The 10 Best Wooden Cooking Utensils of 2021 (Buying Guide)

Are you not getting the balance of your flavors right? Are you having difficulties with the grip of your cooking spoon? In that case, maybe it is time for you to switch to wooden cooking utensils.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, a good wooden spoon is something you must have in your kitchen. These spoons are lightweight, heat-resistant, safe, and not to mention – aesthetic.

Want to find out which spoon would be ideal for your kitchen? Then join us in our search for the best wooden cooking utensils at hand. Don’t waste any more time and keep reading.

best wooden cooking utensils

In this review post we’re going to review the top 10 best wooden utensil set: at first we check & test 25 wooden kitchen utensils set, and the we pick the best 10 products. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality and best wooden kitchen utensils set, then purchase on from our list.

Top 10 Best Wooden Cooking Utensils Reviews

Editor’s Choice
OXO Good Grips Large Wood Spoon
OXO Good Grips Large Wood Spoon
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Best Overall
Vremi 5-piece Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Set
Vremi 5-piece Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Set
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Top Pick
Scanwood Olive Wood Cooking Spoon Set 10
Scanwood Olive Wood Cooking Spoon Set 10″ 12″ 14″ 
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Bamber 4 Pieces Wooden Spoons for Cooking Wood Kitchen Utensil SetBamber 4 Pieces Wooden Spoons for Cooking Wood Kitchen Utensil Set
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Tramanto Olive Wood Utensil Set 5 Piece Spatula and SpoonsTramanto Olive Wood Utensil Set 5 Piece Spatula and Spoons
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After a dedicated period of research, we present you 10 of the top wooden cooking utensils available in the market.

1. OXO Good Grips Large Wooden Spoon

OXO Good Grips Large best Wooden Spoon

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Our first recommendation screams versatility, longevity, and natural essence – all while staying within budget. The large wooden spoon from Oxo’s “Good Grips” range is truly a masterpiece, just like its other counterparts.

While there are many things you can do with this, its primary functions are to stir and serve. Made of a single and sturdy piece of beech wood, a natural oil coating is applied to its surface. Such a type of coating ensures the protection of the wood. Its balanced measurement will allow you to have a comfortable grip over the spoon.

Most large spoons are only suitable for stirring since they do not have a deep enough cavity. However, this one has a decent niche which allows you to serve a sizeable amount of food using it.

With this ergonomic spoon, you will easily be able to reach the nooks and corners of your cooking pots. Like most wooden utensils, this is completely safe for non-stick pans.

Another handy feature is the small hole at the end of the handle. You can use it to hand the spoon if you want. A downside would be that you can only use hand wash to clean it since it is coated with natural oil.


  • Price is quite affordable
  • Handle is both thick and smooth, allowing good grip and relaxation while using
  • Consists of a small hole that can be used to hang it
  • Deep cavity allows sizeable serving
  • Natural coating ensures protection of wood


  • You can only use hand wash to clean it
  • Regular washing can roughen its texture

2. Vremi 5-piece Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Set

Vremi 5-piece best Bamboo Kitchen Utensil

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Super attractive and colorful as a set, this one tends to pique the interest of anyone who lays their eyes on it. The five-piece set consists of a basic round spoon, a spatula, a slotted spoon, a fork-style spoon, and a scraping spoon.

Other than its colorful appearance, the material of this is quite interesting as well. Bamboo is used as the primary material of the spoon, and the handles are made of silicone. These silicone handles have a solid grip and are smooth to hold. Each handle has a different color.

Since the handles in this set fall more towards the longer side, these spoons are ideal for deeper pots. A huge downside of this set would be its use of glue. As it is made of bamboo, a single-piece portion is not used. Many pieces are joined together using glue. As a result, the spoons can easily crack or break.

Vremi, however, is a very interactive brand that takes customer concerns quite seriously. So, you can approach them if you face any defects. All in all, this set is a good value for your money and pleasant addition to your collection.


  • Vibrant and colorful appearance
  • Well-packaged and ideal for gifting purposes
  • Interactive customer care service
  • Bamboo is an environment-friendly material
  • Consists of all the essential tools


  • Not suitable to be used at high temperature
  • Glued strips are not as sturdy as single-piece wood

3. Scanwood Olive Wood Cooking Spoon Set 10″ 12″ 14″ 

Scanwood Olive best  wood cooking spoon set

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Our third pick is all about aesthetics. If you are a collector of beautiful cookware or want to gift someone wooden spoons, this can be your pick.

