The 7 Best Paint for Wood Fence in 2021 (Reviews)

If you already have a wood fence, or if you want to install a wood fence at your home for privacy, security, or some other reason, keep on your mind that you have to keep your wooden fence in good condition.

If you would like to keep your wood fence in good condition & attractive, then you have to paint your wood fence. The best wood fence paint will protect your wood fence from different types of damage, make them nice-looking & long-lasting as well.

Typically, fence paints specially made out for fence surfaces. That’s why it’s an important job to select the right paint for the wood fence. Also, it’s quite a hard job to choose the perfect wood fence paint.

best paint for wood fence

​But we have carefully selected and now recommend the best paint for wood fence. So, if you need to paint your wood fence, and if you are searching for the best options, then you can choose from our list.

​Our Top Picks: 3 Wood Fence Paint

Top 7 Best Paint for Wood Fence Reviews

1. ​Valspar 3125-70 Barn and wood Fence Latex Paint

This Valspar 3125-70 Barn and wood Fence Latex Paint is our first & top pick. The bucket contains 5-gallon white paint, but also available 1-gallon can(red). It is fade & weather resistant, which makes it an ideal option for fences.

The bucket can cover a large area. This fence paint not only works for wood, but also it works great on other surfaces, such as masonry, primed metal, aluminum siding, and weathered steel as well.

However, the paint flows on smoothly & dries to a tough, and it provides a durable finish. It is latex-based paint, that’s you will be able to cover a large area with a small amount, but it depends on the surface. But, you may need to apply various coats for the perfect results.

Valspar 3125-70 Barn and wood Fence Latex Paint

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This fence paint dries in less than an hour, but you should wait for four hours between coats. The particular paint is white, so if you don’t like the white color, you can go for the red color one-gallon can.


  • ​It covers a large area
  • ​Dries in less than an hour
  • ​Provides a durable finish
  • ​​Available in white & red color
  • ​​The product is fade and weather-resistant


  • ​The paint may require various coats
  • ​Some users are not happy with it

​2. ​kilz exterior siding, fence, and barn paint

kilz exterior siding, fence, and barn paint is a red color paint, but also it is available in white color. It comes in a can, and the can contains 1-gallon fence paint.

You can use this paint on wood surfaces as well as masonry, and stucco as well. The outdoor fence paint resists cracking, peeling, and blistering as well.

With this 1-gallon exterior fence paint, you can cover up to 20sq feet of nonsmooth & porous surfaces. On the other hand, if you want to paint smooth & nonporous surfaces, then you will be able to cover up to 500sq feet.

kilz exterior siding, fence, and barn paint

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Before you apply the paint, please make sure to clean the area for the best results. If you use this paint without cleaning your surface, then you will not have the results that you want.

The paint takes two to three hours for drying. And it takes six to eight hours for second coats. So, when you apply this paint, please give enough time for drying. Overall, it is one of the best fence paint right now on the market.


  • ​Affordable
  • ​The paint is versatile and long-lasting
  • ​Available in two colors
  • ​The paint protects against the elements


  • ​It takes a little bit longer for drying
  • ​One pack not good enough for big projects

​3. ​Jetcoat Farm Pride Acrylic Wood Fence and Barn Paint

If you are looking for black color wood fence paint, then this Jetcoat Farm Pride Wood Fence and Barn Paint can be a perfect choice for you. It’s an acrylic waterproof wooden fence paint that is non-toxic.

The paint bucket comes with 5-gallon acrylic paint. Therefore, this paint is resists fading, peeling, and weathering as well. This paint is durable and long-lasting.

However, the paint is mold-resistant & environmentally-friendly, and it works well in any climate. With this paint, you can paint a large area. Because per one-gallon, you can cover up to 100 sq feet.

Jetcoat Farm Pride Acrylic Wood Fence and Barn Paint

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You can apply this paint with a paint sprayer, roller, or paintbrush. It’s versatile and of the best fence paint. But also, you can use this paint on roofs, foundations, barns, fences, grain bins, silos, and driveways, and more.

The fence paint is easy to clean. So after finishing your painting job, you can easily clean up any spills with water & soap. Overall, it is a perfect water-based acrylic fence paint.


