The 10 Best Wooden Balance Bike for Toddlers in 2021

First one foot, then the other. Every young boy and girl want that of learning the way of the ride bicycle. But it isn’t an easy task for riding a bicycle. You need to best wooden balance bike for riding cycle. It is a clever invention that helps every youngest kid learn how to ride a bicycle.

If you are just starting your kids or small child how to ride a bike, the balance bike is a very beneficial investment.

But you may not know what a balance bike is, the balance bike is a bike which is much smaller than an average bike that has only one pedal and two wheels.

Kinderfeets TinyTot Wooden Balance Bike

There are lots of reasons to purchase the wooden balance bike. These bike for toddlers are eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and lots of fun.

Most of the balance bikes are common items but the wooden balance bikes are very helpful and great gift item.

So that, there are plenty of balance bikes on the market that are durable, lightweight design and high-quality but if you are buying for wooden balance bike and tell something that will last for years well-loved and top picks.

​Top Picks: 5 Wooden Balance Bike for Toddlers & Kids

Top 10 Best Wooden Balance Bikes ​for Kids & Toddlers ​Reviews

Take a look at our top 10 products below and see what you think about the best wooden bike that are currently available on the market.

1. ZUM CX Wooden Balance Bike​

The ZUM CX  balance bike is a great invention and gets a great value that wants to top quality wooden balance bike without breaking the bank. These bikes made from 100% clear Birchwood and built the model last for years.

This balance bike for kids designed by ZUM, they have no pedals and no training wheels. They are helping the child that develop coordination and balance.

This bike will have no problem transferring to a traditional bike that time is right. The balance bike is primarily geared towards kid ages of 2 to 6 years.

Best Wooden Balance Bike

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ZUM CX balance bike is 100% clear top-grade wooden bike is ideal for the eco-friendly frame and the patented steering wheel is specifically designed that ensure no risk and accidents. The parents worry about safety but this bike is great for kids.

The bike handlebar is made from rubber handgrips in order to protect your child from any problem on their little hands. This bike ride silent and smooth-running wheels.

The wheels made from rubber air-inflated tires that contribute to a smooth ride. And the bike seat is adjustable than other bikes.

Most of the balance bike isn’t adjustable wood like the ones made of metal. Most companies that wooden bikes have remedied this issue and not all the bikes on the list are adjustable.

The ZUM CX bike seat adjusts from 12” in low position and 17” in a high position. The seat is also made vinyl for maximum comfort for children.

It’s comes within a flashy red and white color and toxin-free lacquer finish. The tools are included and ensure easy to assemble.

The bike weight limits no more than 50 pounds. For more information about a balance, bike click here.

Product Features:

  • 100% clear top grade Birchwood
  • Handles made rubber handgrip
  • Sealed cartridge for maintenance and smooth ride
  • Rubber air-inflated tires make for a smooth ride
  • Adjustable seat height

2. Hape Scoot Around Ride ​on Wood Bike

Hape Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike

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The Hape scoot around balance bike sets apart from other wooden bikes sets that actually come with 4 wheels.

Most of the ​wooden toddler bike comes with two wheels in order to teach the new rider how to properly balance themselves.

However, this bike model was designed with much younger in the ride. These are more specific which effective for toddlers who are just beginner to test their mobility and develop your bike skills benefit from the bike.

This wooden ride in promotes your child riding skills and balance using their feet to move. They are many benefits to this that your child is building muscle strength while having fun. You child will get a boost of confidence about the ride by balance bike without assistance.

You may be thinking about the safety of your balance bike at home. The hape around balance bike has thought of that in advance. It’s ride on balance are rubberized that ensures smooth riding on floors and kids using it hassle free riding.

However, this is a younger riders bike, so we would advise using outside. This bike made wasn’t used for rough terrain and it was built for indoor use.

We recommended for children from ages one to three years. This ​wooden balance bike for toddlers made from child safe materials and doesn’t use toxic materials.

However, this balance bike warns parents that there are small parts for choking hazards. Please don’t leave your kids. If you want a quick overview of this wooden bike click here.

Product Features:

  • Four wheels are rubberized to protect your floors
  • Perfect for beginner and give motor skills development
  • Short rides develop muscle and balance
  • Durable and child safe
  • Floor to seat height 228mm

3. Diggin Active Skuut Wooden Balance Bike

The Diggin Skuut wooden balance bike is a top creative toy and numerous other awards. The bike won the Oppenheim gold seal that is quite impressive for a little toy bicycle of the year and certainly makes this one a contender.