Before going into the details, we will be discussing the brand a bit. ScanWood is a renowned Danish brand that incorporates its native style into its kitchen appliances. The range we’re talking about is famous for its unique design and appeal. In fact, there are many dupes of this style available in the market.

These spoons are carefully crafted from olive wood, which is both alluring and durable. The wood is sourced directly from Italy, using sustainable methods. Therefore, these can also be deemed as eco-safe. Besides, since they are built of a single piece, they are much sturdier than glued spoons.

Not only the wood but also the design makes this spoon set iconic. It has long, thin handles and a slender cavity. Since the cavity is not too deep, you can mainly use it to stir, taste, and scrape food. Serving with this set is not ideal.

A few downsides of this would be the dryness of the wood, the thickness of the handles, etc. However, these opinions vary from person to person.


  • Italian olive wood makes up a great source of material
  • Wood is originated from sustainable sources
  • Graining on the body of the spoon is quite alluring
  • Has a sleek and slender appearance


  • Not ideal for serving purposes
  • Not suitable for cleaning with dishwasher

4. Bamber 4 Pieces Wooden Spoons for Cooking Wood Kitchen Utensil Set

Bamber 4 pieces best wooden cooking spoons

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Sometimes, a unique set of spoons is all that you need. Such a set is this one. Other than fulfilling their purposes, these spoons will also increase the appeal of your kitchen.

In this wooden kitchen utensil set, there are four top-notch spoons that are solid and easy to use. The four spoons consist of a basic round slotted spoon, a non-slotted spoon, a spatula, and a spaghetti-serving spoon. All the spoons have small, well-built handles. Each spoon is designed in a lightweight yet comfortable way.

Furthermore, there are small holes at the end of each spoon that will allow you to hang them if necessary. As for the design, it is kept quite minimal. While the other spoon designs are common in sets, a spaghetti-serving spoon is quite uncommon. Such versatility has increased the arena of the set’s use.

Although made of raw beech wood, this set has been polished to peak refinement. There is nearly no rough texture on a new set. Besides, the material has been sourced from the finest and most natural wood. When it comes to eco safety, you can also compare this set to bamboo-made sets.


  • Has a comfortable and functional design
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • Safety aspects almost comparable to bamboo-made sets
  • Easy to hold and use
  • One of the best wooden spoons for cooking


  • These spoons are pretty expensive

5. Tramanto Olive Wood Utensil Set 5 Piece Spatula and Spoon

Tramanto Olive Wood utensil set

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Our fifth pick is a complete set of essentials. But not only that, it has one of the most beautiful designs on wooden spoons.

There are five necessary spoons in this set. If you buy this set, you won’t need to purchase many other spoons. The pieces in this set are a flat spatula, a curved spatula, a round spoon, a corner spoon, and a slotted spoon. They are all wholly made of olive wood.

Since the construction material is olive wood, you will not have to worry about the durability of the spoons. On the body of the utensils, there is a sculpture-like design that is quite unique.

Each spoon is designed with different styles of handles based on the type of functions and user’s needs. While cooking, you will find these very comfortable to use.

Another great thing about these spoons is their resistance to high temperatures. You can easily use them on hot liquid/food, as well as non-stick pans. Since it is a set that has it all, you can do different jobs like serving, scraping, tasting, frying, etc., using it.

Remember to always use the handwash instead of the dishwasher for this specific set.


  • Comes with an attractive gift box
  • Is easy to clean
  • Handles are long, solid, and long-lasting
  • Bears an artistic patterned design on the surface
  • Contains all the necessary spoons for basic cooking functions


  • Not suitable to be cleaned by dishwasher
  • Difficult to maintain

6. Artmeer Bamboo Utensil Set  

Artmeer Bamboo Utensil set

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All-in-one sets are quite popular these days, and this bamboo set from Artmeer is no different. It has five exceptional but useful spoons to fulfill all your kitchen demands.

You already know that bamboo-made spoons are durable and eco-safe. But the difference in the quality depends on the type of bamboo. Here, the material used is Mosco bamboo. It has the ability to withstand moisture. Hence, these spoons do not get damaged easily.

