natural white nonstick hardwood which is uncoated and unglued. It is high quality, durable and eco-friendly safe cooking tools.

The professional white spoons have handles that are long, flat, grip and heat resistant. These are guaranteed pure natural hardwood.

The handle thick and long, perfectly for a sanded, smooth durable and lightweight product. You can try to use at home and discover that it will not break down like other spoons.

ECOSALL healthy cooking utensils set

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The spoons set includes mixing spoons, slotted spatula, angles and flat spoons that works well for frying, serving and other use.

These are saved for all cookware set and it is beechwood spoons that are easy to clean and thorough hand wash. It is excellent for a gift, save the price and give away as well as.

Top Features:

  • Made by natural organic beech wood
  • Heat resistant spoons
  • Irreplaceable wooden utensil set
  • Different shapes and great gift idea
  • Easy to clean and store


  • Healthy, natural and organic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Long comfortable handles
  • High-quality soft beech wood
  • Safe, uncoated and unglued


  • Not use constant rubbing oil
  • Not recommendable for dishwasher

8. 6-Pieces Long Wood Soup Spoons  

The 6-pieces long handles wooden soup spoons are the ideal for kitchen supply. It is looking nice and shapes that is most of people like to purchase a lot. It is made by phoebe Nanmu wood and each of wooden soup spoon is well-finished natural plant oil glaze which doesn’t come off.

This spoon has not any odor, BPA free, and toxic-free. It is a comfortable design with exquisite grain patterns. The wood grain varies by years of plant and growing condition of wood these handmade table soup spoons.

6-pieces long wood soup spoons

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The each of spoons is 9” length and 12g weight soup spoons. It is very lightweight, smooth and sturdy but no crack. The product will last a long-lasting even everyday used. We always care about this product because each of the spoons we create high-quality wood.

Table utensils are the perfect size for cooking and eating soup. It can be used hot soup make coffee, making nasi goring, curries and other used.

The wooden eating utensils are the best when using Non-stick frying pan and perfect for pots and pans of all. Making your kitchen look nice with spoons set, great and dignified. Great utensils, great life.

Top Features:

  • One-piece solid wood construction
  • Comfortable design with grain patterns
  • 9-inches length with 12g dinner spoons
  • Long-lasting even everyday used


  • Eco-friendly
  • 100% natural wood
  • No odor, BPA and toxic-free material
  • Made by Phoebe Nanmu wood
  • 90 days warranty and friendly customer service


  • Long and thick handles
  • No holes on the handles

9. COOKSMARK 5 Piece Bamboo Wood Nonstick Cooking Utensils  

The naturally bamboo utensil set look at COOKSMARK which safe to use on Non-stick and heating cookware. The handles have a colorful silicone structure and they have a comfortable grip while remaining cool to touch and hole for hanging the utensils or easy to store.

The COOKSMARK company brings a natural cooking utensil set. The bamboo wood utensils are safe for baking and it comes with a set of five pieces that contain the spatula, mixing spoon and serving utensils.

These manufacturers always focus on cookware company, research, and upgrade and its provide high-quality cookware set to our customer. Many years this manufacturer sales both product development experience and they have able to understand how to expectations for excellent cookware.

COOKSMARK 5 piece Bamboo wood Nonstick cooking utensils

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If you want to easy way to cook healthy and good meals? The COOKSMARK provides the amazing cooking experience the joy of cuisine. The COOKSMARK is a fashion cooking utensils that are passionate in the kitchen.

The ideal kitchen utensils are better than wood that is long-lasting and safe for the bacteria to get trapped compare with regular wood. And each spoon is a suitable size for cooking. It is easy to clean just wash them soapy water and dry fast.

The lovely spoons set are BPA free, heatproof and biodegradable. And also free of any chemicals and safe for high temperatures. So you don’t worry about this product leaching into your foods.

Top Features:

  • The utensils don’t scratch on Non-stick surfaces
  • The handles made of colorful silicone
  • They have a hole for wall hanging
  • The spoons are perfect for multi-purpose use
  • The utensils are durable and eco-friendly


  • Made of 100% high-quality Bamboo
  • Safe for all cookware set
  • Long and colorful silicone handles
  • Hand wash maintenance
  • Easy to hold without hurting the hands


  • There are no cons we are found

10. NAYAHOSE Natural Teak Wood Kitchen Utensils Set

If you want to experience the real fun of cooking? And you want to master chief of your kitchen? The NAYAHOSE is a great wooden cooking utensil that will make your cooking style and give your kitchen an elegant look. This cooking utensil will help you to make cooking easy and faster.

NAYAHOSE natural teak wood kitchen utensils set

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You want to all in one décor your kitchen that comes with wooden cooking utensils that are natural take wood utensils set, Non-stick hardwood spatula and wood spoons which give a coat of shine your kitchen.

The NAYAHOSE kitchen utensils set comes with a hard and sturdy material which is strong quality of your cooking. This material is long-lasting and clean easily off all worries of breaking or scratches.

​The utensils are designed daily basis use and décor your kitchen with speed booster.These cooking utensils set a great choice for sending mom, women, and chefs for household, birthday and any special occasions use the set that will be useful in every kitchen. It is the best tools or gift you loved ones.

Top Features:

  • Natural environment teak made of utensils
  • Durable solid wood spoons
  • Easy to clean and mild detergent
  • Hand made by natural wood products


  • Depth color and different texture
  • Special for Non-stick pan
  • Recommended for hand wash
  • Long handles that stay cool touch
  • Top of form


  • Damage expensive

Best Wooden Cooking Spoons Buyer’s Guide

If you want to buy high quality wooden cooking utensils set, ​You have to follow some guides and look out for:

Built: Wooden cooking utensils are better for cooking but not all wood cooking utensils have been made from same quality wood. If you use a long time, you need to check for utensils that have been made from 100% hardwood material.

The instance that, you need to consider the made of beech wood, teak wood, and olive wood. You know that both teak and beech wood are very sturdy and durable while olive wood is fragile.

Number of spoons: There are many types of utensils and have a number of utensils to choose from each pack. Most of the pack contains up to seven spoons while others contain only three spoons.

If you need more spoons for convenient cooking, then consider the pack of six or seven pieces. When you need fewer spoons for personal use, you need three or four pieces.

Handles length: The handle’s length is very important for cooking. The handles determine how safe they use the spoons.

Though, we know it is heat resistant but you still need to get long handles for easy to use without getting scorched. The handles contain a hole on the last position that you can be hanging for convenient storage.

You also need to consider about the new look for non-stick properties, price, versatility, and ease of cleaning among others.

Advantages of Wooden Kitchen Utensils

  • The antibacterial properties of wood make it more hygienic than other materials, if used and maintained properly.
  • They don’t conduct heat, so you’re less likely to get burned by cooking if you use wood kitchen utensils.
  • They do not alter the natural flavor of food.
  • The less damage the non-stick surfaces of other utensils such as pans, etc.

Disadvantages of Wooden Kitchen Utensils

  • They need more maintenance than utensils made of other materials if you don’t want them to break down.


The wooden cooking utensils are as useful and convenient like metals ones. In fact, we like very much because safe and non-stick and heat resistant.

These utensils preventing your hands from burns and taking good care for pots and pans. The versatility of the spoons comes only next.

However, the ​wooden kitchen spoons are versatility in the kitchen and a perfect gift for price and kitchen décor as well.

We always mentioned the buying wooden spoons for quality and durability and free from any chemicals or toxic materials. Tell me, have you made your pick?

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