  • ​The paint is waterproof
  • ​Mold-resistant and environmentally-friendly
  • ​Resists fading, peeling, and weathering
  • ​Non-toxic


  • ​It is quite expensive
  • ​No other cons

​4. ​Majic Paints 8-0046-1 Latex Flat Barn & wooden Fence Paint

It’s a latex paint for barn and fence paint. This particular fence paint pack comes with a one-gallon latex paint but also available in a 5-gallon bucket.

The paint is a white color, but available in three different color options, such as classic red, white, and black as well.

This paint is best for both new and painted wood, brick, metal. The latex wood fence paint is versatile, and it provides a great color-retention and consistent pigmentation. It provides high-coverage. With this one-gallon, you can cover 250 sq feet. Also, it dries super fast.

Majic Paints 8-0046-1 Latex Flat Barn & wooden Fence Paint

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The paint does not work on floors and roofs, so don’t use it on your floors & roofs. If you have a small fence, then the paint pack is for you. But if you one paint for large fence surface, then select 5-gallon.


  • ​The paint provides good color-retention and consistent pigmentation
  • ​The paint dries in just 30 minutes
  • ​Provides high-coverage
  • ​It is affordable
  • ​UV and fade resistance


  • ​Not versatile
  • ​Some users are not happy with the quality

​5. ​Wood Defender Semi Transparent Fence Stain

The Wood Defender Semi Transparent Fence Stain comes in a 5-gallon bucket, and it is oil-based. This Fence Stain designed to protect the wood fence from the elements.

This fence stain paint resists UV rays, eliminating any chances of fading, graying, chipping, and peeling as well. It is one of the best selling fence stain paints.

The product is available in several colors, such as charcoal gray, black, coffee brown, cape cod, Cumberland brown, etc. It is super easy to apply with a paint sprayer.

Wood Defender Semi Transparent Fence Stain

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It comes with three years warranty. If you are searching for fence stain paints, then you can buy this Wood Defender Semi Transparent Fence Stain.


  • ​It provides great coverage
  • ​The wood fence stain is versatile
  • ​Available in several colors
  • ​Comes with a three years warranty


  • ​Takes long times to dry
  • ​It is not budget-friendly

​6. ​BEHR Red Exterior Barn and Fence Paint

It is yet another good quality barn & fence paint that you can check for your wooden fence. It’s a cheap fence paint. It is 1-gallon paint that comes in a can, and it will cost you $30.

The paint is mildew resistant, but it is not a good option for treated wood. If you use it on your treated wood surface, you will not get the best result even it will peel. It’s a good option for untreated wood surfaces.

BEHR Red Exterior Barn and Fence Paint

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It is a bright red paint, so if you are looking for the bright red fence paint, then you can check it out. But, do not select it for your treated wood.


  • ​It is cheap
  • ​Provides great color
  • ​Mildew resistant
  • ​Gives you excellent coverage


​7. ​Black Beauty Fence Post Paint- Great for Wood Fence

Black Beauty Fence Post Paint is a perfect paint for Wood Fences. It is a water-based black fence paint, and it provides high-quality performance. This wood fence paint prevents rot & decay.

It’s a water-resistant fence paint, so if you use it on your fence, water can not damage your fence. It is anti-corrosive paint that is good for metal. So, you can use it on metal surfaces as well.

The fence paint comes in a five-gallon paint container, and the container contains 5-gallon black color paint. You can paint 75-80 sq feet of wood surfaces with one gallon. But when it comes to metal surfaces, with 1-gallon paint you can paint up to 100 sq feet.

Black Beauty Fence Post Paint- Great for Wood Fence

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​All in all, if you like or looking for black fence paint, then you can select this Black Beauty Fence Post Paint. But if you don’t want to make your fence black, then select other products.


  • ​It is anti-corrosive & waterproof
  • ​Perfect for wood & metal
  • ​Provides high protection
  • ​Comes in a 5-gallon container


  • ​It is not for spraying

​Final Words:

The fence is one of the important parts of your house. So, try to keep them in good condition. If your fence is looking old and ugly, then select paint from our list, and paint them.

The fence paint not only provides a beautiful look but also it will save your fence from elements. So, if you see the fence not nice, and if you want to make them nice looking & long-lasting, then paint them. And always make sure to select a paint that is recommended for fences.

You May Need These:

Wax for all type wood

​Tools for wood burning job

​Wood fillers for large holes

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