It is more impressive than others because of the fact that Diggin which is the company name that made from plants a tree for every balance bike of this model. It is a big company cares about the environment.

The Diggin active ​wooden toddler bicycle helps is that kids should kick themselves off the ground. It is perfect for learning balance, getting the hang of steering and learning coordination.

The other balance bike has no training wheels and pedals. The kids have no problem with transferring the skills when the time is right.

Diggin Active Skuut

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This Diggin manufacturer also boasts that the bike easy to assemble and adjust easily. The bike seat is adjusted 13 inches lowest and highest is 16”.

The previous model is ZUM and Diggin active wooden bike is made from 100% Birchwood and toxic free material. The seat is made from vinyl and tires made of pneumatic rubber.

This skuut bike we suggested for kids ages 2-5 years and its maximum weight is 75 pounds. If you want purchase this bike has also won Dr. Lerin 10 best products that are approval of the national parenting center seal. For a fun look at this wooden balance, bike read more.

Product Features:

  • Diggin Active bike perfect for children ages 2-5.
  • Children kick off the ground
  • Perfect for learning balance and independence
  • Winner of The Oppenheim gold seal
  • Diggin comes in red, blue and green

4. Kinderfeets Classic Chalkboard Wooden Balance Bike

Kinderfeets classic chalkboard wooden balance bike

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The Kinderfeets classic chalkboard kids wooden balance bikes haven’t pedal that is one of the more pricey on our list. This bike is of high quality and made from top manufacturers and more customizable.

These kinderfeet balance bikes are hand made from Birchwood that has EVA airless tires and adjustable seat.

The seat is washable and unlike some of the other bike that comes with footpegs. It prepares your child in the future and ensures the smooth cruising. This is a perfect bike for 2 year old.

Product Features:

  • High-quality airless tires and adjust the washable seat
  • Ergonomically designed seat and handlebar that is the comfort
  • Recommended for 2 years kids
  • Hand-made Birchwood pushbike
  • Various color bike

5. Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

If you are looking princess balance bike for little girls and boys, the great name for prince lionheart is one of them.

This bike is another award-winning bike that is made from 100% Birchwood. The Prince Lionheart balance bike was designed that the children teach how to ride a bike and balance.

Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

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The manufacturer believes that balance is a very important skill when kids starting ride a bike.

In addition, the bike also boasts to teach your kids about how to steering and coordination. When it’s come in handy your child get physical education in pre-school.

Product Features:

  • Made from wood, rubber
  • Teaches younger balance, steering, and coordination
  • Great transition from on toy
  • 100% Birchwood frame
  • Height adjustable seat

6. Kinderfeets TinyTot Wooden Balance Tricycle & Bike

Kinderfeets TinyTot Wooden Balance Bike

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Kinderfeets is our second position on our list. The company has such a cute name and this model is very durable and “Tiny Tot” is being safe for 1-year-olds to ride.

There are more than likely that it is possible due to the Tiny Tot having three wheels which balance your bike.

The younger child has enables to easily start learning how to move their feet. This bike has three mastered wheels that are safe for the child and the bike can be easily converted to two wheels. You needn’t change or purchase a new balance bike.

Product Features:

  • Convertible Two in One bike
  • Kinderfeets has airless tires, adjustable seat and non-toxic hand grips
  • One year old can start to ride
  • Award-winning balance bike
  • Extra-wide base tires that great for driving

7. Wishbone Design Studio Original 3-in- 1 Bike

The Wishbone Design original balance bike is right off the bat that’s different from the other bikes on our list.

There are different from materials that it is made from.

The bike made from Birchwood like the other bike but the Birchwood is sustainably-harvested and the bike also contains eucalyptus wood.

Wishbone Design Studio Original 3-in- 1 bike

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These are environment-friendly which used safe materials to make this ​childrens balance bike that are non-toxic glues and finishes and recycled packaging. The manufacturer is very careful of the environment by cutting any corners.

Product Features:

  • Made from sustainably harvested Birchwood and eucalyptus wood
  • Transforms from baby walker
  • Safety for European, US, and Australian
  • Get JPMA Innovation Award 2009
  • Toxic-free materials

8. Kinderfeets Retro Wooden Balance Bike

Kinderfeets Retro Wooden Balance bike

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The kinderfeets Retro wooden balance bike is a popular brand on the list and this company is great for bike.

