The 7 Best Brush for Polyurethane in 2021 (Buying Guide)

Hey friends! Do you have a new painting job you want to carry out but no clue on the kind of brush to use? There are different types of these brushes, so you might be confused about which one to buy. Therefore, I’m going to give you a detailed list of the best brushes for polyurethane.

Best Brush for Polyurethane

Remember that getting a polyurethane finishing requires a good polyurethane brush so, not only will I show you the best brush for polyurethane, but I will also do reviews featuring the pros and cons of them. Now, tag along while we dive right into the best deals of the year!

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Purdy Paint Brush – All Paints and Stains
Purdy Paint Brush – All Paints and Stains
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Hiltex Paint Brush Set – Various sizes
Hiltex Paint Brush Set – Various sizes
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Wooster Brush Foam King PaintbrushWooster Brush Foam King Paintbrush
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Top 7 Best Brushes for Polyurethane Reviews

1. Purdy Paint Brush – All Paints and Stains

One of the most famous brushes in the Purdy brand is all the paints and stains brush. It performs a great job when it is used for your painting projects.

Therefore, it is recommended for your various painting projects and with any finish, not just polyurethane.

The quality of the brush is top-notch, and it is manufactured in a way that it will return to its original composure after painting.

Plus, the manufacturers added a keeper that keeps the bristles of the brush together, thus, maintaining their shape and increasing its shelf life.

Did you know the keepers prevent water from entering the brush? Yes, they also increase airflow so that paintbrush won’t stick together and hard when dry.

Purdy Paint Brush

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The primary function of the brush is to apply polyurethane and other coatings like primers, oil-based paints, stains, and latex to walls. Originally, the brush is a little rigid, so it will be a great idea to use it outdoor where the temperature will be conducive.

The bristles of the brush are a mixture of Orel Polyester and Chinex nylon, which provides the utmost performance and versatility.

It disallows the polyurethane brush from dragging on the surface, ensuring smooth application.


  • Perfect brush with high-quality for experts
  • Long-lasting bristles
  • Leaves a very smooth finish
  • The polyurethane brush absorbs a lot of paint at once
  • It does not produce drag during painting
  • One of the best brush to apply polyurethane


  • The brushes are not ideal for staining
  • The bristles may remove easily

2. Hiltex Paint Brush Set – Various sizes

The best polyurethane brushes are the Hiltex brush set. With the five different sizes available, it can be used to achieve different techniques and shades in your project.

Also, the polyester bristles have feathery ends that hold extra paint for higher efficiency during projects.

Also, the durable wooden handles are perfect for painting, staining, and varnishing.

They’re unique brushes and suitable for water-based paints and polyurethanes, and they’re just right for people who do not have a complex project to complete.

With their great finishing feature, these polyurethane brushes leave your work looking spectacular.

Hiltex Brush Paint Set

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​Another great aspect of this brand is that it is easy to clean the polyurethane brush with water. Without adding a solvent, all you need is swirl the bristles in water, and you are to go!


  • Various brushes for achieving great results in projects
  • Sturdy wooden handle
  • The prices are not exorbitant
  • It is easy to clean


  • It does not have a high shelf-life
  • The bristles may come off at any time

3. Wooster Brush Foam King Paintbrush

The multipurpose Wooster brush can be used for stain and varnishes too. It is a top-notch brush that is 2 inches wide, although the size varies depending on the quantity ordered.

Nevertheless, the two-inch brush still provides the best coverage you can imagine.

As the perfect foam brush for polyurethane, it doesn’t fail to leave a sleek finish with no brush marks.

To achieve a regular flex and a tidy result, it comes with a white plastic handle with an in-built hardener.

This increases the value of the brush among its other competitors in the business industry.

Wooster Brush Foam King Paintbrush

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The amazing about the foam brush is the ability it has to curve softly with little pressure to give you an even coating of paint. Unlike other foams, this brush comes with that feature.


  • Quality foam brush
  • Sleek application on the surface it is used on
  • Simple to clean after use
  • It is sturdy


  • The foam may detach from the handle of the brush
  • It has a feeble plastic handle

4. Wooster Brush 4-inch Polyester Paintbrush- Top Brush for Oil-Based Polyurethane

Since the ninth century, Wooster has been in the business of making painting brushes.

This brush is the best brush for oil polyurethane with the top-quality nylon and gold polyester, thereby making it excellent for applying the latex, oil-based paints, and various types of finishes, not excluding polyurethane.

