The 7 Best Wood Stain Removers of 2021 (Reviews & Updated)

Welcome to our wood stain remover reviews. Selecting a wood stain remover looks like a very simple task.

But Selecting a good quality and works well on remove wood stain can be hard task for you. Because there are many different stain removers on the market. So be careful when purchase it.

You don’t have to worry about what is the best wood stain removers and how to pick the right removers find out? At first, our team did the hard job for find out the best products for you. Surely we told you our research team pick the highest quality stain remover for you.

We know, you are tired of your wood surface looking like before look. The wood stain bringing down the whole environment and looking dullness.

best wood stain remover

When you looking it, you desperate as you may be to find the stain removers that review your surface. Now we are review down about wood stain removers to determine which formula is right products for you.

After testing more than 20 stain removers and selects 10 best right products on the market and we started writing this product review and recommended for you.

Our Top Picks: 5 Wood Stain Removers

Editor’s Choice
Wood Cleaner and Wood Stripper for wood Decks
Wood Cleaner and Wood Stripper for wood Decks
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Best Overall
DEFY 2.25 LBs Wood Cleaner
DEFY 2.25 LBs Wood Cleaner
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Top Pick
Howard WC5012 Natural Wood Cleaner and Polish
Howard WC5012 Natural Wood Cleaner and Polish
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Formbys 30013 Furniture RefinisherFormbys 30013 Furniture Refinisher
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OXALIC Acid Stain RemoverOXALIC Acid Stain Remover
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​Top 7 best wood stain removers Reviews ​buying guide​

1. Wood Cleaner and Wood Stripper for wood Decks

best wood stain remover

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This wood decks cleaner is suitable for a lot of surfaces like wood fences, wood decks and so on.

It is very environmentally friendly that can be used around pets and plants.

This cleaner is perfect for wood restoration projects which not only removes the stain but also protects the wood for natural staining.

This cleaner is excellent for both new and old wood surfaces. If you want, you can easily remove more difficult stains like mildews, molds and greying wood from UV rays.

Extreme solutions environmentally friendly wood cleaner is also easy to use and doesn’t take a long time to apply. Another advantage is that it is works on hard stain fast and can be used to remove oil stains and give you wood new looking and freshly cut.

Main Features:

  • Safe for use around pets and plants
  • Easy to use and mix
  • Works in a short time
  • Fast removes both small and tough stains
  • It can be work new and old wood


  • Removes gray areas by harsh weather
  • Perfect for docks and decks
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Safe for plants and grass


  • A second treatment may be necessary for stubborn areas
  • Some gray areas may require scrubbing

2. DEFY 2.25 LBs Wood Cleaner

DEFY is an oxygen-based wood cleaner that is safe for every surface. It can be easily proven to clean and remove all forms of stain from wood and opening up the surface of the wood looking great and safe of the stain.

In addition, the cleaning stain from wood also works to remove the grey color from the wood surface.

And it safe UV rays of the sun. This cleaner can be used on plants but encouraged to cover plants before you start.

This isn’t perfect for a deck cleaner but also use for every part of the house like driveway, wood fence, sidewalk and many more.

DEFY 2.25 LBs Wood Cleaner

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​You can also use to clean a new wood surface for removing the small grain of wood after milling. So, it shows the versatility of DEFY as a stain remover.

See Video:

Main features:

  • Suitable for all over the house
  • Excellent for removing grey surface
  • Opens pores of the wood to ease the absorption of the stain
  • Can be used on new wood
  • Easy to use


  • Removes gray areas by harsh weather
  • Perfect for docks and decks
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Safe for plants and grass


  • A second treatment may be necessary for stubborn areas
  • Some gray areas may require scrubbing

3. Howard WC5012 Natural Wood Cleaner and Polish

Howard’s natural wood cleaner is a vegetable-based and non-toxic cleaner that has no bleach, silicone, ammonia, petroleum distillates and artificial gloss.

It’s perfect for indoor use and safe for use around pets and plants.

This is effective for use on home and office furniture like chair, office desk, tables, cabinets, and antiques.

This cleaner comes with natural oils and smell of essential oils that makes easier to spray on all surface while gives you feeling relaxed after cleaning. It’s a fragrance-free variant.

Howard WC5012 Natural Wood Cleaner and Polish

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It’s come in a spray bottle that makes it use easily while cleaning to remove grime, grease, food, oil, and dirt from wood. After restoring its natural luster and shine.

Howard is safe for finished products and used to polish wood surfaces as the natural oil which enriching the deep stain that leaving the stain clean and look graceful.

Main features:

  • Vegetable-based and chemical-free
  • Safe for use indoor furniture
  • Added aromatherapy for the fragrance of essential oils
  • Restores wood without using chemical
  • Easy to use


  • Clean all wood surface using harsh smelling chemicals
  • Sustainable plant-based and natural ingredient
  • Quickly removes dirt and grime from wood
  • Easily cleans and polishes all surface


  • Non off the cons

4. Formbys 30013 Furniture Refinisher

The Formby’s Furniture Refinisher is a premixed stain remover that can be used indoor old furniture like chairs and tables.

It works very excellently by melting or dissolving old finish wood when it used fine steel wool. More, it can also be used on outdoor furniture.

