The 10 Best Wooden Blocks Set for Kids in 2021

Kids are always energetic and babies have that sensational desire to move things around at the age of 3 years. As a result, they are a good purchase to keep the kids busy throughout the day for wooden blocks.

The best wooden blocks have been around for decades now. Although, there are many play tools for babies the wooden blocks is a play tool which is a timeless appeal to babies and parents. 

The blocks set is very durable so that you can save them for the next generations to come. And the other impression is that its versatility and convenience in creating that structures the kid’s desires.

Melissa and Doug classic ABC wooden block cart

Are you looking a hard time choosing between the vast range of wooden kids blocks set on the market? And you will discover some of the best wooden baby blocks set for babies and toddlers what they have to offer for your child.

We are completed all of the research and take care of a hard time for you. So we have created a list that shows up wood blocks set for babies that are available, now you are the right place.

Now we are writing down a guide that provides you with some fantastic information that contains incredible benefits of wood baby blocks and how to go about choosing the right blocks ones for your kids.

Here’s what you need to know and order to pick the best blocks set on the list.​​

​Top Picks: 5 Wooden Baby Blocks for Kids & Toddlers​​

Top 10 Best Wooden Blocks for Kids & Toddlers Reviews

The wooden baby blocks include below are not only fun but also incredibly educational, so you go ahead and look at the blocks and get the best one for your little girl or boy.

1. Melissa and Doug Classic ABC Wooden Block Cart

The Melissa & Doug Classic ABC cart blocks come with a total number of 30 toy blocks. This blocks also provide you with a rolling cart that makes it easy to rolling for toddlers to play with.

All the toddler’s blocks pieces have pictures, numbers, and letters printed on them.

This is fantastic for toddlers because it enables to learn vocabulary, numbers which helpful for mind.

Melissa and Doug classic ABC wooden block cart

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The cart easy way to store away blocks and makes moving play from room to room. This playroom staple is the very durable construction will last for years.

The blocks making a timeless classic. Melissa & Doug is a great gift for children ages two and up. The blocks set perfect for helping babies practice for numbers, letters and more.

Melissa & Doug manufacturer created beautifully designed more than 30 years and make creativity-sparking products that NBC News called “the gold standard for early childhood play”.

The toy designed is the highest quality and standards which nurture minds and hearts.


  • Learn vocabulary
  • Durable pieces
  • Develops your image recognition skills
  • 30 pieces come with for plenty of fun
  • Perfect for 24 months old to 4 years old


  • Blocks may be too small

2. Uncle Goose Uppercase Alphablank Wooden Blocks

Uncle Goose Uppercase Alphablank Wooden Blocks

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The Uncle Goose Uppercase Alphablank blocks pieces that have been made with naked basswood cubes that contain 2 capital letters embossed on the opposing side.

The blocks decorate any way that you will get one complete alphabet.

The blocks don’t paint, so no risk for a baby that couldn’t contains lead and harmful chemicals.

The letters decorate on the opposing sides of each block are follows like as: A/E, B/P, C/N, D/Q, E/A, F/H, G/Y, I/J, K/L, M/W, O/X, R/S, T/Z, U/V.

These provide you with all the letters you need. This is a great way for toddlers and parents to rearrange the blocks together that help them the order of the alphabet. This is a tabula rasa which helps to encourage creativity among babies.


  • Promotes the toddler’s creativity
  • Kids learn the alphabet
  • Naked basswood materials
  • 14 – 1.7-inch basswood cube
  • 24 months and up
  • Handcrafted from sustainable Michigan basswood


  • Sometimes disappointed by the lack of uppercase letters

3. Square Wood Blocks for Baby by Woodpeckers

The square baby wooden blocks are made from surfaces that are very smooth and don’t need to carry out any additional sanding.

This is effective for child’s that improve skills.Toddlers blocks can use for a variety of activities.

This block includes the alphabet, putting numbers and creating their own puzzle blocks.

Square wood blocks for baby by woodpeckers

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However, the babies are given the option to paint in any color they like because the wooden block pieces are a natural color.

Most of the parents and kids have been loving these features that enable them to let their creative side run wild.

This set comes with numerous activities that babies like and partake in. These activities enable them to learn alphabet become it is more familiar with numbers and highly imaginative.


