The 9 Best Wooden Balance Bikes for Toddlers & Kids

Cycling is one of the most fundamental skills a person needs to have. The best time for learning to ride a bicycle is during childhood. Children have a strong ability to grasp and develop such cognitive skills.

However, buying a bike without knowing how to ride it can be a risky investment. It’s best to give your child a balance bike to learn how to position their bodies.

Best Wooden Balance Bike for Toddlers

Buying the best wooden balance bike for toddlers and kids is a brilliant move as it will let your child master the basics of cycling in a safe environment. They are relatively inexpensive compared to a proper bicycle and are more resistant to bumps, making them the ideal choice in this scenario.

Top 9 Best Wooden Balance Bikes ​for Kids & Toddlers ​Reviews

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ZUM CX Wooden Balance Bike​
ZUM CX Wooden Balance Bike​
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Best Overall
Hape Scoot Around Ride ​on Wood Bike
Hape Scoot Around Ride ​on Wood Bike
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Top Pick
Diggin Active Skuut Wooden Balance Bike
Diggin Active Skuut Wooden Balance Bike
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Kinderfeets Classic Chalkboard Wooden Balance BikeKinderfeets Classic Chalkboard Wooden Balance Bike
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Kinderfeets TinyTot Wooden Balance Tricycle & BikeKinderfeets TinyTot Wooden Balance Tricycle & Bike
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Here are 9 of the ideal wooden balance bikes for children you will find available in the current market. Keep on reading to learn more about them, their features, and find out which model will suit your needs the best.

1. ZUM CX Wooden Balance Bike​

The main reason why many prefer to get their kid a balance bike is for them to learn to balance themselves on a two-wheeler without having to worry about damaging a bicycle. Therefore, they must find one with a good amount of durability to avoid frequent replacements.

Best Wooden Balance Bike

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In that case, the ZUM CX Wooden Balance Bike can be the ideal choice as its Birchwood body sustains most bumps.

Handlebars are equally vital as the frame of the balance bike. You need to understand that this part will be going through an equal amount of wear and tear as all the other parts.

This component is also responsible for ensuring that your kid has a proper grip while riding. Rubber handgrips are integrated into this item which provides excellent control while preventing scuffs.

A crucial factor to consider when buying a wooden balance bike is the type of wheel it features. Its build materials and construction massively contribute to the overall performance of this product.

Buying the CX Balance Bike will undoubtedly give your toddler an excellent riding experience. The tire’s main component is rubber, and it moves smoothly once inflated.

Having a wooden balance bike with an excellent wheel is not enough as you will need equally good pieces holding it in place. ZUM understands this necessity and fits this unit with sealed cartridge bearings.

The integration of this component puts your mind at ease regarding maintenance and prevents noise emission while the cycle is operational.


  • Birchwood is the prime material for the body
  • Steel goes into making the frame
  • Rubber handgrips to prevent scuffs
  • Rubberized inflated wheels
  • Maintenance-free cartridge bearings


  • Wooden insets require more drilling
  • Instructions are not entirely accurate

2. Hape Scoot Around Ride ​on Wood Bike

Are you someone who wants your toddler to develop an interest in cycling from a young age but do not want them to get hurt? Then the Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike is the perfect solution for you! It’s got a 4-wheel build for your child to move around on it conveniently. It’s got a firm center to prevent it from tumbling over.

Hape Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike

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A lot of people often complain about wooden balance bikes messing up their house. Most manufacturers aren’t mindful about what they put into the component, and it results in your home getting ruined.

Hape is quite exceptional in this regard. This product’s tires are rubberized to prevent any external damages. It also substantially amplifies its longevity.

One of the main reasons toddlers are given toys is to develop fundamental movement and intellectual skills from a young age. You will find the Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike to be perfect in this regard. Getting your child this item will allow them to build their motor skills and mobility from a very young age.

Adding chemical additives to a children’s toy can be a dangerous thing to do. The toxin can harm your child and cause unwanted diseases. It’s one of the main reasons why so many parents are hesitant about buying toys.

You won’t have to worry about this issue when using this unit as Hape paints them with water-soluble color that is safe for kids.


