The 10 Best Wood for Cabinet Doors in 2021 (Buying Guide)

Ahoy there, mates! A lot of us do not like the idea of our cabinet doors rotting away after a short time. You don’t need a mountain-sized termite to visit your cabinet door before it gives away.

Inferior woods could also pose the same problem as the termite. Cabinet doors made from mahogany, oak, plywood, rustic wood, maple, engineered wood, and solid wood are all quality products. Their shelf-life is 100% guaranteed, and I can assure you, you won’t regret it.

Therefore, for us to prevent you from wasting your money, I am going to list only the best wood for cabinet doors.

Then, I will pick the best cabinet door made with long-lasting wood, which is worth your money. Ready? Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!!

Top 10 Best Wood for Cabinet Doors Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

1. Kate and Laurel Cates Wood Wall Storage Cabinet with doors

The Cates’ wood wall storage is made of rustic wood which is mainly gotten from old barns.

They have this vintage look that most interior decorators treasure and the best thing is that you won’t have pests or bugs eating three-square meals in your cabinet doors.

Kate and Laurel Cates Wood Wall Storage Cabinet

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In other words, it is a very good one to consider for your kitchen or any other space in your house.

Due to its perfect size which has dimensions of 30 inches wide, 27.5 inches high and 7.25 inches deep, it is excellent for use on the wall.

More so, it comes with sliding barn doors adding an unorthodox touch to your home decoration. What more could we ever ask for?

The partitions inside consist of three large center shelves and two side shelves, all of which increase the number of items it can contain. Most of all, it is easy to assemble and easy to install!


  • Two sliding barn doors
  • Available with a brown, grey or white finish
  • Made of solid wood and metal hardware
  • 12 inches between side shelves
  • Includes 2 side shelves on each side
  • 2 metal keyhole hangers on the back of the cabinet


  • It has a very appealing look.
  • It has a lot of space to contain your essential items.
  • It can fit most spaces in your home.
  • The quality of wood used repels the pest and bugs
  • The cabinet doors slide open without banging against the wooden frame.


  • The price of the wooden cabinet is high
  • It may be damaged upon arrival
  • The cabinet door may not fit the wall space.

2. Elegant Home Fashion Anna Floor Cabinet with dual doors

If I must say, the cabinet door by Elegant Home Fashion is truly elegant.

Yes, with the hardened glass on its door frame, it ensures safety to the medium-density fiberboard shelves.

Elegant Home Fashion Anna Floor Cabinet

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Speaking about shelves, did you know the shelves of this awesome cabinet door are adjustable? They also have a maximum weight capacity of 15 pounds!

No need to worry about storing tall items because the cabinet door accounts for it all. A striking feature that we must not forget to notice is the antique brass in the hinges and handles giving it a vintage look.

The metal design and adjustable shelves make it a must-have for your bathroom.

Also, the cabinet door is made of a combination of very strong wood. The legs, shelves, and sides are made of plywood; the back is a heavy pressed wood while the door and top are made of solid wood. All work together to reinforce its durability.


  • Metal knobs for easy opening
  • Elegant crown top molding and adjustable shelf
  • Comes with assembly hardware
  • Offers storage with style for the bathroom
  • Material construction: MDF
  • Dimensions: 12.5”L x 26”W x 34”H


  • It has a vintage look that is perfect for home décor.
  • It has a tempered glass to make it easy for you to identify the inner content
  • The inner shelves are adjustable
  • The cabinet door handle is made of brass
  • It has a high weight capacity


  • It is not easy to assembly.
  • The holes are not evenly drilled.
  • The instructions don’t have written instruction. Instead, they are diagrammatic.

3. Home Styles Mobile Kitchen Cabinet with Double doors

The exquisite movable kitchen cabinet implies that it is meant for the kitchen only. Here’s what I discovered about the model.

Home Styles have been able to come out with an attractive kitchen cabinet made of solid wood and natural Asian hardwood.

Home Styles Mobile Kitchen Cabinet with Double doors

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To top it up, it has a cherry finish to give it the glossy look that makes you want to stare at it for ages.

Most importantly, the kitchen cabinet has lockable rolling casters as legs to easily move it. Think about it. Your house will be squeaky clean because you won’t have an immobile cabinet.

Also, on top of the kitchen cabinet, there is a black granite slab for you to keep that pretty flower vase.

Generally, its inside consists of drawers and adjustable shelves for adjustment. It comes in two colors: medium cherry and Black for your perusal.


