Top 5 Best Wood Floor Paint | Reviews & Updated in 2021

​Do you have wooden floors? And do you want to decorate your wood floors with paint? If your answer is yes, then right now you are in the right place. Decorating wood floors with wood floor paint is a great way to make your wood floors more beautiful and almost new as well. Even you can decorate your old and ugly wood floor with wood floor paint to make your old & ugly floor nice & beautiful.

Also, if you have a new wood floor, you need to paint it to make it more beautiful. But you have to select the best wood floor paint. Otherwise, you are not going to get good results.

Ronseal DHFPWH25L 2.5L Floor paint white

Using floor stain, wood floor finishes, floor varnish, and painting the wood floor is easy and inexpensive. So, then try to do it and give a new look to your wood floors.

Hi, I am Mark Steven, and today I am going to review the top 5 best floor paint for wooden floors. So, if you are looking for the best floor paint for wood floors, then just read the review article and get one from my list.

Our Best ​Paint for Wood Floors

​Top 5 Best Wood Floor Paint Reviews

​1. KILZ L377611 1-part Epoxy Acrylic floor paint 

KILZ is a good concrete floor paint that is highly ​most durable wood floor paint, easy to clean and easy to repair of the watermark, fade and crack damage easily. These paints are ho tires and heavy-duty activity.

KILZ L377611 1-part Epoxy Acrylic floor paint

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It is a single component, water-based paint that is formulated to last in hard to clean area. The KILZ is resistant to staining and damage-free from chemicals, oil, and gasoline.

This heavy-duty floor paint on coated and uncoated for concrete, stone, and brick. This paint is ideal for high-traffic surfaces for garage floor, basements, and porches. The concrete floor paint delivers a stain finish which works smoothly and works great horizontal surfaces.

This ​best paint for wood floors dries within 2 hours and recoat in 4 hours but not intended for vertical surfaces. It is ideal for new surfaces and uncoated surfaces. One gallon acrylic paint covers 400-500 square feet and used 300-400 square feet on rough surfaces.


  • High-durability a good concrete floor paint
  • Easy to clean and repair fast watermark, smoke damage and fade damage
  • Single component and water-based floor paint
  • KILZ floor paint delivers a satin finish
  • It has been making premium primers and paints for 40 years
  • It is one of the best paint for wood floors


  • Paint isn’t worth the price

​2. Ronseal DHFPWH25L 2.5L Floor paint white

The Ronseal Diamond Hard floor paint is ultimate paint protection for wooden and concrete floor. Most of the customers like this paint and these products in this range are known for performance.

The best paint for wooden floors are very scuff and scratch resistant that are hardwearing capabilities of the product. This best paint for wooden floors not perfect for industrial traffic, it is perfect for the homeowner which give a new look in their home.

Ronseal DHFPWH25L 2.5L Floor paint white

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It’s compatible with an array of substrates, the Ronseal floor paint protection your interior color. It is perfect for wood, concrete and stone floor they have satisfactory results on previously treated laminate and MDF surfaces.


  • High-end floor paint that provides ultimate color and protection to your interior wood floors.
  • Used water-based formula that is scratch resistance
  • Paint provides an anti-slip surface and chip resistant
  • Generous coverage of 12M2/L allows you to finish your work
  • Super quick dry time versatility
  • Color range four contemporary shades


  • The quality result may require an abundant quantity of paint

​3. Professional BLACKFRIAR polyurethane floor paint 

The professional BLACKFIAR polyurethane floor paint is great for a wooden floor that developed for heavy-duty environments which comes at a more than affordable price.

Professional BLACKFRIAR polyurethane floor paint

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This is specially formulated which protect your floor that is attractive and hardwearing. The BLACKFIAR suitable for on various materials wood, brickwork, cement and concrete floor, and light traffic area.

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor are adds versatility. This paint coverage up to 28M/L and ensure that it is a small quantity goes a long way. Most of the customer like less is the dry time and formulation. These are solvent-based and you can leave at least 16 hours between coats.


  • This floor paint formula resists oil and grease stains
  • This wood floor paint is designed to protect wood, concrete and stone floor.
  • It is ideal to use a home workshop
  • Easy to clean and dry fast
  • Beautiful semi-gloss finish and comes seven attractive colors


  • The paint no toxic-free and wait for 16 hours for coats.

​4. Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish floor paint

If you are looking wooden floor paint for your home use, the Rust-Oleum chalky finish is a great product for light-duty use. It is perfect to look out of your workshop floor are but not suitable to use in a bathroom or kitchen.

The low sheen product is ideal for interior wood floor, concrete and stone floor that isn’t to heavy wear and tear. The Rust-Oleum chalk finish is home use while the hardwearing formulation that ensures the paint work’s longevity.

Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish floor paint

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This is long-lasting durability of this paint that is unmatched by other floor chalk paint. It is a product to consider if you like décor your floor.


  • Ultra-matt finish integrates floor paint
  • The paint comes with three contemporary colors
  • Water-based paint that no odor and safe to use
  • One coat provides excellent coverage
  • Quick-dry time and can be re-coated after 4 hours
  • ​It is one of the best interior wood floor paint


  • Not suitable to use bathroom and kitchen

​5. Howard products RF3016 Restor-A-Finish

If you are looking original color wooden floor paint, the Howard Restor-A-Finish is great for your wooden floor.