  • 4-wheel safe build
  • Rubberized tires for safe indoor use
  • Significantly long-lasting tires
  • Ideal for children to learn basic motor skills


  • Relatively small in size
  • Difficult to adapt the design

3. Diggin Active Skuut Wooden Balance Bike

Smoothness and efficiency are the hallmarks of an excellent wooden balance bike. It’s important that your child can move around on it effortlessly without having to worry about falling off and hurting themselves.

Diggin Active Skuut

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The Diggin Active Skuut Wooden Balance Bike can be the perfect choice in this regard. It features an intelligent body design for children to propel themselves forward while riding it quickly.

One of the most significant problems of working with a wooden balance bike is its poor longevity. Many models tend to break apart or wear down over time despite having excellent timber in them. The main reason behind this malfunction is the lack of maintenance fluid.

Not only does Diggin use Birchwood when making this product, but they also use lacquer to increase its longevity.

Tire design is an important aspect to consider when buying a balanced cycle. This part contributes to how comfortably your child will be able to use it and prevent hurting themselves—the Active Skuut Wooden Balance sports pneumatic rubber wheels with a diameter of 12-inches. Thus, your kid can easily roam around on it without straining their legs.

Parents are often worried about buying new toys for their children. One of the main reasons behind this lack of trust is the carelessness most manufacturers show when making them. You won’t have to worry about this issue with Diggin.

This item is certified by The National Parenting Center of Approval, which will put your mind to rest and is perfectly safe for kids.


  • Innovative design for smooth use
  • Birchwood body for intense durability
  • Use of lacquer to increase longevity
  • 12-inch rubber tires for quick movement
  • Certified by The National Parenting Center of Approval


  • Low-quality fitting parts
  • Difficult to control

4. Kinderfeets Classic Chalkboard Wooden Balance Bike

One of the most vital aspects to consider when buying a balanced wooden bike is its dimension. You will need to buy a model that perfectly complements the size of your toddler.

Kinderfeets classic chalkboard wooden balance bike

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Purchasing the Kinderfeets TinyTots Plus Classic Wooden Balance Bike will never have you worrying about this issue as it features a universal dimension. It has an adjustable seat size of 10″-13″, which means that kids between 1-4 can easily ride it around.

Riding experience is vital when buying a balanced bike. Kids are susceptible to injuring themselves quite easily.

Therefore, it’s crucial to find a bicycle with good parts to make the ride comfortable and enjoyable. Kinderfeets has integrated this product with a 9-inch airless tire with rubber handlebars to ensure maximum handling for children.

Environmentally aware people are often hesitant about buying balanced bikes. Most manufacturers aren’t conscious about the aftermath of manufacturing toys that can have long-term, harmful effects on the environment.

Kinderfeets are vastly different to them as this item features the safest manufacturing process. Birchwood makes up the body, and the handlebar grip is free from toxins, making them perfectly safe.

A major issue many might face when buying a three-wheeled balanced bike is the lack of adaptability. There comes a time when you want your child to try their balance on a two-wheeler.

In most cases, you will have to buy another model as three-wheelers are inconvertible. However, the TinyTots Plus is quite versatile as you can effortlessly convert it into two wheels.


  • Base wheel numbers are adjustable
  • Spacious seating arrangement
  • Airless 9-inch tires for ideal control
  • The main build material is Birchwood
  • Safe and rugged rubber handlebar


  • Relatively short in length
  • Inconsistency in painting

5. Kinderfeets TinyTot Wooden Balance Tricycle & Bike

Kinderfeets TinyTot Wooden Balance Bike

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Value is a vital factor for any product in general. Naturally, you would want to make the most out of your purchase without spending too much money. The TinyTot Balance Bike and Tricycle perfectly fits the bill. Not only is it an excellent pick for children to learn basic motor skills, but it’s also fun to play on as a tricycle.

Learning how to ride a bicycle depends on a couple of things. A plethora of factors contributes to the overall efficiency with which your child will learn to ride a bike. Among them, the seat plays the most prominent role.

Kinderfeets understood this predicament and fitted this model with an adjustable seat. Your child will be able to ride it for hours without feeling any inconvenience.

Buying the TinyTot Wooden Balance Bike and Tricycle will be a great move on your part due to its superior durability. A combination of wood, plastic, and rubber goes into making the overall unit.