  • Handy spice rack with towel bar
  • 4-utility drawers
  • Industrial sized casters with two locking
  • Two cabinet doors with adjustable shelf inside
  • Not applicable


  • The kitchen cabinet has a granite tabletop on top of it.
  • There are lockable rolling casters on it
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Adjustable shelves are available inside
  • It has a utility drawer for storing kitchen tools.


  • The corners of the granite table might be chipped.

4. VASAGLE Bathroom Storage Floor Cabinet

This storage cabinet with double doors is perfect for people with good taste but little space in their homes.

The bathroom storage floor cabinet is made from MDF, quality wood fillers, and polished to add color to your bathroom.

VASAGLE Bathroom Storage Floor Cabinet

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VASAGLE has solved the storage problems you may have experienced with cabinet doors.

By providing this floor cabinet door with open shelves and inner adjustable shelves, you will have more than enough space to store all your toiletries.

To satisfy their customers, VASAGLE has been kind enough to provide a detailed manual with numberings to the parts and pictures to show you what to do.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Although their model has been made specifically for your bathroom, you can also use it for your bedroom or your living room.


  • Double shutter door bathroom cabinet
  • Anti-toppling fittings for safe use
  • Perfect décor for any living space
  • Wipe with wet material for cleaning
  • Mildew-resistant materials
  • Perfect for shoe cabinet


  • Ample space to store your items
  • Good quality of wood filler used for the cabinet
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is well-made and constructed for long-lasting use.


  • The holes may not be drilled.
  • The cabinet may not be stable.
  • It may be damaged upon delivery.

5. Baxton Studio Wooden Shoes Storage Cabinet

Are you tired of looking for your pair of shoes every morning before going to work? Cheer up because Baxton Studio has come to the rescue.

With their shoe storage cabinet, you can be assured that your shoes won’t go missing again. Essentially, it can contain 9 pairs of shoes, so you don’t look have to look for your regular shoes.

Baxton Studio Wooden Shoes Storage Cabinet

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Made of engineering wood and solid wood, it is given a high shelf life that ensures it with last with you for a long time.

It has a dark brown finishing that gives it a shiny feature. Among all, it is attractive, affordable, and you don’t want to miss out on.


  • Contemporary shoe storage cabinet
  • Walnut brown finish
  • Constructed from solid wood
  • Solid wood doorknobs
  • Assembly required
  • Tapered leg


  • It has a large space for your shoes
  • It doesn’t eat up a lot of space in your apartment.
  • It has metal round handles
  • It has 3 large shelves for storing your shoes
  • It has a magnetic closing system for locking your shoes.


  • The manufacturer may have exaggerated its sturdiness
  • There might be glue showing at different places.
  • It may be difficult to assemble and hard to replace.

6. Kate and Laurel Cates Wall Cabinet with Door

The mini version of the Cates wall cabinet double doors is the Cates wall cabinet single door.

The wall storage cabinet isn’t only decorative but also comes with an inner mirror.

Kate and Laurel Cates Wall Cabinet with Door

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It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Yes, it’s perfect for those of us who want more than just a vanity mirror.  

It is made using solid wood for reinforcements and its sliding door can easily open without having issues with hinges.

The door is also fastened by a wooden groove to prevent it from hitting the frame when it slides open.

Most customers are happy to say, “The quality is amazing and was very easy to assemble and install.” Generally, it’s cute, and you would love to have in your bedroom as a vanity cupboard


  • The cates wall cabinet provides function and style decorative charm
  • It’s wood construction complemented
  • No banging against the frame when it slides
  • Three shelves on the right side
  • No, assemble required


  • It has a vanity mirror inside
  • Its door slide open
  • It has a unique design the exterior
  • The wooden cabinet doesn’t take up space
  • Quick use right from the box


  • It may have cracks when it arrives.
  • There might be loose nails in the package

7. South Shore Small Storage Cabinet

The eco-friendly storage cabinet is made with a detoxified laminated particleboard. It successfully surpasses all North American safety standards.

As well, it has a whopping 5-year warranty to keep you covered against any mishaps.

South Shore Small Storage Cabinet

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The wood used to construct such an extraordinary product is laminated particleboard to make sure its sturdiness receives a 5-star rating.

The cabinet contains movable shelves giving you the option of storing items matching your preference.

Before I forget, let me mention that the small storage cabinet comes with double doors to keep your clothes or items out of sight while its top serves as a display for flower vases, pictures and so on.