At the end of the handle of each spoon, there is a hole you can use to hang the spoon. Since the set is made entirely of bamboo, it is easy to clean cooking utensils. Besides, it does not take any additional measures to dry them.

All the necessary utensils are added to this set. You can perform all the basic tasks and some advanced cooking jobs using it. If you are a beginner who needs a good cooking set, this one is for you.


  • Composed from Mosco bamboo that has the ability to withstand moisture
  • You can use holes to hand the spoons
  • Is easy to clean and dry the spoons
  • Spoons bear a minimalistic design as well as increased longevity
  • Six versatile spoons combine to create the perfect collection


  • Not the sturdiest spoons in the markets
  • Appearance gradually changes after frequent washing

7. Ecosall Healthy Wooden Cooking Spoons Set of 6

ECOSALL healthy cooking utensils set

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Living up to its brand name, our final suggestion is 100% environment-friendly. Throughout this review, we have raved about the sustainability of bamboo spoons. But these ECOSALL set is even better on that record.

With six distinct spoons of specific kinds, this set is marketed as a premium-quality cooking utensil.

The wood through which the spoon materials are sourced is completely natural. Instead of having the classic wood-like appearance, these spoons are given an almost white finish. As a result, they bear a luxurious appearance and stand out from the other spoons.

Although there are different types of spoons in the set, none of them have deep cavities. Therefore, they are good for scraping and frying. If you want, you can serve using these spoons as well. However, it will not bear the best results.

Who doesn’t like multipurpose tools?  Since the handles of these spoons are long and flat, you can use them for art and craftwork too. Their function will be somewhat similar to that of a palette knife. Since these spoons are lightweight, they will work out very well.


  • White beechwood has a lush appearance
  • Material is sourced from completely natural wood
  • Spoons are able to resist heat
  • Suitable to be used with non-stick utensils
  • Flexible enough to be used for craftwork as well


  • No protective coating is used on the surface
  • Only suitable to be cleaned via hand wash

8. 6-Pieces Long Wood Soup Spoons  

6-pieces long wood soup spoons

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The 6-pieces long handles wooden soup spoons are the ideal for kitchen supply. It is looking nice and shapes that is most of people like to purchase a lot. It is made by phoebe Nanmu wood and each of wooden soup spoon is well-finished natural plant oil glaze which doesn’t come off.

This spoon has not any odor, BPA free, and toxic-free. It is a comfortable design with exquisite grain patterns. The wood grain varies by years of plant and growing condition of wood these handmade table soup spoons.

The each of spoons is 9” length and 12g weight soup spoons. It is very lightweight, smooth and sturdy but no crack. The product will last a long-lasting even everyday used. We always care about this product because each of the spoons we create high-quality wood.

Table utensils are the perfect size for cooking and eating soup. It can be used hot soup make coffee, making nasi goring, curries and other used.

The wooden eating utensils are the best when using Non-stick frying pan and perfect for pots and pans of all. Making your kitchen look nice with spoons set, great and dignified. Great utensils, great life.


  • Eco-friendly
  • 100% natural wood
  • No odor, BPA and toxic-free material
  • Made by Phoebe Nanmu wood
  • 90 days warranty and friendly customer service


  • Long and thick handles
  • No holes on the handles

9. COOKSMARK 5 Piece Bamboo Wood Nonstick Cooking Utensils  

COOKSMARK 5 piece Bamboo wood Nonstick cooking utensils

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The naturally bamboo utensil set look at COOKSMARK which safe to use on Non-stick and heating cookware. The handles have a colorful silicone structure and they have a comfortable grip while remaining cool to touch and hole for hanging the utensils or easy to store.

The COOKSMARK company brings a natural cooking utensil set. The bamboo wood utensils are safe for baking and it comes with a set of five pieces that contain the spatula, mixing spoon and serving utensils.

These manufacturers always focus on cookware company, research, and upgrade and its provide high-quality cookware set to our customer. Many years this manufacturer sales both product development experience and they have able to understand how to expectations for excellent cookware.

If you want to easy way to cook healthy and good meals? The COOKSMARK provides the amazing cooking experience the joy of cuisine. The COOKSMARK is a fashion cooking utensils that are passionate in the kitchen.