They are fitted together wonderfully to ensure their performance does not deteriorate over time. Your child will be able to use it for years effortlessly.

Many issues can arise from buying factory-made toys. Among them, inconsistency in quality is the most common problem. Most manufacturers do not have efficient quality control, which can end with you receiving a defective item. Buying this bicycle will be a wise decision as it is handmade to ensure proper standards.


  • Usable as a balance bike and a trike
  • Adjustable and comfortable seats
  • High-quality materials for building each component
  • Handmade for perfection in construction


  • Parts prone to loosening
  • Product dimension does not accommodate the feet well

6. Wishbone Design Studio Original 3-in- 1 Bike

Wishbone Design Studio Original 3-in- 1 bike

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Consumers are becoming more and more conscious as the 21st-century progresses. Therefore, they are always looking to buy from manufacturers who responsibly gather materials while making products.

The Original 3-in-1 Bike is the perfect choice for them. It’s made with sustainably collected eucalyptus and birch wood, while non-toxic glues join the pieces for comfortable use.

Design plays a vital role in determining the suitability of a balanced bike. You want to make the most out of it as you want your kid to use it for as long as possible. Wishbone Design Studio introduces a long, sleek design into this unit. Therefore, your child can easily ride it without hurting themselves despite their age.

Unlike most of its competitors, the Original 3-in-1 Bike is extremely versatile. You will be able to use it for multiple purposes other than a balanced cycle. It’s easily convertible into a baby walker, a push tricycle, and a balance bike of two different sizes. Therefore, your kid will get to use it through different periods of their lives.

Finally, you will get a plethora of aesthetic options and accessories with each purchase of this item as additional value. It comes in various colors from which you can pick.

So, get the one that appeals to you the most. Furthermore, Wishbone Design Studio includes grips, seat covers, bells, and many more attachments for you to maintain it well and use conveniently.


  • Made with responsibly sourced materials
  • Non-toxic glue to prevent health hazards
  • Stylish and long design for convenience
  • Convertible into different contraptions
  • Available in 3 different colors


  • The seat is hard and small
  • Unnecessarily wide turning radius

7. Kinderfeets Retro Wooden Balance Bike

Kinderfeets Retro Wooden Balance bike

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The kinderfeets is a popular brand on the list and this company is great for bike and this one is the third product from the kinderfeets brand.

This balance bike described as “Retro” and “natural” probably that is the oldest model on the market. But the tire spokes look nice.

Retro bike one of the higher-priced product but don’t worry about the price because this bike is very durable and long-lasting.

This bike comes in other colors besides wood color, white and red color that is designed with a girl, flowers, and hearts and blue color is USA flag design.


  • Amazing designs that kids love
  • High-quality natural wooden bike
  • Best fit for your kids
  • Developed a balance and get learn how to balance it
  • Perfect for 2 years and up


  • The seat is quite small
  • No other cons found

8. WILD BABY Wooden Balance Running Bike

WILD BABY Wooden Balance Running Bike

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The WILD baby wooden bike is a cheaper model on the list. It is made from 100% Birchwood and free from non-toxic materials.

They have 12 inches durable, airless EVA tires and this model is very lightweight, only 8 pounds weight. And they have comfortable features of rubber grips on the handle.

The ​wooden kids bike naturally teaches your child about how to balance steering and coordination.

Most of the bike is similar but this model also promises to be useful for riding transition bike which built self-confidence. 

This bike is not pedals which prompts your kids to walk or run the bike. This bike they can gain control and they will be able to lift up their feet and glide. This bike helps build your muscle strength as well.


  • Made from 100% Birchwood bike
  • Height grows from 13 inches to 16 inches
  • Parents aren’t worried about the safety
  • Recommended ages are 2 to 5 years
  • Super cool star and stripes design


  • The seat quite small and hard
  • No other cons

9. BIKESTAR Original Safety Wooden Balance Bike

BIKESTAR Original Safety Wooden Balance bike

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The BIKESTAR original safety balance bike is the final bike on the list and one of the more modestly priced.

This ​wooden toddler bike quality to be both lightweight and high-quality. The frame is made of very sturdy Birchwood.

This ​wooden kids bike has an extra-large handle and on the frame for easy steering. This paint used on the bike is impact resistant, toxic-free and water-based.