  • Encourages a child’s creativity
  • Splinter free play
  • Kids learn the alphabet
  • Blocks painted for fun
  • 12 months old and over


  • Smaller than you were expecting

4. Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set

Melissa & Doug wooden building blocks set

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The Melissa & Doug wooden building blocks set features 100 pieces that you can be assured that your kids will be able to play with them about more than hours.

The baby blocks set comes from 9 different shapes and 4 different colors.

This is a fantastic feature that helps you, kids, to develop their color recognition skills.

These are using educational purpose for developing skills and refresh the mind. As a result, these baby blocks are both very entertaining and helpful for educational purpose.


  • 100 wooden blocks pieces
  • Develop color recognition and shape skills
  • Kids have hours of fun
  • Creative paly
  • 12 months old to 6 years old


  • Smaller than other blocks

5. Skoolzy 30 Wood Alphabet Blocks

The Skoolzy 30 wood alphabet blocks are an awesome set that helping children learn how to recognize different letters.

These enable toddlers to develop their pincer grip, grip strength, stacking abilities and create imaginative thinking.

Most of the user FAQ that how these toys can be helping children on their sensory skills.

When you play this game, you can gain a lot of stacking and sorting which are given the chance to develop better.

Skoolzy 30 wood alphabet blocks

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The blocks set are easy to clean up the job a lot easier for parents. It is easy to carry around all pieces for your child wherever you go.


  • Develops letters recognition skills
  • Travel-friendly
  • Helps on sensory skills
  • Easy to clean up
  • 24 months old and over


  • Maybe too small

6. GYBBER & MUMU Wooden Preschool Colorful Shape Puzzle

GYBBER & MUMU Wooden Preschool Colorful shape Puzzle

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The Preschool colorful shape puzzle set comes with a total of 9 pieces.

This blocks set vary in color and come with a board that size is 7 x 7 x 0.4”. The parents are very happy because this board size is safe for children.

There are available shapes and size, such as stars and triangles. The shapes help the kids to learn about shapes and size.

The different shapes are also great for stimulating their motor skills.

These are made from wood materials which are durable and have been made with components that are free from toxins.

We also liked for implemented some slightly more unusual shapes into the blocks set. It ensures your child is able to develop their shape differentiation skills better.


  • Develops motor skills
  • Learn color and shape recognition skills
  • Durable wood materials
  • Free from toxin
  • 18 months old and over


  • The paint is a little thin

7. Schylling 48 Piece Wood Alphabet ABC Big Blocks

The Schylling ABC big blocks set is very effective for children and these set comes with an impressive 48 pieces.

Each of the wooden blocks is 1.75” in size.

We recommend this size for kids between 19 months and 5 years old that they can handle them easily.

The blocks paint are free from toxins. It is very durable and adds a colorful element to the blocks that stimulates kids.

Schylling 48 piece wood alphabet ABC big blocks

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The blocks pieces are available on the market. They have outstanding customer reviews and it is easy to clean up. This allows toddlers to brush up on their alphabet skills.

The blocks size is awesome for kids. The kids can comfortably hold them and have a better chance their motor skills and the bright colors contains spark their imagination.


  • Perfect size blocks for kids
  • Toxin-free materials
  • Bright colors
  • Develops alphabet knowledge
  • 18 months old to 5 years old


  • Some blocks may be minor types

8. Tegu 8 Piece Pocket Pouch Magnetic Wooden Block Set

Tegu 8 piece pocket pouch magnetic wooden block set

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The Tegu pocket magnetic wooden block set is one of the best block set for a child’s that we recommend the most.

This game enables to develop their motor skills, problem-solving abilities and gain color recognition skills.

If the children are also able to work on their creativity, balance, scale and storytelling abilities.

The Tegu blocks are fantastic for kids who looking to play creatively and capable of their learning capabilities. All of the materials of the block are free from toxin and safe for the child.


  • Tegu 8 pieces pocket wooden blocks
  • Develops creativity
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Improves motor skills
  • Free from toxins


  • Some are pieces are smaller

9. Premium Wooden Shape Sorter Toy by Cubbie Lee

The Cubbie Lee wooden shape sorter toy is a fantastic toy that helping your kids to develop mentally and physically.