This paint penetrates faded lacquer, shellac and varnish finish that are original color and luster. It is going much deeper more than others and it is the depth of grain wood finish products.

The Howard Restor-A-Finish paints penetrate and permanently restores most of the wood finish without removing. This paint maintains original patina, character, and value as an antique finish.

Howard products RF3016 Restor-A-Finish

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If your floor affects white heat range, sun fade, watermark, smoke damage, oxidation and most other damage can be quickly repaired easy and simple wipe-on or wipe-off process.

The Restor-A-Finish comes with 9 different colors. If you are known about which color to use and chose one them that are lighter than others. Firstly, you go to the extreme of stripping it, try restoring it.


  • Restor-A-Finish is a unique penetrating formula that restores wood finish
  • Available 9 colors to match any wood finish
  • Comes with a simple wipe-on and wipe off process
  • Removes white heat rings, watermarks and smoke damage easily
  • All golden brown shades of oak


  • Snake oil doesn’t work

How to paint wood floors

Often when working on old houses, contractors are asked to renovate the floors as part of a larger paint and remodel project.

Often times, replacing or even refinishing old wood floors is impractical, both logistically and financially. But painting wood floors can be a great and inexpensive way to add value to your customers without going over your budget.

To paint old wood floors, first clean and isolate the area to be painted. The last thing you want to happen is for the family pet to be walking around the area.Then scrape the existing floor. This is very important and has two purposes.

First, it dulls the shine of the floor, making it easier to adhere or bond the paint you are going to apply. And second, the scraping sand removes any cosmetic blemishes and smooths the floor surface.

It is not necessary to use a vertical floor sander or polisher, although some of these machines are the most efficient way to prepare a large floor for painting.

A simple and effective way to scrape and sand a floor is to simply put 100 grit sandpaper in a post sander and make multiple passes using light but consistent pressure.

This will raise some dust, which you will then vacuum with the floor attachment on your shop vacuum. This is the time to clean the floor and remove any traces of dust and debris. You are now ready to paint.

How to select paint to paint wood floors

The best paint that can be used on interior wood floors is a good quality floor/porch glaze. These paints are available in water formulations that are very easy to apply.

Among the different types of paints, water enamels have fewer odors than oils and tend to dry faster. In many cases, these types of products can be used without a base coat, saving time to complete the job.

After selecting the paint, be sure to test a small section of the floor by first sanding the area lightly and then applying a sample of the paint you will be using. This is the easiest way to confirm product compatibility between the existing floor finish and the new product you plan to apply.

To paint hardwood floors you will need an af-inch fluffy roller, a large brush (4 to 6 inches), and a smaller cut brush (2½ inches). With this setup, you will have the option of using the roller in the main floor area.

Sometimes the surfaces where the roller has been used are marked with undesirable “patterns”. To avoid this, use a larger brush to “brush” over the paint you just applied with the roller so that the resulting finish has a brush-like appearance rather than the texture of a roller.

It is important to use blue painter’s tape to mark the bottom edges of the plinth so that you can liberally apply the first coat, creating a solid base coat. Follow the recommendations on the paint can allow adequate drying time, and then lightly scrape the floor to prepare it for the second coat of paint.

For each round of light scraping use a higher grain number, making sure never to jump too high; I personally prefer to go from 100 to 150 or 180. Vacuum or wipe the floor surface with a cloth before applying the second coat. Apply the second coat just as you applied the first coat.

However, you will find that you don’t need as much product the second time, so subsequent applications will be faster.Depending on what your client wants and what their budget is, you can finish the floor if the second layer coverage is adequate.

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to see cure times before exposing the floor to traffic.If your customer wants a more durable finish, you can scrape away the second coat and apply a coat or two of clear sealer to give the floor a higher shine and protection. This is a good way to treat high traffic areas. These initial layers also serve as the basis for a custom design.

For example, you can use painter’s tape to demarcate a chess design, and even bring faux finish kit to “marbleize” and give the pattern a glazed finish. If your client opts for a custom design, be sure to apply clear overcoats to it.

How to know how much to charge for painting wooden floors

Unless you are working based on material and time, you will need to provide an estimate to your client. Start by measuring the square footage of the floor that needs finishing.

Use this information to calculate the number of gallons of paint you will need.Usually, the paint label will say the coverage rate of the product in square feet. If a gallon covers 300 square feet and you have a floor with an area of 400 square feet, chances are you will need 3 gallons to complete the project.

Then estimate the preparation and application times for each coat and apply your hourly rate to get your total labor costs.

Add your overhead, relevant labor and material margins and calculate your utility to get the total cost of the project and be sure to clearly define what the project will cover, particularly regarding the number of layers.

Final Words

Our research team spent 36 hours researching the most popular wooden floor paint on the market.

Before making a purchase their final recommendation 5 different wood floor paints that are different brands and manufacturers. 

Read the 5 products description and user guide both positive and negative and tested it. Our team all of this research adds up to recommendations you can trust.

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brush to use for polyurethane

​interior wood stain

​flexible wood filler

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