But the upside is that the bike should resist a lot of damage. Another safety feature of this bike is non-toxic safety eco-rubber steering wheels handgrips. This handgrip is a device that protects your child’s hand.

Most of the parents love that and it is extra wide-based which comfort for driving and good suspension.


  • High-quality and very sturdy frame
  • Unique frame design that grows your child
  • Special impact resistant and solvent-free
  • Extra wide-based air-filled tires
  • Handgrips with child hand protection device


  • Not ideal for 1 & 2 years
  • Little bit expensive

What to Consider When Buying The Best Wood Balance Bike for Toddlers & Kids

Buying a balance bike for your child can be difficult as there are so many eerily similar products in the market. However, if you keep your eyes open for the following factors, you will quickly be able to find the right choice for yourself.

Weight and Height of Bike

Your kid’s first bike must be fitting for their height and weight. It is often advised to invest in bikes that are a maximum of 30% of your child’s weight. If the bike is too big, it may lead to injury, which is obviously not desired.

So, before hunting down balance bikes, remember to measure how much your child weighs and towers in order to ensure the best possible riding experience for them!

Quality of Wood

Many brands now opt for eco-friendly materials to create their balance bikes. It includes non-toxic as well as ethically and/or sustainably harvested wood. If you are environment conscious, there are options out there for your child.

Adjustable Seating

No one would want their little one’s first bike riding experience to be uncomfortable. Most of them are adjustable, but still, make sure of that before investing in one. If the seat is adjustable, your kid can ride the balance bike for quite a bit of time. You also have to ensure that the seat of the bike is safely padded.

Diameter of Tires

The wider the tires are, the more stable the bike. Besides that, keep in mind that a variety of different types of tires can be found. Choose one that aligns most with your needs. It depends on factors such as your budget if your kid plans to ride indoors or outdoors, maintenance frequency, and so on.


Even though balance bikes are not supposed to be used for too long, they must last a while until your child is completely comfortable with riding a bike. The durability varies from bike to bike but usually depends on the price range. Keep an eye on the warranty policies your chosen bike offers.

Bikes are prone to minor accidents here and there, especially if the rider is entirely new. It will be beneficial for you to be on the lookout for what coverage of damage is available.

Bike Design

Children are usually picky. They are more likely to be invested in an activity if the tools required for it are to their liking.

So finally, when choosing a bike, keep in mind your kid’s preferences. A plethora of different themed bikes are available in the market nowadays; it should not be too difficult for you to find a suitable one within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a 5-year-old play with balance bikes?

Balance bikes are excellent toys for children if you want them to develop motor skills and balance from a young age. It’s perfect for kids within the age range of 4 to 6 years. They also come with support wheels to help them build confidence initially.

Do wooden balance bikes function well?

Wooden balance bikes work perfectly well in most situations. Your child can even take it for a spin outside during rainfall. The wood can easily sustain unusual weather. However, it’s best to keep it indoors when inactive to prolong its lifetime and functionality

Will buying a balance bike be a bad investment?

Although many people believe that balance bikes are useless, they are actually beneficial in the long run. It will plant the core skill of maintaining posture in a cycle within your kid. Therefore, they will be able to learn how to bicycle more quickly than those who do not have a balance bike.

Are metal balance bikes better than their wooden counterparts?

Wooden balance bikes tend to outperform metallic ones in case of shock and vibration absorption. However, they stand a greater chance of getting damaged by heat and moisture. If you’re conscious about the environment, then it’s best to use wooden ones.

How dangerous are balance bikes?

Balance bikes are perfectly safe for use. Your child will rarely fall off as they can rely on their own two feet instead of pedals, making it the safer alternative to tricycles. It allows them to use their instincts and control the mechanism much more safely.

Final Words

Finding the perfect wooden balance bikes for toddlers & kids might have seemed like a confusing task in the past. However, now that you know which products have the best value to offer, it won’t take you any longer than an hour to find the ideal pick for yourself.  

Now, all that is left is to buy the best model for your kid and let them start roaming around your house on it. Soon enough, you will see the results as your child will easily adapt to a bicycle in no time. Teaching your kids how to cycle will never be more effective or effortless ever again!

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