These come with building and stacking various pieces. All of the pieces are various shape and size.

As a result, children work on their shape differentiation skills.

When the children play the geometric game, they are also developing their motor skills and gain problem-solving abilities.

Premium Wooden shape sorter toy by Cubbie Lee

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We know that the blocks set-pieces safe for kids and using paint are free from toxins. All the blocks set works very smooth and work well.

In addition, the blocks set the quality of the pieces are also high. The set is handcrafted that you can expect them and used for a long time.


  • Improves kid motor skills
  • Promotes imaginative thinking
  • Toxins free
  • Durable blocks
  • 6 months old to 3 years old


  • Paint may be prone

10. Hope Color and Shape Wooden Block Sorter

Hope color and shape wooden block sorter

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Hope color and shape block sorter is a great toy set that can be used to help young kids while having fun.

This set comes with 3 different shapes that are spread out across the 9 pieces.

When kids play these game, they improved their hand-eye coordination skills.

Not too important, they can learn how to match play together.

Hope color and shape blocks set made from softwood and all materials are toxin-free and safe for children.

The various shapes and color available wooden block set that is a great pick for helping kids develop their matching abilities.


  • Improved hand-eye coordination skills
  • Toxin-free materials
  • Develops matching abilities
  • Three different shapes
  • 18 months old to 4 years old


  • Paint chips off easier than you expect

The Best Wooden Blocks​ for Babies and Toddlers Buying Guide

If you want to the development of your babies, the building blocks sets can be a good thing to enormous positive impact.

You learn more details about baby blocks buying guide, you can improve their development, take a look below.

Coordination & Motor Skills

The wooden baby blocks are the main benefits that babies receive that they can handle the blocks set and make different shapes that help them to refine their motor skills and gross motor skills. It is helpful for helping them to develop their hand-eye coordination abilities too.


Most of the babies will become excited about these building blocks. This blocks a major part of this because it stimulates the creative your minds and it helps your kid mental refresh.

This building blocks set come with vibrant colors and different shapes.


When you using wooden building blocks for kids that stimulating your babies mind is also a fantastic way to give them the good opportunity to discover how to self-expression themselves.

You such a stacking the blocks which able to develop and expressive emotion as to how they feel about the activity.

When kids are given enough time to play with blocks sets, they are also given up their creative side. The important things that when it comes to their development as a whole.

People know that it is helping a baby be creative that’s means they are going to be artistic. 

While it is definitely true, being creative can also enable to better-solving problems with creative solutions.

Maths and Vocab

While playing building blocks, they have many mathematical benefits that babies can receive and like one of the most basic toys with them.

It can help them to learn how to count and add which develop awareness for kids about space and patterns. 

In addition that this game is also developing your babies improving vocabulary skills more consciousness.

When comes to the blocks that are contains labeled with letters especially. You can teach them the alphabet when your kids playing.


It is critical that most of the baby are able to develop their focus abilities. This game can help them progress well in school and primary level and later life too.

Using building wooden blocks can captivate their minds and keep them and engaged for a long time. 

During this period of time, they very enjoy and having fun but they are also improving their educational skills at the same time. This is a great skill for playing blocks set.

When exposed to having a fun time, while learning new things from a young age and they will be able to learn more things that progress your life.

How to Choose The Top Wooden Blocks for Kids

There are different types of building blocks that we have to maintain in our review that is varied in shape, color and the number of pieces available and so on.

We ensure that there are different kinds of children. Some of the babies need more than 50 pieces to play with in order to stimulate their imagination. Some of the children may be happier playing with 20 pieces or less.

So each child is different, therefore, you should consider how they like the play before purchase the wooden blocks set for baby.

You should take a look through the main features, pros, cons that discover the blocks set.

The blocks sets have changed a lot of features over the years and the manufacturers have heard to benefits that kid can gain and made sure to accommodate to them. And you can find new features of baby blocks nowadays.

If considering a child’s personality that can help to purchase the best magnetic block set for them. If the babies are still very young, they have developed any kind of performance to play.

However, if they are older, you will able to pick up how babies like to play. Be ensure that they spend their time when playing and enjoy very much. The block set chooses them that fits as closely to that as possible. The toy sets are beneficial for kid’s development.