When using this refinisher, you don’t need to use scrape or sand the wood surface. Using this remover then the wood keeps looking old but well maintained.

We know, it works an excellent way to save all those memories like a cigarette burn.

Formbys 30013 Furniture Refinisher

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The refinisher is easy to use and when you use the application old Tung oil need to starts drying. This oil serves as a protective finish and removes the harsh stain without destructing the wood surface.

The Formby’s has a strong smell that is quick-drying and gives aromatic scent. When using it, you can get the best result while following the manufactures instructions strictly.

Main features:

  • Premixed product
  • It works well on old furniture
  • Easy to use
  • Dissolves old finish without residue
  • Requires the use of steel wool


  • Great for antique products
  • Great for old finish light refinishing
  • Ideal for scuff marks
  • No sanding or scraping


  • Not ideal for major jobs
  • Evaporates too quickly

5. OXALIC Acid Stain Remover 

The OXALIC acid stain remover is a multi-purpose cleaning agent that used to clean the only wood surface but also clean more like metal, concrete, and iron.

It can work cleaning agent, rust remover, wood stain and much more use.

It’s more suitable for outdoor use on deck, wooden floor, wood fences and removes the wood stains that have resisted other remover.

They have an advantage of the cleaner is that even a little of it can clean the stain fast.

OXALIC Acid Stain Remover

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However, the OXALIC Acid cleaner should be used with caution and in a moderate dose. When using it, you should use protective clothing and it’s a chemical-resistant glove and safe mask are worn.

If this remover touches your body, you should be washed quickly. If anyone inhales it, move to another open ventilated place immediately. Since it is acid-based cleaner, so be careful when using.

Main features:

  • Acid-Based heavy-duty cleaner
  • Suitable for outdoor surface
  • Requires the use of protective clothing
  • You should be used in a moderate dose
  • Serves many purposes


  • Works well for rust removal
  • Not necessary rubbing and scrubbing
  • May be used on other products
  • Deck, crystals and metal cleaning


  • Doesn’t always restore the surface
  • No directions for preparation provided

6. Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain Stripper

Restore-A-Deck wood stain stripper is an ideal wood cleaner that is eco-friendly and it can be used on all exterior surfaces. It’s perfect or suitable for use outdoors surface, especially use on decks.

This cleaner comes with a powdered formula that strips the wood of old finishing that restoring the wood surface. It’s very biodegradable safe other cleaners.

It removes the wood of the oil and common latex stains like transparent, semi-transparent and semi-solid coatings. Additionally, it works well to remove dirt, stains, and molds.

The product is in powdered form that can be mixed in a different way which depending on how to serve the surface to be cleaned.

Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain Stripper

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​This product makes stronger texture should be used for tougher stains. Get the best product and gentle scrubbing during the stripping process.

More, it’s suitable for wood restoration projects because it can get quickly remove stains and also easy to use. But sadly that the product doesn’t work properly solid paints and opaque stains.

Main features:

  • Eco-friendly, bio-degradable formula
  • Not suitable for solid paint or opaque stains
  • Great for wood restoration projects
  • It comes powdered form
  • Easy to mix and use


  • Restores brightness
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Removes stains layers


  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Doesn’t work well to remove oil stains

7. FDC 99.6% Pure OXALIC Acid Powder Wood Stain Remover

FDC Oxalic acid stain remover is an essential household chemical that can use various things for cleaner.

It’s a rust remover, cleaning agent, wood stain remover, bleaching agent and many more.

This chemical agent is a natural component of plants and vegetables that is available for the powdered form.

This Oxalic powder mixes the water and makes a solution of oxalic acid.

A high doses acid is very dangerous but moderate doses are safe for various useful functions.

FDC 99.6% Pure OXALIC Acid Powder wood stain remover

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To use this product, use protective clothing because of its acidic nature. The product comes in a re-sealable storage container with a child protective cap when using it. Another feature is that it comes to powder form when you need to mix it required.

Main features:

  • Must be the use of protective clothing
  • It should be used in a moderate dose
  • Comes in a powder
  • Not suitable for use pets, children and plants
  • Using numerous purposes like bleaching, cleaning and rusting


  • Get free E-book with every order
  • 99.6% pure oxalic acid
  • Great for rust removal, metal cleaning, bleaching agent and wood stains remover
  • Use for the home, garden, industrial applications
  • Safe re-sealable storage container with a child-resistant cap


  • Harmful for children, pets, and plants
  • Acid-based chemical

What is the wood stain remover?

The wood stain remover is the quickest way to remove from the wood surface. Instead of, when your wood floor old and quite dirty, you need sand and preparing for a full day of labor but you can apply this solution to remove stains.

This stain remover should not be confused with lightning solutions. It doesn’t change to the color of the surface but clean fast and removes carry the sole purpose of purifying wood.

After that, this cleaner works easily and gives us a fresh and new wood look. The stain cleaner bringing back the structure’s initial color that creating new.


You may want to choose wood stain remover, you should look to purify wood surface that is severely worn. These products are great for quick jobs.

There are many more cleaning products on the market but we are trying to best find out cleaning products on the market.

We are creating a list that is great works well and fast cleaning. So don’t worry purchase one on the list. Happy cleaning!

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