This bike described as “Retro” and “natural” probably that is the oldest model on the market. But the tire spokes look nice.

Retro bike one of the higher-priced product but don’t worry about the price because this bike is very durable and long-lasting.

This bike comes in other colors besides wood color, white and red color that is designed with a girl, flowers, and hearts and blue color is USA flag design.

You can cool and unique choices the natural bike that is one of the flashiest of the bikes. With both in mind, the bikes are designs are also surprisingly cheaper than the regular wooden bikes.

Product Features:

  • Amazing designs that kids love
  • High-quality natural wooden bike
  • Best fit for your kids
  • Developed a balance and get learn how to balance it
  • Perfect for 2 years and up

9. WILD BABY Wooden Balance Running Bike

The WILD baby wooden bike is a cheaper model on the list. It is made from 100% Birchwood and free from non-toxic materials.

They have 12 inches durable, airless EVA tires and this model is very lightweight and 8 pounds weight. And they have comfortable features of rubber grips on the handle.

WILD BABY Wooden Balance Running Bike

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The ​wooden kids bike naturally teaches your child about how to balance steering and coordination.

Most of the bike is similar but this model also promises to be useful for riding transition bike which built self-confidence. 

This bike is not pedals which prompts your kids to walk or run the bike. This bike they can gain control and they will be able to lift up their feet and glide. This bike helps build your muscle strength as well.

Product Features:

  • Made from 100% Birchwood bike
  • Height grows from 13 inches to 16 inches
  • Parents aren’t worried about the safety
  • Recommended ages are 2 to 5 years
  • Super cool star and stripes design

10. BIKESTAR Original Safety Wooden Balance Bike

BIKESTAR Original Safety Wooden Balance bike

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The BIKESTAR original safety balance bike is the final bike on the list and one of the more modestly priced.

This ​wooden toddler bike quality to be both lightweight and high-quality. The frame is made of very sturdy Birchwood.

This ​wooden kids bike has an extra-large handle and on the frame for easy steering. This paint used on the bike is impact resistant, toxic-free and water-based.

But the upside is that the bike should resist a lot of damage.

Another safety feature of this bike is non-toxic safety eco-rubber steering wheels handgrips. This handgrip is a device that protects your child’s hand.

Most of the parents love that and it is extra wide-based which comfort for driving and good suspension.

Product Features:

  • High-quality and very sturdy frame
  • Unique frame design that grows your child
  • Special impact resistant and solvent-free
  • Extra wide-based air-filled tires
  • Handgrips with child hand protection device

What to Consider When Buying a Wood Balance Bike for Toddlers & Kids

Who doesn’t have children, they may seem trivial but parents know that buying any toy for their child isn’t a simple matter. Parents want to be sure that the toy is safe and will not any cause any accidents.

Most of the parents know and want to be sure that the bike will be the best fit for your child and that no wasted money. To really get a good service, the balance bike should be able to last a long while as well.

With all of this in mind, we are create a list of 10 bikes reviews in these articles that we are giving you a lot of information.

We are trying to some tips and tricks that can help pick one them a good wood balance bike for toddler. So we consider some things when purchasing a balance bike for a child.


Size is the most important factor to consider when buying the best bike. The tire size and seat height should both be considered when purchasing the right bike for your children.

Tire Size: Tire size is probably important typically have 12” tires, 14” while and 16” tires are popular for taller kids but 10 inches tires are available for starter balance bikes when these kids outgrow these quite quickly.

Seat Height: The seat height depended on the accurate way to tell if the bike will fit your child. The most important things a child’s feet must be able to hit and push off of the ground while the kids sitting on the bike. The right seat height should also allow for a slight bend at the knee.


Weight is the first important thing to consider about it that you don’t want the bike weight is more than 30% of your child and more fancy features on a bike that it heavier maybe.

Final Words

The best wooden balance bike is a popular bike model that will provide a fun experience for your child. The bike helps the kids of learning how to ride a bike fun and easy. Its focuses on learning how to keep their balance without assistance.

Now getting to our top 10 list and chose one that it is lightweight, versatility to help the kids balance. Now parents consider a good possibility.

So you identify the specific model that will meet your child’s needs. Looking for the bike and enjoy shopping for your child’s first bike.

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