Things to Avoid When Purchase Wooden Blocks

The wooden blocks are a great toy but they are a certain thing to consider before picking up a set and heading to the checkout line.

Sharp ends: Some blocks may have sharp ends that they are meant for older kids. Especially, sharp ends can poke your little one if he decides to try to chew on it.

Safe material: In this time, we would like to think that all kind of children’s toys has been properly inspected. But you should double-check to make sure that the material of the toy is non-toxic and paint is free from lead.

Certain small ends: The blocks come various size and length. When you purchase blocks with varying size and pieces, make sure that long enough to reach the back of your child’s mouth.

How Many Types do You Need?

If your babies or toddler is responding really well her new blocks, it may be a good idea for you to buy different kinds of toy sets. But you need only one set will do.

If this set always starts off with one set and see how your babies little one does and blocks responds super well, don’t immediately buy other sets and run.

Most of the toddlers tend to jump from toy to toy, so they give the blocks set a week test. If the toy set still popular choice after a week, another set might be a great addition.

If you are using different kinds of toy set more than one set, you can be a lot of fun and enjoy.

What are Toddler Wooden Blocks?

We aren’t talking about another topic here, we are talking about there are some similar wooden blocks for babies.

The wooden baby blocks designed are typically colorful structures that can be combined in a variety of ways. It comes there is numerous size and shapes your little one could play with.

The most effective features for wooden toddler blocks are this:

  • They have to be large enough blocks, so they don’t fit in the child’s mouth.
  • They must be free of small pieces which could be easily broken off.
  • They are must be painted lead-free and free from non-toxic materials.

Why Toddler Blocks an Effective Toy?

Toddlers wooden blocks contain a stimulating environment to keep them interested and sometimes other toys can’t keep them stimulation. So you need blocks which keep your child’s stimulation.

Most of the babies don’t realize that the flashing lights and funny noises of other toys only last so long that all this fun stuff can happen by the push of a button.

The blocks are a game changer toys because there are so many different types of a toddler can do with them when playing. Toddlers need toys which can be used in different ways.

Toddlers toys are gradually becoming more and more independent because they want to make different figure out on their own and then you proud of their accomplishments for new things.

When the babies are stacking their wooden baby blocks, they have visual confirmation of the progress they are making new things. The kids make them explore different options and let their creativity take the lead. This game isn’t right or wrong way to play, so all toddlers will succeed.

The Different Types of Wooden Baby Blocks

The toy blocks market is definitely a big one and it seems that almost any types of blocks exist. These toys come in a variety of different materials like:

  • Cloth
  • Wood
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Foam
  • Magnetic

The blocks many different objectives can be accomplished when using it. They can be used for different purposes:

  • Stacking
  • Building
  • Spelling

The best wooden toy set part about this new toy is that your kid imagination gets to shine. They can make any things they want and use them in different ways, so you may have thought about blocks set.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Blocks

When you purchasing wooden baby blocks set, you need to consider some things like as blocks size, durability, material, using purpose and bang for the buck, etc. So you carefully to consider this thing.

Size: Most of the blocks set still love to stick the thing in their mouth, so you make sure that the block isn’t small enough to pose a choking hazard.

Durability: When you buying it, you might end up in your little one’s mouth, make sure that it can withstand some are chewing and some are slobber.

Some blocks are made of cardboard that can be worn down and broken them small pieces and creating a potential choking hazard.

Most of the children always love to put their toy and test it. So durability is important that you don’t find yourself back at the store in just a couple of days.

Material: The blocks come with many different types of materials such as wood, foam, plastic and other materials. So you try to have predetermined types in mind you need.

Purpose: There are many different types of blocks, some blocks are just for fun, and some blocks are used more educational purpose.

If you are found to get a more educational toy, look for blocks that contain different ways, different color, letters or numbers on them.

Bang for your buck: Some baby blocks set come to a higher price tag but it depends on your pieces. If you make sure getting enough blocks, you need to pay more. They are many reasonable options on the market when purchasing blocks sets.

Final Words

If you are looking at the best baby blocks for your child, we hope you read the extensive review has provided you with some valuable insights.

You read our buying guide section and find out the best wooden baby blocks for your kids.

Let us know what your favorite wooden blocks for your kids in the comment section below.

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