  • Packaging tested and certified to reduce the risk of damage
  • Metal knobs in a matte nickel finish
  • Requires complete assembly by 2 adults
  • Behind the door 2 storage spaces
  • Non-toxic laminated particleboard
  • 5-year limited guarantee


  • The shelves are covered by double doors
  • It has a multi-purpose function as its top can be used to keep other items.
  • It is easy to assemble for all ages.
  • The cabinet is sturdy and classy.
  • The holes were drilled properly.


  • The hinges might be a little bit tough to assemble.
  • The cabinet dents easily.
  • The corners of the doors may be chipped.

8. ClosetMaid 1307 Stackable Organizer

A round of applause for the multi-purpose stackable organizer!!! This little fella right here can be used in your kid’s bedroom, bathroom or the laundry room.

Yes, that’s great! It means you don’t have to think about buying different cabinet doors because this one is a three-in-one! Its double doors protect the items kept in the shelves from any immediate harm.

ClosetMaid 1307 Stackable Organizer

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  • Provides concealed storage space
  • Features 2 adjustable shelves
  • Suggest use with other stackable organizers
  • All hardware included and easy to assemble
  • Laminated wood material

More so, it comes in different finishes to suit your taste. Lastly, the wooden cabinet comes with shaker cabinet door designs in different colors for you to pick from.


  • The wooden cabinet door can be used in different places in your home
  • It is made compatible with stackable organizers
  • The cabinet doors come with a unique shaker design
  • Quite sturdy and worth the price
  • Easy to assemble and install.


  • Item may have little scratches and chippings.
  • The wooden cabinet may not bear shipping

9. HOMFA Bathroom Floor Cabinet

Built with the top-quality Medium Density Fiberboard and painted by an environment-friendly Nitro-lacquer, the bathroom floor cabinet is thick, strong and sturdy.

Also, the manufacturers went further to make the cabinet heat-resistant and waterproof. With its multi-functional attributes, it can be used in the bathroom, laundry, dining room amongst others.

I can equally be used to store your bathing towels, toiletries, kitchen spices, fruit jars, and even your shoes.

HOMFA Bathroom Floor Cabinet

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The white kitchen cabin door comes with a shaker design to add to the decor of your home.

It also covers the shelves which are adjustable on their own to accommodate more home items.

With its easy to install feature, you don’t need to break a leg while unboxing your cabinet.

To buttress, its anti-stripping property increases the shelf-life of the cabinet for many years.


  • High-quality MDF finish materials
  • Eco-friendly nitro-lacquer without any awful smell
  • Wooden storage cabinet with sturdy, thick and well-painted
  • Multi-functional adjustable shelves storage cabinet
  • Waterproof and anti-stripping
  • Easy to install with all accessories


  • It has a great design.
  • It is easy to install your house.
  • The storage capacity allows for many items
  • The shelves are adjustable
  • It is sturdy and heat-resistant.


  • The chemical smell might be a little nauseating.

10. Baxton Studio Modern Shoe Cabinet

No one wants their shoes lying all over their room, looking all messy.

Well, the fancy shoe cabinet by Baxton studio, made of engineered wood and solid hardwood, is perfect to store your shoes and keep them from hunting you at night. 

The interior is spacious enough to contain 10 pairs of shoes while the additional drawer on the top is for other related items.

best wood for cabinet doors

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  • Compact and well-designed
  • Espresso brown finished wood
  • High-quality utility steeped contemporary style
  • One drawer and three shelves
  • Dark brown finish
  • Made of Large cheval mirror solid wood

The outer layer of the cabinet shows off a sleek brown finished wood with a glossy surface, suitable for use as a decor in your homes and offices.

Lastly, the shoe cabinet is compressed to fit closely to your wall and act as if it’s not there, minimizing space to make your room less congested.


  • It has a compressed design to save space
  • There is an additional drawer for extra accessories
  • It is easy to use right after you unbox it.
  • Inside the cabinet is very spacious.


  • Shoes greater than size 10 for men will not fit
  • It is quite delicate
  • The top counter might warp easily.


Once again, it has been a pleasure, folks to come to the end of this journey but that is not where it ends.

We have been able to see the best wood for cabinet doors and products made from them.

However, we haven’t decided which cabinet door was extraordinary. Who do you suggest we pick? ……… Drumroll for the bathroom floor cabinet by HOMFA!!! Do you agree?

It possesses a lot of qualities such as stability, durability, being able to withstand heat and its shelf-life is increased by its anti-stripping feature.

It doesn’t give you a backache when you are assembling it and its price is not outrageous.

Most of all, it doesn’t utilize a lot of space in the home. However, there might be some cons to it but that doesn’t stop it from topping the whole wonderful wooden cabinets.

With that said and done, it is time, my friends, to bid you farewell. See you later!

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