The ideal kitchen utensils are better than wood that is long-lasting and safe for the bacteria to get trapped compare with regular wood. And each spoon is a suitable size for cooking. It is easy to clean just wash them soapy water and dry fast.

The lovely spoons set are BPA free, heatproof and biodegradable. And also free of any chemicals and safe for high temperatures. So you don’t worry about this product leaching into your foods.


  • Made of 100% high-quality Bamboo
  • Safe for all cookware set
  • Long and colorful silicone handles
  • Hand wash maintenance
  • Easy to hold without hurting the hands


  • There are no cons we are found

10. NAYAHOSE Natural Teak Wood Kitchen Utensils Set

NAYAHOSE natural teak wood kitchen utensils set

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If you want to experience the real fun of cooking? And you want to master chief of your kitchen? The NAYAHOSE is a great wooden cooking utensil that will make your cooking style and give your kitchen an elegant look. This cooking utensil will help you to make cooking easy and faster.

You want to all in one décor your kitchen that comes with wooden cooking utensils that are natural take wood utensils set, Non-stick hardwood spatula and wood spoons which give a coat of shine your kitchen.

The NAYAHOSE kitchen utensils set comes with a hard and sturdy material which is strong quality of your cooking. This material is long-lasting and clean easily off all worries of breaking or scratches.

​The utensils are designed daily basis use and décor your kitchen with speed booster.These cooking utensils set a great choice for sending mom, women, and chefs for household, birthday and any special occasions use the set that will be useful in every kitchen. It is the best tools or gift you loved ones.


  • Depth color and different texture
  • Special for Non-stick pan
  • Recommended for hand wash
  • Long handles that stay cool touch
  • Top of form


  • Damage expensive

Things To Consider When You Buying Wooden Cooking/Kitchen Utensils

For those of you who are new to this, it’s time to take a look at a buying guide. Here are things you should never overlook while buying wooden cooking utensils:

Type of Wood

While buying a wooden utensil, the first and foremost thing you should look into is the type of wood. There are different types of wood using which utensils are made. Your goal will be to look for solid and strong kinds of wood. Even if they are pricier, invest in them.


Next up, the design of the spoon is equally important. The design of the spoon will determine whether or not you can perform a specific task using it. Spoons might all look the same, but there are subtle differences that you must notice.


Just like the design of the top portion, the handle is something you cannot overlook. While the top of the spoon deals with performing cooking tasks, the handle makes sure the tasks are performed smoothly. If a handle is not comfortable enough to hold, you will face difficulties using that particular spoon.

Heat Resistance

This is a factor you must consider if you are going to use your appliance at a high temperature. With cooking, this part is more or less a given. So, it is ideal to look for heat-resistant utensils.

Cleaning Measures

Using your cooking utensil is definitely what it is all about. But to keep using it, you have to consider proper maintenance. This is where cleaning measures come.

Wood is sensitive material, and improper cleaning may lead to its damage. Make sure you check what type of cleaning measure is required for a particular appliance before buying it.


Different wooden spoons come with different finishes. Some have a grainy texture, while some have a smooth texture. Make sure that your spoon is smooth and refined enough to be used. Besides, also ensure that it has a protective layer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Best Kind of Wooden Spoon for Cooking?

For cooking, it is better to get spoons made of solid and hardwood. Some of the strongest woods are olive, beech, bamboo, etc. Although these are slightly more expensive, they are worth it.

When Should You Throw Away Wooden Spoons?

Compared to other materials used to make spoons, wood has a shorter shelf life. It is ideal for throwing away your wooden spoon when it starts to crack.

How Do You Sanitize Wooden Spoons?

The most commonly used sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, tends to damage wood. Therefore, natural measures must be taken to get it sanitized. You can use a solution of water and vinegar as an organic sanitizer.

Do Bamboo Utensils Hold Bacteria?

Bamboo utensils are known to resist bacteria. It is because bamboo does not soak up the same amount of water like wood.

Why Do Chefs Use Wooden Spoons?

When it comes to professional cooking, maintaining the balance of ingredients is very important. Wooden spoons are lightweight, and they have a solid grip. This is why chefs often use wooden spoons.

Final Words

It’s time to wrap up. Now that our hunt for the top rated wooden cooking utensils is over, it is time for you to pick up the spoon (or set, preferably) that you like the most.

Make sure you research well and choose the best utensil for your kitchen. Good luck!

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