Do you remember we mentioned its brush is made of gold polyester? Well, that filament withstands high temperatures making it resistant to abrasion.

The brush is simplified for use due to its cushy handle, and bendy bristles qualify it for many types of projects. More so, the handle contains a little hole near the tip for stowing it away.

Notwithstanding the pros of this brush, it can be quite challenging for our petite friends. If you have small hands, holding this brush might be strenuous.

Also, you may need to acquire the skill of painting before you can be able to handle this brush.

best brush for polyurethane

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Generally, it is yet another perfect brush for polyurethane for giving your projects that finishing touch.


  • Top-notch brush
  • An excellent choice for your do-it-yourself tasks
  • Efficient bristles
  • Very affordable


  • Challenging to hold for people with small hands
  • You can’t use it outdoors

5. Wooster Brush Silver-Tip Angle Sash- Perfect for Both Oil & Water-Based Polyurethanes

Rather than buying a low-quality brush, all in the name of saving money, buy a higher quality brush like the angle sash brush.

It will be 100% better with a sleek finish and worth for your money.

The Wooster Brush Organization is famous for its original and creative quality brushes. Its top products had successfully made their way to the markets since its incorporation in the 19th century.

The most remarkable feature of the paintbrush is its thin filament, bendy, and soft silver tip.

It is designed to give a perfect finish without leaving any mark whatsoever.

Wooster Brush Silver

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As well, its high-quality synthetic bristle brush has extraordinary leveling properties with polyurethane. However, when you’re using it, you’ll observe that it works well when you apply polyurethane or varnish on wood.

Its stainless steel ferrule ensures that the brush doesn’t rust, which increases its shelf-life. The brush is made of a hardwood handle that is long enough to keep you comfortable while you’re finishing your project with polyurethane.


  • It has superb bristles
  • The brush is long-lasting with aluminum ferrule
  • There is the provision of a wooden handle for ease during painting


  • It holds extra paint

6. Presa Premium Paint Brush Set – Various sizes

These premium brushes increase your efficiency with carefully designed paintbrushes for professionals.  The SRT filaments increase the pain holding capacity of the brush.

These filaments give a smooth and even release, resulting in accuracy and precision.

Also, the paintbrush can withstand rough surfaces for heavy-duty jobs, walls, doors, furniture, vases, and much more.

Its SRT filaments are easy to clean thereby, making the brushes reusable for a long time.

They’re equally responsible for the non-flimsy bristles.

Presa Premium Paint Brush Set

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The Presa premium brush is a multipurpose polyurethane brush that can be used indoors, outdoors, oil, and water-based paint.


  • It is ​best brush for water based polyurethane
  • It can be used anywhere
  • The brush is reusable
  • SRT filaments that flimsy bristles


  • The bristles may clump together after a painting job
  • The paint may drop and mess up your project
  • Not ideal for major painting projects

7. Pro Grade Paintbrush Set

Get these under $20 paintbrushes with high-quality! You might be wondering if you can apply polyurethane with these small brushes. Well, the answer is yes!

The brushes can be used for all paints, varnishes, and as a wall paintbrush, exterior, and interior paintbrush, or trim paintbrush. You could even use it for that fence of yours that looks old and mucky.

Like most good paintbrushes, it comes with an aluminum ferrule for durable and multiple washes.

You do not need to be a pro before you can use these brushes.

Plus, they come in fives, so you have a variety of sizes to choose from for your project. Great, isn’t it?

Pro Grade Paintbrush Set

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  • Multi-purpose uses
  • It comes with an aluminum ferrule
  • It is simple for professionals and beginners to use.
  • It can be re-washed.
  • The price is not alarming


  • There are no enough bristles
  • It is not stressful to remove the paint.


Yippee!! You’ve made it to the end. Let us take a recap on what we have said all day. First of all, we were able to list the top 10 brushes for polyurethane, their features, pros, and cons.

After all this, we have come to the end of our journey. How are you going to pick the one paintbrush you would not regret? Had a tough time? Well, let me help you out.

From what we have discussed today, the best choice is going to…THE Pro Grade Paintbrush Set!!! With its pros overruling its cons and the highest number of positive reviews, almost five stars, it will be best to go for it.

However, if you do not agree with this answer, you can always choose the one that caught your eye the most. See you!

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